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Custom Title Image (Contain Cream)


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Kind of like evaporate's topic, except with none of the quality or copyright issues :P




Er, wrong one.










Hopefully next time I can get something vaguely Chinese (Chinese restaurant) without a bunch of electronic hot pots sitting everywhere.

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Bad adventures full of Mary Sues and Sephiroth crossovers.



Errrr, I guess they make Semi-Demi-competent alternatives for parks and forests? (Did I miss any spots that make it look like a modern photo?)


The desert one is probably useless, but Leoshi might find a use of that by writing up "you dream that Philippe is standing in the desert with his pants gone".

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Ooo... so too clarify, these were pictures taken by you that you are alright with being used in game mods and the like? I may be able to find a use for some of the outdoory ones for my mod. :)

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