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Study Habits


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Study Habits
Dominant Attribute: Intelligence
Training Levels and Unlocks
1: Study (Action), inform Research - Cryptology
2: Consult the Artifact Registry (Action), Deristus' Views of Studying (Lore)
3: Research (Action), Impression of Diligence (Ability), inform Research - Library Knowledge
4: Study Habits of Tasha (Lore), inform Research - Decipher Handwriting
5: Bore (Action), inform Research - Filing
6: Duunish Text on Studying (Lore)
7: Poor Habits of Vorsha (Lore)
8: Office Hours (Action)
9: Shen-Te's Advice (Lore)
10: Teach (Action)
The above is the Study Habits subskill as currently laid out. I find myself greatly disappointed with the Teach action. Moreover, the addition of the new Test-Taking skill opens up cheating behaviors that fit well with School Survival, but which I feel mesh very poorly with Study Habits. I would actually like to worsen that conflict. I also want to be able to use freakish study habits to become a tiresome lecturing sort of friend who conveys useful information (sometimes) but won't shut up about it (ever). I propose the following new organization:
1: Study (Action), inform Research - Cryptology

2: Consult the Artifact Registry (Action), Deristus' Views of Studying (Lore)

3: Research (Action), Impression of Diligence (Ability), inform Research - Library Knowledge
4: Study Habits of Tasha (Lore), inform Research - Decipher Handwriting
5: Bore (Action), inform Research - Filing,
6: Duunish Text on Studying (Lore), Poor Habits of Vorsha (Lore), Inform Malice - Dispassion

7: Office Hours (Action)

8: Shen-Te's Advice (Lore), Inform War - Strategy

9: Teach (Action), Inform Dialectic - First Principles, Inform Dialectic - Logic, Inform Dialectic - Sleuthing

10: Vow Against Cheating (Action), Recreational Research (Ability)

11: Lecture Friends (Action), Inform Rhetoric - Passion



Skill level 6 now grants two lores instead of one, a Dispassion inform has been added ('tis the logical extension of Bore), and everything above has been shifted down a line. Shen-Te's Advice, being as it concerns the applicability of Study Habits to wartime Strategy, seems like it should also inform said skill if uncovered this way. The Teach line, being where the Study Habit'd individual really starts seeing their habits as something to spread, informs the Dialectic skills needed to actually Teach people anything. The interesting things start on the new 10 line. Even for a dyed-in-the-wool Test Taker who cares more about their grades than their studies will gain from the Recreational Research ability, but for the real epitomy of the dedicated student, the Vow is slightly game-changing, and opens up the progression into irritating your friends by Lecturing their ears off.


Vow Against Cheating:

Other students may be willing to fill their coursework with bluffing and semantic nonsense, but not you. All Cheating actions are permanently disabled, and your Study Habits Skill Maximum is increased by a step. You also gain skill steps in Dedication, Ethics, and Character... and the personal enmity of Basia Rydz. Interesting.


What you don't gain is the favor of the Professors. They have no way to tell your principled stance from a really good lie. In the end, this is a matter of who you are in the dark.


Recreational Research:

Other people research because they anticipate benefits from the research. You research out of sheer appetite for lore. Digging into the library stacks helps you shed Stress.


By using this Action, you may Research any Topic which you have discovered during your travels. As with any other Skill, the higher the level, the more difficult the Research.


Lecture Friends:

You're already the perfect student. Perhaps someday you'll be a famous teacher, too. If you're willing to pay the price of a Stress expansion and a Reduction of Relationship with two random clique members, you can expand your choice of skill across your entire Clique. If you can make an Intelligence+Passion check vs 8, you can push hard enough to expand a second skill choice as well. If you're extremely committed you may even be able to convince (one of) them it's for their own good, as a Charm+Passion check vs 12 will Expand a relationship with a random clique member.




In case it wasn't clear, Recreational Research is to replace Research, with an additional Stress reduction tacked onto it. Lecture Friends seems like it has a high price on it, but I covet the 'expand choice of skill' effect. I could see myself using this action heavily (and taking risks with the affections of my classmates in an effort to 'improve' them). Also, Lecture Friends is most straightforwardly obtained via the Vow Against Cheating precisely because that vow represents an absolute dedication to learning. Not competing over grades, not impressing people with knowledge, but learning.


The Vow would require a new action type (Cheating) be implemented in the game. Many of the boosted study options you gain from Test-Taking are candidates for that, but any action or ability which involves gaining an academic advantage through skullduggery should be typed as such. If requested, I will dig through the mod tools to make a specific list of actions I believe should be dubbed Cheating.


The enmity of Basia Rydz thing is drawn from her Adventure, which has you helping her cheat to raise her grades and lower everyone else's. The enmity effect on Vowing could easily be changed to 'one of Academagia's less honest students', drawing from a reference table, if the inclusion of Basia isn't deemed appropriate.

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If you add Lecture Friends maybe Dialectic Knowledge: Teaching should also affect this.


Good idea! Teach, Lecture Friends, and a few other actions could gain a 'Teaching' action type, which would be boosted by Dialectic Knowledge: Teaching.

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