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Edit: Or would it be easier to just post them here on the forums? Since we are all going to GM at some point probably, it would be good to have a separate thread for them, maybe?

I think it's best we just reveal our virtue and flaw unless it's a secret or surprise or important for potential pvp like certamen.


So only fishy have a bad headache in the morning the other should be fine after one night rest.

Any hangover drug? Or magic that temporary remove that?

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Will you have room to add Amaranth to the game if I can make it tomorrow, Wits? I'm really going to try to, but I know my schedule is bogus and hateful and my computer may decide to explode at any given moment so I might not be there. But if I can be there, would I be able to play? :)

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Recap: You visited Libon's house, found and subdued his purported slave Philippus, found that there was a lot of food stored in the house, found that Libon had been searching for something in the catacombs and had been last looking into the catacombs under the collapsed building from Schwarzbart's story, didn't manage to catch Ganasi the woodworker who vanished into thin air as Bashir gave chase, the guard you posted to keep an eye on Philippus noticed him slip a cord out of the window, Dirk found out Philippus did it to warn Ganasi, but didn't manage to get any more info out of him.


Finally, you posted guards at the house (and Dirk, unbeknownst to all others, discussed with someone who is now going to take over the shrine for worship purposes).


What are you going to do? How are you going to interrogate Philippus?

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I'm right now unsure but I think I just let a normal questioning done by a expirienced guard in this maters.

Depending on the resoult of this and the observation he probably will be set free / given the opurtunity to run after a vew days and a barber visit. (Fresh cut hair is a good arcane conection)

I intent to follow him then as Spirit even if it cost me 3 points. (What are 5 of my starting 9 points I spend total on this oO)


But bevore this I actual plan to visit the location from the map so I think this should be the next adventure and Makara have to go with Dirk on this as this adventure was his/her request!

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Ok. The questioning doesn't yield any results. "This is a tough one, sir. He's lying, that's for sure, but I can't make him budge an inch," says the guard.


So you go to the collapsed building before you do the thing with letting Philippus free and following him? Unless someone wants to add something / do something first, then that's what we'll play next.

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So you go to the collapsed building before you do the thing with letting Philippus free and following him? Unless someone wants to add something / do something first, then that's what we'll play next.

Fishy told Momo about it and Momo have an idea.


Momo: "I will bust in the jail and rescue the boy pretending I am sent by Apollo to saves him! We will then escape and I will nudge him to lead me into their worshiping place for a great revelation of Apollo!"


Fishy: "That sounds like a bad plan, fishy~~"

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Sorry Nyaa its a plan Dirk only would share with the prison captain while making sure absolut no one else is present because words get out of hand as soon to many known it like you just shown in your vew lines!

Beside at the point when we do the exploration next weekend the plan is not even talked with the prison capatin as it is no longer needed if something come up there.

The complet action is in vain as soon the people I want to find get wind of it trough a gosip.

Its only here that the GM know about the way I planed to do it.


Beside that the cat is no holy animal of the Hyperborean belive its a crow or a swan so the chance is extrem big that he would lead Momo into a trap.

Remember we have at last one person with magic on the other side. Why do you think I even plan to go as spirit instead just the much, much cheaper invisible?

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Maybe we should post our sheet on a new thread and update it regularly in the future? I will link it to the log thread.

So are we going with this or sticking to PM? I really need to send my list to Wits before tomorrow.

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If Wits allow to cary Momo and the Dead out with him via one The Leap of Homecoming then this in-time message will come from Dirk.

"Makara Do you think you manage to bring the others out? If so I will Teleport out with our dead Guard and maybe Momo."


Outside of Dirks Sanctum "Momo can you get 1 or 2 Guards here?"


When Momo is gone to the High Priest "If you dont mind can you take the dead body of Laibon here and then materialise inside of my building? A furnal for the poor guard and Laibon should be a good thing to establish you as new Priest of the local Apollo shrine."

The Guard's are then given how to find the place where we left our belongings to help the other trough the watter and bring the items left behind from dirk and the dead guard here.


In the meantime Dirk write a letter of condulence to the relatives of the guard.

Also Dirk will give the order to seal off the Tunnel entrance if no one intervents because of the dangers to the mind in there! Beside that Aiden is requested via Letter if he can probe the sly prisoner for a lasting magic effect as he might be under the influence of a powerfull mentem based effect.

Ohh and Corbenik get a letter from Dirk to end the observation of the house as the shrine to Apollo will be opened to the public and one of the first ceremonies there by the new priest is the furneral of the dead guard and Laibon.



The stone Dirk picked up will have a Arcane Connection for years when stored right.

For reading more then what Dirk have read so fare he have to wait till he know the spell "The Evil Eye" he learns trough the winter.


The InTe Base for the needed effect is 4 (See an Oject and its Surounding) +1 Touch + 1 Diam = 10 but without The Evil Eye its 4 Base + 4 Arcane Connection + 1 Diam = 25 to much to do spontan for Dirk. (Lucky thanks to the setup of Dirks Lab he have Safety 1 what means -1 Botch die there [Covenants 111] so spontan spell used there should be no problem)

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Heh, this went rather differently than I had planned it in pretty much all aspects.


Some things all the characters come to know after discussing the adventure:


The rebel group Bearers of the Lyre was hiding in the catacombs. Momo turned their leader and a captive of theirs into a mouse (see below). After this, the characters came to the scene. Ganasi the woodworker, whom you met twice earlier, turned invisible. Two of the rebels died by Dirk's spell, and the last one had his skin exploded by what seemed like a failed clawing attempt by Momo. You only have three bodies although there were five of the rebels plus one captiver when Momo charged in. The ones missing are Laibon the priest, Ganasi the woodworker, and Rahaf the captive woman.


The wall of the room in which the rebels were hiding was inscribed with ancient secrets. It turns out the city flies because ancient Hyperborean magi led by the fabled Abaris Air Traveler lifted it to flee from the persecution of the Hermetic Order. This didn't work out so good, probably, because soon after this the magi had to retreat with their servants into the catacombs, into the very same rooms the rebels were using. One day, as the wall recounts, the Hyperborean magi simply stopped visiting their servants. Because of protective magics, the servants couldn't pass through the door to the quarters of the magi. The servants remained in the rooms you visited, however, until one day the ghost of Abaris Air Traveler appeared to them and told them to leave the place, never speak to anyone of it, and destroy any evidence of its existence. He swore he would not let the city fall, and swore that he would exact vengeance on the Order. Then he retreated back through the door that the servants couldn't open (and neither could Corbenik, despite his best attempts). So you suspect there might be a an ancient, vengeful ghost sitting in the city's basement, plotting the magi's doom, and he might be what is keeping the city aloft.


Beyond that, if Dirk mentions it, you all know there's a Hyperborean hymn inscribed on the wall of the room. The details on those things are in the book Ancient Magic, if anyone else is interested. The hymn was slightly damaged by Dirk's spell, but still gives +1 to insight rolls for integration. (I'll work supernatural virtue stuff out later.)


One more curious thing: The people who exit through the collapsed building notice that the stairs to the catacombs are covered in blood. There are footprints, as well.


Schwarz: Yes, Dirk can up the spell's target to touch, right, and cast it several times to teleport them into his lab, correct?


As you listen to Momo's story after you've teleported back to your lab, you realize Laibon might not be dead (see Momo's adventure below)! Do you wish to reconsider any of the above given this revelation? Other than anything you wish to change, everything you mentioned will be done.


Momo, Mono and the Grey Men


Momo bolts into a long, rectangular, fairly large room with a few torches held in sconces at each wall. The walls are chiseled full of small writing in a strange alphabet. On the left, there are large double doors made entirely of stone. On the right, a smaller doorway opens to an unlit space.


At the other end of the room, about 10 meters from Momo, three men are sitting with their backs to Momo, listening to a fourth one who's talking on a pedestal in a tongue Momo doesn't understand (he doesn't speak Hyperborean, right?). The men stop, turn around, make alarmed noises, and pick up the spears each of them has next to himself. At the same moment, Momo notices a fifth, larger man in full scale armor and armed with a spear stepping in from behind him - the man must have been hiding in the tunnel that Momo came through. Momo comes to a screeching halt as he sees the men, surprised, and gains some composure.


The man who was talking to the others - a skinny man with a white beard and furrowed brow - shouts to the large man behind Momo in latin: "What is this, Abood? A cat? Where did it come from?"


(Momo have Faerie Speech minor virtue so it can understand and talk all language of the person he interact with, he also have lots of social skill to con these people if needed to)


Momo silently listen and watch how this unfold. Showing them a wary looks.


Abood responds: "It... it just jumped out of the dark, screeching like that! I didn't have time to do anything!"


The men form a circle around Momo, looking more curious than threatened.


Preacher: "Could it be a sign? How else could it have gotten past Kerberos? The cat isn't Apollo's favored animal. A warning, perhaps? Try to catch it, maybe it is marked, or perhaps I can divine more from its guts."


The other men start closing in on Momo.


Momo in his most kingly monotone speech giving voice say "Halt". He gives the surprised human a moment to register the situation and continue slowly. "I am the great disciple of Apollo, Mono the Cat messenger." He give it another short pause, for suspend and also stalling some time to think up a good lie.


"The reason I am here today, mortal, beside the fact that the Great Swan of Apollo refuse to grace his presence upon this damp place where the lights of Apollo did not shine, is because I am tasked by the Great Swam of Apollo to bring forth a message of great importance to his follower within this City of Ivory and Jade. I, who is a cat, was chosen to become the messager is because my easy passage granted by the great hound Kerberos will be an easy prove of my credential of my true faith to the great Apollo."


[Momo rolled 3 for leadership, 2 for Guile, 9 for folk ken, Libon rolled *censored*]


The men stop, looking incredulous. The preacher eyes Momo, looking slightly scared (Momo thinks).


"I... A messenger from Apollo? That would..."


He thinks for a moment.


"If you are sent by Apollo, as you claim, o Mono the Cat Messenger, surely you can prove this by a display of His divine favor? I ask that you not be offended by my request. As you surely know, we are beset by those traitorous and slotful Hermeticist wretches on all sides, and one cannot be too careful under such circumstances."


"Breath easy, young initiatives." Momo said as he begin to slowly walks in circle around them pretending to be wise and actually scouting out possible exit or hole to hide into. "It's I who gather you all together to save me the time to explain my quest and to show thee all the glory my power that's a mere child-play in comparison to the might of the great and mighty Apollo." Momo have a short dramatic pause as if to consider something but actually trying to buy a bit more time.


After a moment, Momo continue his circling and scouting, "However, mere child-play as it may be, my power would be considerably "deadly" to a youth initiate and too "crude" for any followers of the great Apollo." Momo stop and look at the preacher and ask, "Speaking of traitors, part of the news I bare does contain traitors within the context, so have you capture any traitor or prisoner in your jail recently? For I shall display my power upon the unfortunate fool that dares to revolt against the mighty Apollo and I shall release my wrath upon the unbeliever in the name of Apollo." Momo end this with a very intimidating tone and look.


[Momo rolls 4 on guile and 18 on folk ken.]


"A traitor? There is Rahaf, I presume. I felt I could no longer trust her, so we had to detain her. Get her, Ganasi." Libon looks uncomfortable about this.


A lithe, bearded man wearing a small pendant puts down his spear and buckler and goes through the open door to the right. He returns almost immediately carrying a plump, small, elderly woman whose hands and feet are tied and mouth gagged. Her eyes widen in fear, but she seems otherwise unharmed. Ganasi puts her down next to Momo, then gently lets go, making sure she doesn't fall over.


Momo feels a surprising bout of compassion for the woman, of vengefulness toward the men who would treat her like this, and sadness about the whole affair.


[Momo gains the following personality traits: +2 compassion, +2 retribution, +2 sadness]


All of the men look rather apprehensive about this, but they wait on Momo nonetheless.


Momo slowly pace around the woman and say, "Hmm, you presume, Libon? It would be a sin for me to harm a follower of Apollo without full justification and proves..." Momo circle around the woman slowly to look her up and then look back at Libon and ask, "What lead you to the suspicion of her being a traitor?"


[There are three ways out. One is behind the armored man, one is on the right where the woman was, and on the left there are big stone doors that, when you think about it, you realize you don't want to open for some reason]


"I cannot say, I'm afraid. I cannot reveal too much without assurance of your divine favor, Mono. But surely you would know, being a messenger of the god of truth and prophesy?" He looks at you meaningfully.


Momo make an annoyed look, "I'm afraid the title of the messenger of god belongs to the Great Swan alone, for I am merely a hand of the god, mostly dealing with executions rather than diving the truth from the false. My presence here as an impromptu messenger is merely as a favor to the Great Swan, but I understand your concern."


After a moment of thinking, Momo say "Ah, I have an idea. I will turn her in for the Great Swan or even be judge by the mighty Apollo himself. For that, I shall use my lesser power of permanently turning her into a mouse for easy carriage. If Apollo judge her to be innocent, then I'm sure he can turn her back." Momo moves closer to the woman to catch the soon-to-be-mouse in case it tries to run away.


Facing the woman face to face Momo's paw lay on the woman face and spoke, "Have no fear, young initiative, you have been granted a great honor by Mono the Cat, disciple of Apollo to personally bring you back to meet the great Apollo himself! If you are innocent, be joyous, if you are not, then I suggest you bite your own tongue and end your life to save us the trouble before the wrath of Apollo torment your pitiful soul for eternity!" Momo gives the woman a moment in case she choose suicide before using his power.


[The woman turns into a mouse]


The woman turns into a mouse and slips away from Momo, and makes a run for the door on the right [i.e. not the one you came through]


Libon eyes you warily. "She's getting away, oh Mono. What is the meaning of this? Why a mouse?"


"Haha, a mouse because this is the less damaging power at my disposal. In fact, it's the power for a quick lunch usually. Now that she is a mouse, my fellow servant will have her taken in the other room."


He thinks for a bit. "Very well, Mono. Consider yourself proven - such powers certainly seem godlike. What is it, then that you were sent to inform us?"


Momo looks at Libon with sharp eyes, "Hmm, I wonder. Could it be the reason Great Swan has an other reason for sending me here..." Momo said as he paw his chin looking at Libon


He looks baffled. "I do not understand, o Mono. Are you here to help us with the door?"


"Maybe, the Great Swan wishes for me to capture a hidden traitor within the rank before my message would be leaked to the enemy, and since we can't prove that woman is the traitor yet, I think I will retain the message for now until my servant return with the verdict."


[Momo makes an average roll, Libon *censored*]


"A hidden traitor, is it? I know my people well, o Mono, and am not known for carelessness. Please do not underestimate Apollo's faithful. Tell us now, I grow impatient." He grabs a tighter hold of his spear


Libon continues: "Abood, go back to your post. You have left our back open."


Momo use his power on Libon.


He turns into a mouse, squals, and tries to run away.


All the men standing around you attack you.


<Momo> "I see. This fool is either the traitor or deserve such punishment for threatening me!"


[Momo doesn’t roll enough on a guile roll]

[Momo makes a lucky initiative roll]

Momo decide to run back

Elasus goes first and tries to stab Momo

[Momo barely dodges Elasus’ spear and makes it away before the others get to act]

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OK then Dirk ask the High Priest to bring one of the not skinned.

Despite Dirk hatting him self for potential seal in the surviving he still sugest to seal of the known entrance for now because of the corupting mental effect.


Also Momo get her head washed bevor sending her to get the guards "How could you even try to pose as Messenger of Apollo? I realy hope you dont do such a heresy ever again!"

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Also Momo get her head washed bevor sending her to get the guards "How could you even try to pose as Messenger of Apollo? I realy hope you dont do such a heresy ever again!"

"You try telling the truth when five fully armed man with one that can use terrible magic want to skin you to death like the skinless guy back there, and beside, I am King, I have the divine right to be the messenger of god!"

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