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Summer 1216 Study Plans


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Busy in Calpurnia's lab in her absence with or without per-approval.

Something has changed. The reality known as Makara has changed. Something else came out. It's Makara. But he is a different Makara. He seems. Nicer? Smell better too. Did he play with Calpurnia perfume? Because he's like the embodiment of Febreeze. The guard certainly dig this acceptable manly smell. In fact, a bunch of mouse is drawn to him, and pigeon sits on his shoulder on the street. Cats rub him like he is catnip.

Lost his appetite for meal after seeing Makara.


Edit: The Hyperborean rebels adventure


The following has been approved by CJ.


Edit: The Hyperborean rebels adventure

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Mikka: I would suggest that you work through Amaranth's schedule since Summer 1215 (let's presume that's correct) before playing her - So Summer would go to individualizing the lab, and after that you can, for example, learn spells or read books from the library. Just check the seasonal activity threads to see that you're not reading a book that's in use.

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I honestly don't really understand how book reading works. Can someone give me the pages of the book that goes over it? I am looking for it, and I am positive it is obvious, yet I am missing it.


I also need to know when/if Amaranth can set up a lab from CJ. SHe's been there for a while now... over a year?

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The corebook's mention of books pg. 165.


Characters can learn by studying from

books, and practicing if the subject of study

requires it. It is not possible to study from a

book unless you are fluent (have a score of four

or higher) in the language in which it is written,

and can read and write the writing system

used (which requires a score in Artes Liberales).

There are two types of books, summae

(singular summa) and tractatus (singular also

tractatus). A summa contains an organized

account of a topic, taking it from the basics up

to a certain level. It can be studied as long as

the student’s level in the subject of the book is

less than the level of the book. A tractatus contains

an in-depth treatment of one aspect of the

subject. A tractatus is useful to students at any

level of ability, because you can never know

everything about your subject.


The value of reading a book is easily gauged (As I've recently learned :P ) as you simply look at the Quality level.



As an example:

You want to increase Auram and you got 4 in latin and 1 in Artes Liberales. A trip to the covernant library shows:


The Breath of God

Type: Summa; Quality: 11; Level: 20; Topic: Auram; Language: Latin; Author: Diocletian of Rhodes


Meaning a read of it will give you 11 exp (see Quality) to give to your Auram score, to a maximum level of 20.



Say you are starting out with no skill in Auram. Spending a season reading this book gains you 11 exp in this art.


Level 1 takes 1 exp to gain, to get to level 2 it would takes additional 2 and so on. SO with 11 exp you would gain 4 levels in Auram and 1 exp towards level 5.




Say if you had an insane Auram skill of 19 and already had 13 exp towards the next skill-up already (You would need 20 exp in total to level it to 20) and you decide you want to reread the summa to get to the next level, well you can, you just can't go past level 20 in Auram with this summa.


Usually 13+11 would give you the needed 20 and 4 to spare, but since you've reach the limit the four spare exp would be wasted.

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Sadly as mentioned in my post here its not true that Ameranth did get a lab as it was only Aiden who was garanted one.

For many Mages Tremere (and player) are the bad guy as they act in one unificated voice and theyr Certamen focus can be used to bully other mages.

(Beside that they are seen as the reason for the extermination of the Druids)

From what I read in the Atlas Games forum Tremere are usual suposed to do the biding of a higher up in the Tremere command structure for a complet saison per year.

So its no wonder that a covenant who not even joined a specifical Tribunal dont want to have a magus at theyr covenant who see the Tremere Hirachy above everything else.

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For the sake of Amaranth and his own mental health (I can't imagine Edith being happy about sharing house with a potential rival), Silas might intervene on her behalf. Perhaps an arrangement could be made, she given a lab of her own, in return for an oath, binding or otherwise, that she would share none of our secrets nor betray us to any outside covenant or House? Probably best to let Antonius or one of his ilk deal with the phrasing. They are more paranoid than Silas :P




Thinking of this as something that could have happened around the time she joined. I'm fairly sure the reason Aiden was given a lab and not Amaranth was more luck and timing (and a degree of insistence) of the players than any *real* reason. Not enough to prolong her inactivity to a full year if not more at either rate.


Reading summae and tractatus do not require a lab though, does it? Considering that you can get bonuses (through virtues) when studying in relevant areas.

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I'm giving up on trying to understand the book system for now and instead focusing on the lab aspect now that Aiden's is set up.


With a lab total in Creo Vim at 28 (creo4,Vim18,Int2,Magictheory3(4forinventing)) without aura, I would use the 4 aura score of the city to make 32?


If that's correct, then I would like to "invent" Enigma's Gift (or a copy thereof) at level 25. I know that this would be bad for use against mages due to the code but I think it would be quite useful for attacking certain enemies with relative impunity. (Giant Beetles!) Probably not kill nonmagical things, but incapacitation is fine, too!


Since the Lab total (if correct) is 7 higher than than the spell level, he should learn that spell in 4 seasons, If I got the rules correctly. I know that this probably only further going to "Niche" Aiden into Vim, and take a lot of time, but I don't care, really. I would rather him take long stints researching than having to figure out something new every season.


Besides, it's not any fun if you can't learn what you want!


Please let me know if I got that correct!

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It looks correct to me Freespace :)




But it is eeeasy to use summae! (I only just understood it but it really wasn't difficult)


There are only two things that matter with summae: Quality and Level.

Quality is the amount of exp you dump into the given skill or art you are studying.

Level is the max that you can be taught by the summae.



Think of summae as a textbook on cooking (or something). The quality of the book is self evident: the better it is written and the more delicious the recipes the better.

The level is just the scope of the book. You can't learn everything there is to learn about cooking in a small book, even if it was written by a master. You can reread it a few times, get all the dishes just right, but you can't progress further than the book's original scope by just rereading it.

For that you got to find tractatus or spend quest exp, or something else.



A quick link to the covenant page where the books a listed: here

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I agree with Adrian on Amaranth's lab.


Freespace: You got the lab total right as far as I can tell. There are two things to note, though: You got the numbers wrong, in that 32-25=7, i.e. your lab total is only 7 levels higher than the spell's level. Edit: Scratch that, either you edited it or I'm losing my mind :D


Regardless: If you want to invent the spell at level 20, then you can get it two seasons: 32-20=12; 12*2=24.


If you want to invent the level 20 version, you can either get a version that inflicts 2 warping point (base 10), or lower the spell's range from voice to touch and have it inflict 3 points. I would suggest the former, if you go that route. But you can invent the 25 version just fine if you want; just note that it doesn't inflict 4 points, as per the level 30 description in the book, but only 3.

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Yeah, I edited that from 12 to 7 already. (before you even posted, infact!)


I had gone over several iterations of that post as I calculated. I had thought that lvl25 would be ideal but was also torn on the lvl20 version, which would have had a 12 point difference and would have finished in 2 seasons as you note.


On that end, with your advice, I think I will go for the lvl 20 version with the standard range, and reduced warping. I don't think that anything more than 2 warping points is really necessary, and 2 seasons is reasonable learning time, surely.

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