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Gather round, ye magi of all walks, to hear the tidings of Taitale wood-wing!


Here's the deal, OOC; let's presume Taitale has told all the magi about this in prettyspeak:


Taitale is a Failed Apprentice, hence can assist in the lab. He gives an assistant bonus of 8, or 9 for inventing spells.


Usually, he has charged 2 vis of his choosing per season, which has limited the demand for his services. Now he's giving a temporary discount, though, since he needs to pay Baruch back for the chair (and maybe get himself a longevity ritual before he stumbles upon the white flower bouquet).


1 vis per season and the magus in question "owes him", whatever that means.


So if you lust for them enigmatic (yet tasty) arcane mysteries beyond your control, just call Taitale!

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