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Tracking Antennae


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The Tracking Antennae item is one that I tend to snag every time if I unlock the Journal Insecta on a given playthrough. This is slightly for its bonuses. Not that the Insects bonus is needed, but Scouting is more valuable and harder to train than Composure. Which is to say, I rarely train either, but I somehow end up with 8 Composure by the end of a school year, whereas without specifically training Scouting I'll have between 0 and 2 levels in it.


Mostly though, I pick it up because it's conceptually adorable, especially with it decreasing composure. How can it decrease composure? Have you ever watched an ant wiggle its antennae around? They move around when they're tasting at the air. I'm guessing they can give away your mood when they do. This means you have a kid with expressive antennae!


I often get the Insect Sight spectacles at the same time. The combination is dorky, but in a cute way.


Something I think would be neat is if the Tracking Antennae, Insect Sight spectacles, and other Journal Insecta paraphernilia gained Courtly Fashion penalties that grew across the course of the years. What is adorable in a young student is nerdy two years later and downright eccentric in three more. On a similar note, it'd be neat if a Fashionable student could try to influence fashion trends in future years, potentially putting the expressive antennae back to being adorable, among other changes. Fashion trends would be actions that would globally adjust the fashionableness of different pieces of gear.


Trends couldn't be too powerful, of course. The Academagia does have a dress code. They shouldn't stack with each other, and flaunting your gear should risk confiscations. Fashionable objects would suffer penalties to concealment. Which, for the intriguer, suggests other reasons to care about fashion. Get your rivals reprimanded! Make the staff pay less attention to your own (distinctly unfashionable) gear!

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