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I have decided to open up the mod base and start reading lores to check for typos! I'm going to include trailing blanks in my search. It's messy when a third of the lores seem to have an empty page at the end of them. All findings based on Mod Base 3.


First lore, first error. 159 Suggestions about the Ature of the Moon The error is first made in the title of the lore and then repeated in its text.

Third lore, second error. 8 Blunders in Thinking: Mistakes in Dialectics "These traps, detailed in Gratius Maledorius' book, will loose your argument for you, should you fall into them." I believe the comma after you is also erroneous, but that's not as egregious as lose-loose.

Fourth lore, third error. A Barmaid and the Triplet Ghosts "His brothers doesn't share his fervor, and found his constant complaints and insults annoying." Inconsistent grammatical tense, this should be didn't. (Although this is a subjective complaint, I also find this lore to be written confusingly.)

Eighth lore, fourth error. A Beginner's Guide to Malice "When you face is hot," is an error right at the start of the lore.

Ninth lore, fifth error. A Bonus of Willpower "Bending the world to your will is tough enough…the study of magic has shown you the truth of that." Missing space. I think I know where it went, too. The title includes a trailing space.

Tenth lore, sixth error. A Boy to a Man "When the sun rose the first day of his hunt, the grass was still wet from the dew on the grass outside and he could hear the birds chirping in the trees, not too far away." That is an ugly little redundancy. I wasn't sure if I should list it, since it is certainly not a typo, but it is bad enough to be worth calling out as a blunder.

Tenth lore, seventh error. A Boy to a Man "on his way out he was stopped by his mother." The start of this sentence isn't capitalized.

Eleventh lore, eighth error. A Brief Aside... "The pivotal figures all had extended titles, in the poetic convention of the time." That comma is erroneous. Orsi does show some plausible verbal disfluency in this lore, but this particular mistake doesn't make sense as one of them.

Seventeenth lore, ninth error. A Cautionary Tale Told in Capilutza III "With his family’s connections to pirates and other ne’er-do-wells, Prater thought he could continue to make and sell Briny Purses in order to keep making money" Missed closing period.

Twentieth lore, tenth error. A Child's Behavior, by Benedich Travis "Finally, we must, in our studies, ask the question “Can teasing be stopped.” That's a funny question, to be sure. The preceding sentence also lacks a comma before the closing question.

Twenty-ninth lore, eleventh error. A Curious Tale of a Duel "Unable to withdraw his complain, however, the young man prepared for a death as honorable as he could make it." Should be complaint.

Thirtieth lore, twelfth error. A Dark Chuckle "There is a place in the wilderness that is surrounded by a series of totem poles." This is wordy. The highlighted portion contributes nothing to the sentence save damage to its rhythm.

Thirty-first lore, thirteenth error. A Dark Message "He had been knocked out, and captured." This sentence shouldn't have a comma in it.

Thirty-third lore, fourteenth error. A Den of Not-So-Many Thieves "But everyone in a while something happens which must fully investigated." Should be every once, not everyone.

Thirty-fifth lore, fifteenth error. A Deserved Ovation "As the music dipped to the glorious denouement of this famous and exquisite peace, a hush settled over the audience." Piece
Thirty-fifth lore, sixteenth error. A Deserved Ovation "Fragini seemed to sense that the silence was a salute to his art, for her made no bow or pause, but sailed majestically into the next piece of the selection: Chamberdi’s famous ‘Winter Suite.’"
Thirty-seventh lore, seventeenth error. A Dreary Day for the Lone Man "The sooner he found an Inn, the better." That is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized. This error repeats in the next paragraph.

Thirty-ninth lore, eighteenth error. A General Note on Accents "The Oncestrens, Meriliens and Sur-Meriliens pronounce their vowels in the front of the mouth." Oncestrians. This error is repeated in the next sentence.

Fifty-third lore, nineteenth error. A Hystorie of Palace Administration II "Each message carried artwork because many citizens could not read them, and they were able to discern if those thay paid for the service performed accurately."

Fifty-fifth lore, twentieth error. A Hystorie of Palace Administration IV Several of the paragraphs in this lore start with an errant extra space. Copying them all into this review would be impractical.

Fifty-sixth lore, twenty-first error. A Lady's Guide to Etiquette "If you are not interested in a fellow’s attention do no string him along."

Sixtieth lore, twenty-second error. A Letter from Violante Canapiedra The title of this lore has a trailing space. Oh, and her name is Violante de Canapiedra, which I suppose matters more.

Sixty-third lore, twenty-third error. A Lost Artifact, the Hunt "I grabbed some rope…never know when you might need it!" This is missing a space.

Sixty-sixth lore, twenty-fourth error. A Man Understands This lore has a trailing blank line.

Seventy-third lore, twenty-fifth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery III "It adds some thing."

Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-sixth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "If you look down the hill I managed to covert some old dueling circles in to pond accents, sitting circles and one or two hedge mazes."

Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-seventh error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "I try to convert at lest one a year."

Seventy-eighth lore, twenty-eighth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VII "As I said we don't encourage dueling here at the Academagica so it is best if transform these things as we find them on the grounds.“ This is missing a word.

Seventy-ninth lore, twenty-ninth error. A Meeting with Professor Vickery VIII "I think some one was eventually punished but I can't remember whom…"

Eighty-seventh lore, thirtieth error. A Nugget of Untruth "He had dealt so many fact that it was difficult to find any point of contention." Should be a plural.

Eighty-eighth lore, thirty-first error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes I "As the title of my tome suggests, I am a connoisseur of palettes, so it is most difficult for a palette enthusiast of my statue to explain what one his."

Ninetieth lore, thirty-second error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes II "Chapter 3: Wine Palettes: Not Quite What you Think They Are" The uncapitalized you breaks the capitalization pattern for the chapter titles in this series of lores.

Ninety-third lore, thirty-third error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes IX "Many women inherit their palettes from mothers, aunts, and grandmothers who have either died or grow weary of looking presentable." Grown

Ninety-sixth lore, thirty-fourth error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes VII This one isn't a grammatical error. The second to last sentence refers to the word paint being used as a pun in the first sentence, which it was not. The word paint was not in the first sentence at all. The word paint was used as a pun in the second sentence.

Ninety-seventh lore, thirty-fifth error. A Palette Connoisseur's Guide to Palettes VIII "However, I cannot come with a reason to disagree." This is missing the word up.

Ninety-ninth lore, thirty-sixth error. A Petition to the Merchant's Guild This lore has a trailing space in its title. Also, it's a dreadful example of the Grocer's Apostrophe, and it should be Merchants' Guild. The Grocer's Apostrophe error is repeated in the body of the lore as well.


This will do for the moment. I have reviewed over a hundred of the lores in alphabetical order and spotted thirty six errors in the process. I will pick this up again another time.


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I just went through another sixty-eight lores, finding another thirty-some errors, when I accidentally deleted my progress. This reviewing is not hard work, but it's slow. Now I know what it feels like when an event causes your character to lose their progress on their homework. Continuing is not my first inclination. Clearly, I need more Dedication... and therefore will be continuing.


I may see if there's a way to speed the work, though.

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106 A Primer on Bluffing “When you bluff, give thought to the appearance of your eyes.” Extraneous space. 37

112 A Proper Person Speaks, by Polly Weekin IV “Intermixing the schools is generally just not done, because that would suggest the speaker is intelligent, and you never want to fool someone into thinking your smart.” 38

115 A Proper Person Speaks, by Polly Weekin VI “Generally one cites the decease's accomplishments, embellishes their qualities and minimizes their faults.” 39

116 A Proper Person Speaks, by Polly Weekin VII “These schools generally gear their oratory learning not on content but rather other floral speech that appeals to emotion.” When I speak the rather-other string aloud, I tend to stumble over it. My mind wants to insert ‘on’ or ‘upon’. Rather-other is a tongue twister by comparison. 40

117 A Proper Person Speaks, by Polly Weekin VIII "Oratory isn’t always a good thing, though.” Since this is the first line of this lore and it does not directly succeed the preceding lore, there is no prior statement to qualify with “though”. It is a straightforward disfluency that should not be in a book of oratory. 41

122 A Quote by Traders Guild Head Julian Vimron “To give our inner workings to those not initiated with us would only do naught but hurt our organization.” ‘Only do naught’ is an ugly redundancy. Only should be dumped off this phrase, leaving only, "do naught". Also, it should be the Traders’ Guild. 42

124 A Real Scientist’s Opinion, by Petter Peterian “They are, however, on the right track as far as thinking the positions of objects in the sky having implications. However, Astronomy does that, and does it better.” Too many howevers in a short span of time. The first one should be removed. Also, is it really supposed to be ‘Petter’ Peterian? 43

125 A Report to the Emperor’s Guard “In fact, their structure was pristine, and thievery was often run through the various channels multiple times before it sought approval.” So wait, thievery was run through various channels multiple times before it sought approval? What was it doing if not seeking approval? Shouldn’t this say “before it received approval” instead? 44

137 A Tale of Luck “Originally it was pinned to a stuffed animal she had sewed for me to cuddle at night but ultimately when the doll fell apart I kept it has a memento.” 45

137 A Tale of Luck “My mother is gone from this work now, but with little things like this I feel like she is always with me.” Should be world (probably?) Also, this lore has a trailing blank. 46




Meh, I ran out of Dedication.

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89157z, since you are going through the lore text, could you send me a heads-up if you find something related to King Aranaz or Durand? I'd really appreciate it thanks! (Also, your inbox on the forums seem to be full :P )

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89157z, since you are going through the lore text, could you send me a heads-up if you find something related to King Aranaz or Durand? I'd really appreciate it thanks! (Also, your inbox on the forums seem to be full :P )


Fixed the full inbox. I've found a few things regarding Durand, not so much Aranaz just yet. I guess Aranaz lores aren't filed in the A section. What were you looking for?

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