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Spell Critique: Fill the Night with Stars


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A neat trick more than anything, Fill the Night With Stars creates a multitude of orbs in the night sky. It's pretty to look at, and will impress those who see it, possibly earning you - depending on the success of three Incantation Rolls (Fitness/Incantation v. 5, Insight/Incantation v. 8, and Luck/Incantation v. 20) - an expansion to a Relationship with a member of the opposite sex, 1 Step Expansions to Playfulness and Art Appreciation, or a point of outright Glory. The spell can only be cast once a day.


How long is the duration of this spell? I mean, obviously, the answer is "a day" in terms of Academagia's mechanics. That's as often as you can cast it. I mean how long does it last when cast? You fill the night with stars and... does it last all night? A few hours? Is it only a few minutes?


If it lasts very long at all, it seems like it would irritate Astrology students, irritate Kate Badcrumble, or risk earning demerits for the disruption. Unless the spell's duration is only a few minutes, I suggest that this spell have a Reference Table effect added to it where it annoys someone who needs clear skies.


I'm not really expecting this to be changed, so I'm going to interpret the spell's duration as being short unless someone naysays me.


The students in Academagia Y1 are young for romantic gestures, aren't they? I wonder if the game has too many effects that target 'opposite sex'.


EDIT: Err, I may have put this in the wrong forum. I thought I was in General Discussion. Should this have been in General Discussion?

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