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Relationship Penalty Backgrounds


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Don't underestimate the backgrounds that make people start off disliking you. For the longest time I took them as a matter of course, thinking that fixing a few relationships was easy enough to not worry about. Then I tried avoiding them entirely. It turns out, if you don't have any relation to anyone, you don't get noticed much by the AIs... and at least early on, when they do notice you, they're likely to just try befriending you. I've gone two loops of the game without developing any rivalries.


It's not that nobody ever did anything I didn't like. Once you gain a few points of Glory, students with whom you have zero rep will occasionally harass you. Cosetta Re squealed on me once (in her defense, I deserved it), while Vettor Conta sprayed me with water a few times, but fixing a relationship that just had a rough spot is easier and less stressful than fixing a slew of bad first impressions.


Oh, and enemies in the game are more trouble than friends in the game are beneficial. If you're trying to make someone not bother you, raising their relationship to 0 may fail, but raising it to 1 will usually do the trick. I like to think of it as forming non-aggression pacts.

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