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Aura of Peace(ful Slumber)


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I just had an idea for an event. I'm not going to give it a full writeup at the moment, but I'll record what I've come up with so far here. Maybe someone else will expand on it. If not, I'll come back and finish it up eventually, probably.


Glamour spells can be used for calming, right? A neat random event would be a guest speaker showing up for a Glamour class to teach conflict-averting magic. Unfortunately, he or she shows up wearing an aura of peace that is both subtle and powerful, resulting in the class gradually falling asleep across the lecture. The event exits would be giving in and napping, struggling to take notes in spite of it (Study Habits), powering through the spell (Concentration), asking the guest speaker to turn down the aura (Character), or waking the class with a very loud noise (Practical Jokes).


Turning down the aura would be based on Character because it's an aura of peace, requiring that the request be phrased delicately. Imagine Phillipe Marchant demanding that an aura of peace go down and you see why this is relevant.


Oh, and waking the class back up is easy, the practical jokes skill check is for doing it in a way that doesn't result in detention or demerits.


Edit: Probably ought to have a 'counterspell' option in there too, but I couldn't decide what skill check was most appropriate. Negating it outright is inappropriate for the same reason that normal persuasion is inappropriate. It's likely to give offense.

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That would be much too reasonable to expect from the faculty.


I swear, sometimes it seems like they cause magical mishaps meaning to make the students handle it themselves. I've little doubt that Professor Ringraeyer would be sharp enough to notice. She's probably sharp enough to defray the aura to a sane level without the speaker noticing, even. The better question is whether she would. Given her focus on proper manners... She might. It'd be terribly rude to fall asleep in front of a guest.


Then again, perhaps that's the challenge. She's intending to lecture the class afterwards... perhaps after waking them all up with a loud noise herself.

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Familiar Kinship. Have your Porcupine poke your bum. The fish can spill cold fresh water on your face. Not sure what's to do with Pamela or Shadow.


Perfume. I am wearing a nice Jalapeño perfume and your puny Aura can do nothing about it!


Did you mean for that to be... quite so red?

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