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Where can I find DLCs?


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Hi there! I am kinda new to Academagia game and I stumble upon this forum a long ago (I did not play the game God knows why). In one of your section I saw some DLC packages but they are all unavailable. Where I can find those to download?


Sorry if I've opened topic in wrong place.




Sorry for my bad english.

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The DLC's are retroactive, so they're always included in the latest patch. What you'll want to do is download the latest patch (currently CP3, found here http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2547 ), and then when you go in to the game, you'll have the option to hit a checkmark next to 'Content Patch 3' (or... something like that- Context Patch 3?). Be sure to hit that checkmark; otherwise, the DLC won't load.


In CP3, you'll have all 15 DLCs as well as all the other fixes and patches that have been released since Academagia came out. Enjoy!

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Hiya and welcome to the forums Joda :)


The DLCs and general updates are found here. They can be found under support, one of the other major sections of the Academagia part of the forum.


Also feel free to look around as you like. We got a few player-made mods that you might like in the Writer's Corner subsection. There is some general help to be found here and there too, if you got any questions then don't hesitate to ask ;)


Edit: I am the slowness apparently :P

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