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  • 2 weeks later...

The elder magi claim the following amounts each year:


Antonius: 1 creo, 1 muto, 2 perdo, 2 aquam, 2 auram, 1 corpus, 2 ignem, 2 imaginem, 1 mentem, 2 vim = 16

Octavianus: 1 creo, 1 perdo, 2 rego, 1 aquam, 1 auram, 1 corpus, 1 ignem, 1 imaginem, 1 mentem, 2 vim = 12

Karvith: 2 creo, 1 muto, 1 rego, 1 aquam, 1 auram, 2 corpus, 1 ignem, 2 mentem, 1 vim = 12

Pistrello: 2 muto, 1 perdo, 1 rego, 1 corpus, 1 ignem, 2 vim = 8


So altogether the NPC elders currently claim 4 creo, 4 muto, 4 perdo, 4 rego, 4 aquam, 4 auram, 5 corpus, 5 ignem, 3 imaginem, 4 mentem and 7 vim each year, so 48 each year.

I realize this "averaging" system is a slightly silly way of doing it, but it saves us a lot of hassle with bookkeeping - let's assume they plan long-term and sometimes trade individually through Ramon for the stuff we don't have [should I give schwarzbart an annual average on senior trade for Ramon's salary or smth?] plus I've given the specialist elders personal vis source virtues for their specialties,


I'll announce changes if I think the story warrants them.

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Dirk will claim 4 Vim Vis


Will add the claims up to this point now to the first post




Edit: Good we got a Vim Vis source added compared to what we haved orginal as we use this very much.

@Adrian Ramon dont get any extra for this unless we are trade a lot as it is part of the job he have to do for the Magic items points he get each year + the free Longvity Rituals Redcaps get.

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I propose that the covenant charter's vis rules are currently as follows:

Senior magi get 6 vis per year, plus 2 vis after every 5 Winters as senior magus up to a maximum of 12. This is why Pistrello gets 8 - he's been a senior magus since Winter 1209, so the first Winter he gets 10 vis is 1219. Baruch starts getting 8 in 1219 as well, because he's been a senior magus since 1214.


Junior magi get 4 vis per year. (They also only get 1 vote in the council)


To become a senior magus, one must have been a junior magus at least 5 years or have been a reputable member of the Order before joining (Pistrello belongs in the latter category), AND have performed a valuable service to the covenant (Baruch had to take the apprentices to Gauntlet, for example).


This fits with the distribution and story CJ has given us thus far, but it can be changed with a council majority.


Edit: Added the service requirement for junior magi.

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Antonius get 4 extra for Covenantlead and for Quesitor work so upper limit is actual 12 unless someone replase Antonius.

Also there souldn't any automatic increase in Vis assignment it will be either awarded by Antonius or via vote in the covenant meeting.

Edit: Personal I think Antonius can do it alone till 8 vis / year after this it have to brought to the meeting and the maximal increase should be 2 vis / year per year

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I'm fine with not tying it to time - so Antonius or the council could award extra yearly grants of up to +4 (i.e. 8) for service, and above that the council has to decide, up to a maximum of +8 per year (i.e. 12 yearly). The senior / junior division would then only count for voting power. The council can threaten magi with the forfeiture of some part of the allotment if they don't follow the council's orders.


I don't think Antonius should get anything from the covenant for quaesitorial work, that's not the covenant's business so much, but the +4 is for whoever is elected to lead the covenant. The leader also gets extra 2 votes currently.


Edit: It's a little tricky to explain how Pistrello got up to +8 so fast, but maybe we can explain that by him being senior already when he joined, so they kicked him up a notch just to make sure he stays.

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