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Journal of Angelik Schwarzbart


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As all my old RPG Chars are lost I decided to start a new RPG char of the Schwarzbart family.

Also this Sub Forum got to silent ;)


To allow other to comment this thread I decided to put the links of each week here in post 1

Week 01

Week 02

Week 03

Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

Week 07

Week 08

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Week 11

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Week 13

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Week 16

Winter Holiday

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Angelik is a Avila Student taking the following class









Her Backgroundpicks are


Apprenticeship: Spy

Astrology: Comet

Omen: Island Lights

Familiar Bond: Platypus

Familiar Training: Lucky Brute

Family: Sports

Family: The Secret Hertiage

Friendships: Actually, Bitter Hatred

Omen: Island Lights

Prodigy: Center of Attention

Prodigy: Spiritual

Tutoring: Grifter

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Week 1

My arival at the school at Juvenalia started already bad as one of the other newcomer complet drenched my good cloths with water.
So the first thing I had to do after I finaly found my room in the Aviala Tower was to find dry cloths get my hair back into shape and put my wett cloths to dry.
During this 2 other girls showed up who aperently in the same my room as me.
They introduced them self as Cinzia and Emilia.
Short after I finished my hairs I realised a older Student was waiting for me she introuced her self a Oan and sayed she will be my Mentor, what ever that means.
She showed my the ways to my class rooms where we eat and such.
I'm realy impressed how huge the Academagia is and this lightspectacle comming from the Vernin tower is realy a sight.
Because we ended out tour at the large Venaclicium Library I decided to start reading a book about Music.
A adult that passed by even pointed me to books more about my level.

Monday Morning I got up early and used my spare time to hang me feet into the Ardica Lake when I had to gof for class I realised that a fox have some interest in my knapsack.
After I yelled at this animal it run away but when I looked at my knapsack a strange animal looked with a beak like a duck but 4 webbed feet looked back.
As I haved to run for class now I left the strang animal in my knapsack but still got a bit late to my first class.
There our Dialectic Prof then decided to put his first question at me and complet turned my words around my mouth.
The second class haved a even worse suprise to me as the Student wo drenced me the day bevore is in the same class, I hope he dont realise to soon that I'm in his class.
During the Lunch break I finaly haved the time to look closer at this strange animal in my knapsack.
Even though I still dont know what it is I have the strang feeling that we 2 belong together and so it became my familiar.
Bevore the music class in the afternoon I spoted the adult again wo gave me tips about the books to read and tanked him for this.
Just a Minute later I learned that he is called Prof Castellain and is actual my music teacher and that he hopes that I continue to show such a dedication to his class.

To my suprise my first lesson in some kind of magic was trough the Astrology class at thursday where we got a simple pheme teached.
I'm still unsure what this movement that form the Pheme have to do with spellcasting, but this only my second day in class and the Prof will sure come to this earlyer or later.
Beside this this schoolday feeled very normal.
In the evening I then decided to start this Journal bevore I forget my first impressions of this school.

Astrology was again the most interesting class at wednesday as we learned how to read our fate from the stars.
Still I wonder why I was put in Avila and so have to learn Astrology in the 1st year.
To my belive its the most uninteresting magic class that are teached in Academagia.
I would have preferd nearly all other Colleges over Avila but my parents are not rich so I had to take what I got.
Because our Regent Prof. Badcrumble suggested it and I could use some money I worked in the evening on the Looms at the Iudocia temple.

Our Dialectic class thursday was outside because Prof. Sido wanted us to show a special Pine at the Chauranglaith path.
A Tablet there have the writing "Acceptance without Questioning is not knowledge; only those who ponder may consider themselves sufficiently assured of understanding."
For the rest of the Dialectic class we then had a discussion about the meaning of this words.
During our Geometry Class Prof Monetario told us a story about a Captain Tared Swift where they traveled a ocean.
On the question what is a ocean he answeared a enormous pool of undrinkable water, so large that it conect different islands trough it.
I realy want to see such a thing once and test if the watter is realy undrinkable as the Prof. says.
Sadly he also mentioned that we never could reach them as they are fare below our islands.
In the evening Emilia and I worked together on our homeworks and then haved some fun coming up with a good clique name.

Friday we visited the Observatory or bether sayed a room there that is called Graffiti Room where some past Astrologer shared theyr ideas.
Prof Badcrumble was especial exited about the mentioned Comets that only show up every vew hunded years.
She also mentioned that one of this comets will show up this year but when asked about when exactly she just told us we should find out on our own.
I arithmethic we learned the importance of exact calculations for spells because wrong timing can change a sell all together.
Most of the evening I was in the Library again to study books our Music Prof. mentioned to me on my first day at the Academagia.
I even learned some new Pheme from this books.

Saturday I decided to spend the money I earned to have time in prayer and meditation at the Iudocia temple.
During my time there I learned 2 Prayer from a priest and I also learned about a location where the some faitfull hand out food to the poor.
When I left the temple one of the priest mentioned to me that the Acadimagia also haved a prayer grove near the Durand Tower.
On my way back to the Avila tower I meet Oan at a place called Garden Gallery.
She pointed me to a other Student of my Age in Vernin clots who haved problems with a plant and mentioned that helping her would be a good way to make new friends.
I recognised the girl from the Negation class and so decided to help her.
Even though I didnt know a thing about this tree I somehow managed to persuade it to let of from the book.
Magalda was very happy to have it back.

Because my Mentor already left we haved a nice talk about our new live at this strange Academy on our way to the cafeteria for dinner.

Because of the bad weater we haved at Sunday I decided its a good time to continue Study the books Prof. Chasstelain told me to study.
One of the books I wanted to study was curent lend by a other student but the person at the help desc mentioned that there might be a other copy in a other library.
Following the directions I got I ended up at a library called Library of Longshade but its a complet mess, no way to find a book there.
So I did go back and read other books about music.
I even missed Lunch because the book I read then was so interesting that I forgot about the time.

Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure 01-03; The Unfamiliar Familiar Completed; Scenes from a Dialectic Class 01

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Week 2


In the Geometry class at monday we haved to solve the extrem difficult problem in doubling a square.

When one of us students finaly found the solution to this problem in just adding a bit to each side, Prof Monetary told us the he is actual more keen then the Priest Rafael in the Story Doubling the Cube.

During our lunchbreak I got me a new Ignatorious quill that I plan to use for special parts of my journal.

Our Regent let us read in a book the story "A Treasury of Elumian Folk Belive" while she was gone for quite some time during the Astrology class.

Some students used this time to take a nap or play pranks to other students instead of reading the story.

As the book I would like to study next for music is still lend I decided to start with reading books for Dialectic.


Tuesdays Geometry class was packed with theory about Trigonometry, Spatial Property and Geometric Socery so that I barley managed to write it all down not to talk about even understanding part of it.

There was a rumor spreading that my Music Prof have somthing with the Regent of Avilia and because the music they are based this of was just writen for a theater performance I managed to stop this rumor.

Prof Castelain was very grateful for this.

In the Negation class I learned the Magic Pheme and now know 22 Pheme but still not a single spell.

The evening I spend like most days so fare in the Library.

Because how the books of Dialectic are writen one is never sure if there not a hiden meaning hiden behind the words writen.

So I decided to read a other book about some encryptions first bevore I got back to the Dialectic books.

Turns out my guessing, about a hiden meaning in the book, was wrong but most likely its just to difficult for me to get it now.

At last I also learned the Insight pheme from the Encryption book.


In the morning just bevore the wednesdays class I read up the curent postion of the stars in the sky as our Regent have anounced to ask one student each day a question about this.

During the lunchbreak I meet Oan again and because of her curious look I told her how I found this strange Animal that is now my familiar in my knapsack.

To help Paradoxus, how I call it by now, against future encounters with the fox we decided to teach it some intimidating techniques.

Avoiding one of Prof Badcrumble perfect lady evenings I did work again the looms at the Iudocia Temple to earn some pocket money.

From the talk with others there I learned about a Enchanted Nest of Eart Spirits at the Academagia Grounds.

Also a messenger brought a staple of catalogs for Nessie's shop short bevore I was about to leave and I was alowed to take one catalog with me.


Thursday our Prof. took it easy with us and just refreshed the stuff we learned so fare except for Prof Chastellain.

He continued to teach us how music is writen to paper as there is no use in learning a instrument or singing as long one cant read notes or so he says.

In the evening I then lend me a vew books as even the Music Prof. mentioned he will onyl do refreshing this friday.

Even though I final got the missing music book this evening I still continued to study for Dialectic.

But at the end of the day I know only that I dont understand what the book was realy about.


As the Prof. all told they would just repeating stuff this friday I decided its a good timing to to prentend to be sick and read the books I lend yesterday.

During the day when all was silent in the Avilia tower I then could read the last Music book from the list I should study.

Sadly the handwriting was extrem hard to read so it took quite some time to read trough it and I'm still not sure if I got everything from it.

But at last I finaly managed to learn my very first spell, bether sayed actual 2 spells!

One spell is called Moment of Peace and the other Scan Music but it looks that I still miss a pheme for both.

Also the mention of palette and border kind of confuse me as this things wasnt mentioned so fare in my classes.

During dinner I learned that a parcel have arived from me and that I should pick it up at the gate.

After the Guard made sure the parcel was actual for me I had to open it in his presence.

It turned out that Aunt Renate have send me the Epic of Kensap a book about the battle of the Broken Shores.


Because I neglect my homework and also haved to work trough the things my classmates brought from fridays lectures it was late afternoon this saturday till I was finished with this.

Afterwards I realy needed a break and so I walked around outside.

Till I spot Emilia watching some older students playing rimbal.

Even though this game is quite populare I only have some very theoretical and limited understanding of its tactics.

In the evening I then read one of the dialectic books as I have to return them tomorrow.


As I haved to return the books I lend today I haved to quick read trough the remaining Dialectic books.

I'm not sure if this quick reading was usefull given the difficult to understand books but at last I learned how a detective do a extrapolation of evidence.

With returning the books I think I finished the needed study for two of my 6 classes.

When I meet Oan outside of the Library I told her about my frustartion that I'm already 2 weeks here at Academagia but still dont know how to cast a spell.

Even though she didnt have much time She still showed me step by step how to cast Glow of Victory and yes, finaly I could cast my first spell.

To celebrate this I joined some other students visiting a tavern in the evening.

At a other table there was a adventuring or mercenary group with a mage.

Because of a dare I was taking my curage together I walked over to here table and asked the mage for some tips she could give a junior.

It turned out the mage was a nice fellow who teached me some tricks and even showed me a Pheme I didnt know so fare.

Man where the other envious about this when we walked back.


Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure 04-05

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Week 3

Monday we learned that the old gods communicate trough the stars and thats where Astrology come in but the new gods communicate trough mathematic and so trough geometry.
Beside learning a vew new Pheme trough this day we also learned how to best prepare for casting a Negation spell.
After class was over for today a Vernin student asked a vew people including me if we dont want to test his newest wonder potion.
I'm for sure not so crazy drinking a suspicious potion especial when some girl with the name Flora,Flori or something from Durand tryed to bully me into doing so.
In the evening I visited the Temple of Iudocia to spend some time in calm prayer and medition.
The priest from my last visit was again there and teached me this time the Prayer of Calm and told me about the religious meaning of the pictures and pattern on some of the looms.

Prof Valenta showed us this tuesday how to best practice Math and encuraged us to do this trough our free time as many times as posible.
As if I would find the time for such things with all the books I still have to study.
Because we learned monday that our relgion have some kind of relation Astrology and Geometry I decided to visit the Temple of Iudocia.
Instead of learning something usfull for this 2 classes I learned more about the religious meaning of the looms of this temple.
But still there where some interesting stories and even the text of a song and I'm sure that some of the more strange pattern are related to pehme but I will have to look this up in a book.

On my way betwean classes this wednesday I wanted avoid this anoying student from Morvidus who drenched my on my first day at the academagia.
So I entered a passage I never used bevore and sudenly one of the statues sound a alarm!
Lucky I managed to determin a good place to hide till this was over thanks to what I was teached so fare in astrology.
As the temple couldn't give me some new insightes for my Geometry and Astrology class maybe it comes from doing some pietyfull work.
So in the evening I then helped feeding the poor at the Beggar's Corner and so learned a bit about edible plant products and backing.
But most important I learned a religious spell called Cleanse and Remake from a nice monk I meet there.

We mostly just repeated already learned thing trough thursdays class except for the class of Prof. Sido.
There we learned something about the First Priciples but I realy hope he will repeat this on a other day as I didnt even understand half ow what he tryed to teach us.
As I finaly got a list of what books I should study for Nagation I started with the Study of this in the evening.

In hope to meet the monk again I spend most of the Workshop days at the Beggars Corner to help the poor.
Sadly he wasn't there so I couldn't ask him to show me this difficult Cleanse and Remake spell again.
Instead we haved a Bard nearby entertain the poor and us at the food line with some songs and storys.
When I haved to pick up something near the Serra Quorro's Courtroom I spot 2 other students in a verbal fight with some magician.
Luckily I managed to calm the situation down with a vew well placed words so it didnt escalate into a real fight.
During the afternoon I joined a small group of Avila students in a walk trough the fest.
When Gwendy left our group for some time to buy something Ana asked Emilia and me if she couldn't join our clique.
Even with the rumors about her a jinx we accepted her.
So what started once as joke betwean room mates now became a real clique.

Friday Prof Leith substitude for Prof Briardy as her expertice was needed elswhere.
So we was learned some basic theories about Enchantments.
After Music class I was asked by a follow student if I want to join them going to The Spinning Gerbil.
Because I'm out of money I told them that I sadly have a lot of homework to do that I intend to do today.
So after school was over I visited the library in look for a book that could help me with my Music homework.
There I spoted it, a strange book called A Magical Guide to a Musical Mastery.
Its a starnge book as it apearently reacts to my Voice.
What brought me to a riddle "choose a tune and bring it fort" as I dont realy get what I have to do there I will ask Katja classmate in Music when I see here next time as she might know.
As I didnt want to lose the chance to study the book when I find a solution to this riddle I lend the book.
It was kind of difficult doing the homeworks when my thoughts allways circled around the riddle.

I spoted Katja playing her violin in the garden saturday morning so I could to ask her about the riddle.
She then just played a bit with her violin and the page turned, I feeled so dumb afterwards.
When I the sat down and continued to read sudenly all around of me changed.
There was a play from a realy great violinist called Janina Fiolovski and many people watched her.
At the end of the performance she throw her bow into the crowd right to me and suprised I catched it.
After this I was asked by a man to follow him for a chance to become the next Master of Music.
I was lead to a Hall where I haved to find the true Janina Fiolovski out of diferent violin playes just with my ear.
When I managed to pick the right I was lead back to the place where the concert still is ongoing.
On the stage I was introduced as new Master of Music and allowed to pick betwen 3 different instruments.
I picked the violin as it is what brought me here and trough the test.
As the szene slowly began to fading Janina asekd me to greet Prof. Chastellain from her.
If it wasnt for the new Necklace in Violin shape around my neck I would be sure that it was just a dream.
So I visited the office of Prof. Chastellain and fullfiled the wish of Janina.
The Prof. then celebrated with me that I became a Master of Music.
As this was enough exitment for a day I decided to spend the rest of the day studying Negation books.

During the Breakfast this sunday I became a bit careless and so allowed that I become the target of a bad joke of Vettor, this Morvidus guy wo drenched me on my first day.
At last this time there where only words and no watter involfed.
The rest of the day I only spend studing Negation books and learned how to perform the Dispel spell and some tricks how to use it more efficent.


Adventures mentioned: The Master of Music Completed

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Week 4


Prof Sido did take a step back this monday and teached us about the First Principles from a diferent angle via a great diagram.

It was kind of difficult to put this diagram to paper but I managed to do so and I also finaly got some grasp what's this First Principle is about.

In Music Class we finaly started to train our voice after we strugled the past weeks only about how to read the notes.

We also learned the Music pheme, the last pice I needed for be able to cast my 4. spell.

After finished the homeworks I couldn't wait to try the Scan Music spell.

To my suprise it come off quite easy not like the Glow of Victory I learned from Oan.

Sudenly there was a bang and there wwas a huge hole in the wall to the neighbouring spell training room.

I even could see Durand standing on the other side.

When a Prof. arived I was lucky that he belived me that it must be something that happened in the other room as my Scan Music spell did go of as intended.


Tuesday we learned some new spells the first was Number Knack we learned in Arithmetic followed by a slower version of the Dispel I already know how to do in Negation.

In the afternoon then we learned about Notational Glamour in Music.

But from all this spells I was only be able to perform the Beginner Dispel from Negation class.

At first I thought knowing the very similiar Dispel spell would help me but the oposit was trough as the difference betwean this 2 spells is very subtle.

But I now understand why Prof. Valenta told use in Arithmentic that timing is extrem important for casting spells.

For the rest I still missing some pheme and the Prof. didnt take the time to teach me them also.

In the evening then I learned the Prevent Mishap spell in my Negation study and guess what, I again missing some pheme.

Its so typical that even with the 59 Pheme I already learned the spells I learn need different ones, I wonder how many Pheme I still have to learn as it already get confusing sometimes with this 59.


I was allowed to skip the music class this wednesday because in Artihmetic class we planed to go to the city.

To learn about the uses of Arithmetic in the Economy we visited the Renazlian Regional bank.

Even though the basics of the Math they use at the Bank is the same as we learn it at the Academagia they write it down very different from what I'm be used to.

As the class ended at the bank I dcided to use the time to work the Looms at the Iudocia Temple.

On my way to the temple I bumped in a strange man full of pots and other things of metal.

At first I thought he is a hawker but when he started to talk about that he is a albatross it got strange.

When I final manage to tell him that what he want to be is probably a armadillo and he gave me a nice ring as gift for finding this out.

After I was back from the Temple I examied the ring and it turned out to be a Ring of Sweet Summer who have a minor enchantment on it.


Thursday Prof. Sido told us a story how a Kingdom was lost because the King answeared a question wrong to a simple beggar.

After I was allowed to skip music the day bevore now I was allowed to skip on Arithmetic so we could visit a temple.

At first I couldn't imagine what a temple visit would have to do with the music class but when we arived at the Arcadius Temple with all its Minestrel and Troubadour around it got clear.

It was a very impressive expirience when it was my turn to sing at the center of the dome of this tmple as the sound returned in a choir of 20 voices.

On my way back to the Academagia I spot some people destroying a larg rock with just the sounds of theyr horn.

Curious about this I asked on of them I got some explanation how this works that made sense to me.

But even bether I was invited to join theyr training when I find time for it and got my own horn from them.


Friday I meet the Monk again at the Beggars Corner and after I helped at the foodline for some time I found the time to ask him if he could refresh my memory about the spell what he then did.

When I was about to return to the Academy the person doing the backing today gave me a Batch of the Chocolate Chunk Cookies I helped to be made.

At the academy then I tryed to perform this Cleanse and Remake spell at the Durands Prayer Grove and wow this power surge trough my body I got from it was a absolut great feeling.

Not only my body feel stronger then ever it also affect my mind as I sudenly managerd to unerstand things I couldnt bevore.


Over the weekend I spend as much time as posible in the Venalicium Library to learn as much as posible bevore the mental boost go away.

I managed to finish the books I needed to study for Negation and then started to look at the Books for Geometry.

From a Cryptology book I needed for one of the Geometry books I learned about a nice prank spell called Jumble Letters.

When I hoped that I could use this to pay Vettor his jokes back I realised its for 1st year Students in Glamour around the Midterm exam and so beyond my curent abilitys.

Because I misspelled the name of a book I learned that there is a seperat Library for Astrology called Library of the Mantle and Stars.


Adventure mentioned: Muzak Adventure 0-1, Albatross Completed

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Week 5

The first Month is behind me and even if my spell library is still very small its at last a start and in adding some extra pheme that I learned there is already some flexibility in using them.
Sudenly trough the lunchbreak at monday my head did go all fuzzy and I found my self in a strang wrecked building.
When my senses returned I could even see some familiar building from the Academy trough a window.
There where also 2 other students, one from Gondia and a other from Aranaz with me in this room.
Looking for a exit all doors leading to some bedrooms except for on door that didn't move when we tryed to open it.
As our helpcry at the window also didnt get heared the Student from Gondia tryed to blast the door to with some kind of firespell.
If I wouldn't dispeled it we where probably roasted as the room was clearly much to small for such a spell.
Sudenly the door opened but instead of a way out we walked trough storage rooms.
There where many different dangers we haved to solve in this building that is much larger then it could posible be at the location we spoted from the window.
We encountered different problems in this Dorm of Horrors like a room full of needle,a breaking floor that close them self after one fallen down a level lower and so on.
I wonder how I have survived this with a fireball trowing girl on the edge and a other girl that allways think she know bether, but maybe there is even more to this powerfull the Cleans and Remake spell then I understand so fare.
In the end where rescued by Prof. Briardi and she told us that we have to do it some kind of Inteligent dorm that even use gate magic!
So when she sugested to help her in researching this building all of us 3 decided against.
If this events wasn't enough that messed up my lunchbreak, in the Music class a harph sudenly give of a screeching wail that didn't stop.
I then finaly snaped and tryed to destroy this thing.
To my luck the harp didnt take any damage when I smashed it to the ground and the Prof stoped the screech right after using some magic.
Still the Hedi Student who was playing it wasn't well to speak about me afterwards.
In the evening I found some strange key in my pockets and I have the feeling I bether dont let any Prof. see it

After what hapened monday I was happy that class this tuesday wasn't that difficult.
Prof. Sido even teached us how to learn the Basics of different things just from observe our surroundings and ask the right questions.
As I feelt the power of the Cleanse and Remake spell leaving me I decided to clean up the mess in the Library I learned about some times ago.
After some work I even found the sign of this library under some books, apearently its called Library of Longshade.
I even found some interesting Detective storys under all this books.

So I started to read some of them during the class breaks this wednesday.
As my thoughts circled around this books I couldn't concentrate on the classes.
Its a wonder that I even remember some things about what we learned today.
I even got to late to Music and because of this I haved to go to the city to pick up something for Prof. Sido after school.
On the short cut I took to get to the shop I got past a Chocolate Tree and couldnt resist to get me one of his fruits.
After I got the parcel at Mr Dexaba's shop I walked back so I could continue read the book.
But the I heared the Hornblower nearby and because of my promise to them that I would train with them a vew days ago I joined up with them.
They teached me how to walk in a group and then the basics about how to use the Horn they gave me.

Thursday we learned some new Pheme but mostly theoretical stuff in class.
Right at the start of the Geometry class Vettor made me target of on of his jokes and for the rest of the day I was the topic of todays talk of the other students.
So I was happy when during the Lunchbreak Oan wanted to show me soemthing at the Gates of Academagaia.
There she showed me that different places have effects on our magic but also on our skills and abilitys.
Similiar to the Prayer Grove that helps performing religious rituals or the Temple of Arcadious help with ones voice the Gate helps with Oratory.
The problem is finding out about such effects as it is extrem subtle.
Back at class the wispers and giggles continue about the joke Vettor made at my cost.
I realy have to pay him this back somehow.

In the morning hours of friday bevore my room mates even got up I performed the Cleanse and Remake ritual at the Prayer Grove.
After this I feigned sick to avoid the laughters and wispers about me in class.
Realising that I still need to study a lot of book I decided to continue my studys for Geometry.
During this study I even learned a small trick how to reduce what I see to simple geometric structures what might be usefull in the future.

Saturday I then managed to read trough the last Geometry book I'm suposed to have read out of class for year 1.
When I left the Library to get me sommething to eat sudenly a wirstorm crosed my path.
Because it looked like its the spell of a other 1st year Student from Durand I decided to to try to negat it bevore anyone get hurt.
To my suprise my spell actuall worked and stoped the out of control wirlstorm.
Aparently my Geometry Prof. saw this and gratulated me for my fast acting even if this still left a mess.
The Prof. went then of taking this Durand Student called Kurt with him to give him in detention leaved me wondering what this 5 points to Avilia meant he gave.

When I was looking for the books I should study for Arithmetic I stumbled up a misplaced book after reading into it a bit it got clear its about Revision.
The person at the Helpdesk was kind of angry when I brought this book to her as it actual belongs to the Library of Manetele and not to the Venalicium.
When I offered her to bring it over to the other Library she was gratfull and told me how I can find this library.
After I did this delivery I got a list what she sugest me to study for year 1 in Arithmetic and I also got a hint where to find some good books to study Monsters.
With this list it was much easyer to find the right books.
In one of the books I found a handwriten paper where a path is scribled on to something called The Emperor Sphinx and a mention "have to get bether in inspiring speeches to teach me".
I put this paper in my pocket maybe I find the time to look whats up with this location.

Adventures mentioned: Regal Place completed, Muzak Adventure 2, Tutorial Adventure 06

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Week 6


During Astrology class Monday I haved to wonder again why our Prof teach us spells where they didn't show us all the necesary pheme in theyr class.

I never heared about the snow pheme that is needed for the Sparkling Field spell we learned.

Ana and Emilia also dont know about this Pheme when we talked about this on our way to the next class especial because we where suposed to practice this spell.

Prof. Castellain today told us that the best music come from spontanity and that the notation only hinder creativity.

Now I wonder why we spend nearly a complet month doing nothing then to learn the notation system in his class!

After class was over I spoted a new isue of the school paper lying around.

On the first page there was something writen about me so I haved to read it.

I couldn't belive my eyes what was standing there some people aperently canged the joke of Vettor about me a bit and now this, this is on page one printet as truth about me!

This must be a bad dream or something! I haved to something against this and so I tryed to tell the people the truth!

At last my closest friends did belive me and help me countering this untruth.


Tuesday there was a lot of wisper behind my back and I did my best ot ignore them.

During Lunch break I learned about a attack on a Prof ahead of time and I managed to prefent that Prof. Storey got sting by a bee swarm.

Hopefull this change the rumours that circle about me.

In Astrology Prof. Badcrumble realised her mistake about yesterdays homework and teached us the missing Snow pheme so we finaly could perform the Sparkling Field spell.

After school was over there was a parade nearby and so Elina, Ana and I decided to watch it-

When we arived there where already to many people standing around so we couldn't see a thing.

With the help of a Astrology spell we then manage to find a way trough the masses right to the front and so was able to enjoy this parade.

So it turned out that Astrology isn't as useless as I thought in the start of this year.


Finaly I managed to finish reading this exciting detective story, that I started to read last week, this wednesday.

I also managed to full follow the class this time, maybe because we haved tests in 2 class and the other just refreshed material I already understood.

After class I meet up with Oan at the Renazlian Regional Bank as she wanted to show me a bit of the city and I already know how to get there.

When we walked trough a place called Empire Market I lost sight of Oan but after a vew minutes I spoted her again at a shop entrance.

This shop have a interesting collection on different wands and rings so that I have to get back there when I managed to save enough money.

On our way back Oan told me that I should learn a bit about Duel Conduct till next week let me wondering why I would need to learn this.


In the early Morning of Thursday I visit the Library of Longshade to get me a book about Duel Conduct that I could read trough the lunch break.

Reading this book I realised that a Duel against Vettor might be the right way that he stop with his jokes at my expense.

But this wont be so easy with my spells only focused on Astrology and Negation I dont have any usable attack powers so fare.

After class was over I decided to search the Hornblower again as this Hornblowing might be exact what I need in advance against Vettor.

I walked down till the Docks but the where no where to found and so I watched the ship loading and unloading for some time.

Sudenly someone talking to me from behind when I turned around there was a girl that asked me If I know gravity ball.

Even with my familiy is in sports I never heared of this sport bevore.

So she telled me a bit about it and that he team is looking for new members.

As this sounded exiting I joined and in case we even manage to win some games my parents have something to be proud of me.

I even got the Team Robe that helps a bit with Negation magic.


In the Morning even bevore fridays breakfeast I performed the Cleanse and Remake spell at Durand's Prayer Grove.

Because classes where kind of boring with this spell active I even got me a Arithmetic book to study during class.

As I still could answear all the questions the Prof did throw at me they didnt realy mind.

Only in Astronomy I haved to full focus on the class as we got a the difficult Oliba's Reading spell teached that should help us reading encrypted books.

From the complet class I was aperently the only one who realy managed to understand this spell.

After I finished the Homework I decided to try finidng the Hornblower again and this time I found them.

As one of theyr drummer got missing I was asked to help searching for her.

After a not to long search I found her sitting on the ground with a worried face.

She told me that a dog took her expensive drumsticks and so I haved to search for a dog instead of training with the Horn.

Good that by now Astrology got a haflway reliable tool for me and so I found the dog we where searching.

Not only we got the drumstick back but we also got a reward for finding "Doc Mc Coy" how this hound is called when shortly after a a young girl spoted us.

The Stars where clearly with me on this.

I even managed to get some training with the Horn after some more menial tasks.


Saturday I spend the day in the Venalicium Library to study for Arithmetic and I slowly become realy used to study from books.

But I wonder if thats still me, at home I read at most one book per month and here now I barly come out of the Librarys!

In the evening I then thought about different ways to get at last reduce the number of books I have to read for the exams.

Whithout realy thinking I walked trough the halls and ended up looking trough books in the Library of Longshade.

What are I'm doing! Visiting a Library to find out how to readuce the time I need to spend behind books?!

Its must be something on this Academy or maybe this Cleanse and Remake spell but at last I found a answear to my problem.

Studying the Prof to find out about theyr tastes will for sure reduce what I need to read for the exam and tests.


I haved to get out of the Academy this sunday as the day bevore showed me that I'm about to losing my self there.

On my way out of the gates a known bully of our year looked like he wanted to pick me as his next target.

But when I simply walked past him he aperently decided otherwise.

For some time I then worked on the Looms at the Iudocia Temple to get on other thoughts.

When I was about to return to the Iudocia Temple I spot the Hornblower and so went over to them.

Aperently they are about to leave the city and so the the time for my final test and goodby have come.

The test was to destroy a Stone with the horn and I finaly managed to do this.

After we haved a goodby party they boarded the ship and I returned to the Academy.

Short after I entered the Avila Common Room I was spot by Ana who then grabed me and told me that for the next play the teater group still looking for Actors and I should try it.

With not much choice left I followed her.

Emilia was already waiting for us there talking with a other Student she introduced to us a Corradin d'Alfi.

She told us that he want to join our clique and because Ana and I haved nothings against it he is now also part of it.

It took some time till It was my turn for the audition but then when my time was there I aperenly was so good that I direct got the main role.


Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure 07-08, Adventure of the Cube 00-01, Muzak Adventure completed

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Week 7


Monday we learned a lot new things in class like 2 new Pheme in Astrology or the Liar Dilema in Dialectic but nothing that realy stand out.

At last except for Negation as I think from what we learned today I improved considerably in my ability to handle Negation Magic.

It was just the tiny litle bit of knowledge we learned that I missed so fare to see a biger picture.

During the pauses betwean classes I decided to read a interesting detective book from the Longshade Library as I still find them interesting.

When I was making my homework in the common room there sudenly a argument betwean a femal and a male student about our Regent start.

After I managed to calm both down I still haved to bring a truce betwean them

In the end both agree that the male students are not treatend well by our Regent and that she is overprotective to the femal students of Avila.

Beside this I also haved my first rehersal for the theater performance.


The class of thursday was kind of boring as we only learned 2 new pheme and I feared it will be a other boring day.

After Class is over I got a note to meet Oan.

Arived at the location one of her friends told me that she is secondand of a duel and I could watch it if I like.

During the preparations I got told some simple tricks how to get the first strike in a duel.

There was also a lot of things to agree on about the rules of this duel betwean the duelants bevore it started.

When I was expecting a exciting fight betwean this two third year sudenly everything was over after the first hit as the oponent was knocked out.

The group of Oan then decided to have a victory party so It was time to leave.

Thinking about what I saw it got clear that the Damage I could do with the Horn probably wont be enough in a duel against Vettor.

Anyway first I need to reduce the books I still need to study and the path for this is to learn bether guess the caracter of our Professors.


Wednesday we haved some unanounced tests in class, this shows me just one more time that I have to be more obeservant to small hints given by the Professors.

I know that some other students where study exact this topics we writen the tests about today the day bevore.

So they must have spoted some hint from the Professors or got some other way to know about this tests.

Still I got a good feeling for the Negation and Music tests.

After the last class was over I visit the Library of Manetele to look for some books improving my ability in study the character of other people.

To my luck I found some books and I even managed to learn some basics about Revision Magic and how to work in a forge.


Thursday We alread got the tests back we have writen the day bevore and my results wasn't that bad and in Negation I was even one of the best.

After class I haved a walk trough the forest together with Ana when I spoted a nice smelling and interesting looking plant.

I decided it would look good for our room and so we carfull unroted it and put it in a pot when we where back at the our room.

This took much longer then expected and so I was a bit late for the second rehersal of the theater performance.

Talking with older students about Ms. Valenta in the szenes I was not part in gave me some insights how she usual put her tests together.


During fridays breakfeast Ana asked me for help as she thinks she is the target of a curse.

So I teamed up with her during the Negation class practice in negate a candleflame.

On her turn When she performed the spell exact as we learned it sudenly the flame of the candle got out of control.

There is defenitive something very strange but for now I don't realy know what.

In Music this Friday we learned about a glamour spell called Channel Masters but only the Students who also took Glamour managed to use it.

I'm still curious about this spell but laking a good source to study glamour I doubt I will learn how to cast it in this year.

In the evening we again haved a rehearsal as the Performance is Saturday evening.


As my roommate Ciniza made it very clear saturday morning that she don't like the new plant I brought thursday to decorate our room I decided to try to sell it together with some other things I no longer need.

In the city I then got a lot of money for this plant, much more that I ever remember to hold in my hands.

So I managed to buy some important supplys for the academy, sadly the money was still not enough to get a good wand.

In the afternon we haved the dress rehearsal and in the evening then the performance.

Because I got some problems with stage fright I doubt I was any good but we earned at last some applause.

Backstage I manage to talk to some older students about Prof. Valenta again and from what I heard from them is that I actual managed to read all the important books for her year 1 class.

That leaves me with only Astrology that I have to study for.


Sunday I remember that I promised my parents to go to a specific location as ther was some fog that get more tnese the closer I got I decided to turn around and try a other day.

As I finaly haved some money to spend I decided to eat at Alice's Tavern and have a nice afternoon there.

Sadly Vettor messed this up for me as I once again got the target of one of his bad Jokes he love to do at my cost.

In the evening the I then needed to read a book in the library for a homework I have to turn in monday.

Over the work I must been slept in when I then aweakened everything was dark except some red gloom.

I stumbled around in the Library till I finaly found to the exit but it was different and the door locked!

So I decided to nmake the best out of it and look at a book but all the books I picked where in a strange Language I never seen bevore.

I decided to take one of this books with me when I was sure that I'm somehow in a different location as it happend bevore.

To be able to study the book more closly I walked to the place where the red light comes from.

Sudenly 3 Gostly figures showed up told me a long sobstory I dont remember in detail any more and requested me to search for 3 missing parts of a book and then send me back to the Library at the academy.

Even tough it was late the library door was not locked and I managed to get to my room without geting into trouble.


Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure 09, Student Adventure Ana Flavia 00-01 , Locked in the Library 00

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Week 8


Monday early Morning I unecpectly meet Oan again, she talked something about Trees of Knowledge and if I wnat to help in her Adventure.

As I didn't have any specific plan in the evening and she also have time so we where set for the evening.

During Geometry class in the Morning we learned about a damaging glamour spell.

Even if I didnt manage to learn this spell some basics about glamour keep in my mind.

To prepared for this adventure I decided to do the Cleanse and Remake spell during Lunchbreak.

After class was over I grabed me something to eat and of we are to a abonded Warehouse.

There we searched for some time about some secret door or such till I spoted a small stone guardian that looked like a statue.

It feelt strange to talk to a unliving statue but it opened a secret door.

The Cave behind haved no light and the magical light Oan could do didn't work there.

After our eyes adjusted to the darkness I spoted some glowing bugs when I pointed Oan to them she managed to keep them close to us with a spell.

With this bad lighting from the bugs we managed then to walk trough the cave.

On the other side there was some construction site that was left years ago.

There we managed to find and speak to a old plant creature who told us in a ridle the next location we have to go.

It was geting late so we decided to search at the new location at the next day.


Trough tuesdays Negation class we learned Veil of Aversion a nice spell that increase he chance the target fail with his spells.

As Oan and I still have to find the solution for the ridle we spend some time in the Library during the Lunchbreak.

Lucky Oan managed to solve it so we could go there after the last class was over.

It was kind of difficult to get into the location we haved to search for the next hints but after some time we found a good way.

At the end of the day we where tired from at the walking, climbing and searching but each of us have found some clues where to go next.


The night to wednesday I haved a strange almost realistic dream of a coming doom.

As I never expirienced somthing similiar I decided to talk with a Prof about this and who would be bether then the Regent of Hedi the College focusing on Glamour and Illusion.

After I told my dream to the Regent he then decided that I have to tell this to the Legate even though I didnt like to go to the office of the Headmaster as it was all just about a dream.

Still I trusted in the judgement of the Regent and so I haved to tell the Dream again to the Legate Orsi.

They send me for now back into class but promised me to get back to me.

After Arithmetic class I then was told to come to the Office of the Headmaster again what gave me some pity view of other students.

There I was told that aperantly a former Legate of Academagica plan his revenge and I managed to talk me into joining the Legate in stoping him.

The storm , I have dreamed about the night bevore, already have begun so we did fly on a griffin to the Mount Vuinna.

Only the last steps we haved to climb but I was the first and was spoted by Mjolnier, how this former Legate is called, becore I could cast something on him.

Lucky my Negation magic was good enough to defend against the first spell he trew at me.

My options where limited in direct attacking him so I decided to put up a Negation spell up that turns his next spell he use on me against him.

To my suprise it worked great as he fall over the cliff as soon his own spell hit him and sudenly the storm ends.

When the Headmaster finaly arived he was suprised that I actual managed to defeat Mjolnier.


In Negation we learned some technique how to hamper our enemys spellcasting this Thursday.

During Lunch I recived a letter that the first trainig of the Gravity Ball team is in the evening and that I'm suposed to be there.

As exited this is it let me wondering when I finaly find time to do all my homworks.

At last the training wasn't realy hard for someone who manage to manipulte gravity via Negation.

On my way back I used a short cut and found a wand lying around.

From the look of this wand I remember that a Hedi student is missing a wand looking like this for some time now.

When I brought the wand to this Hedi Student she was extrem happy to have it back.


Friday we again learned about a Glamour spell in Geometry, this is now my 3th or 4th Glamour spell I learned about and be unable to cast because I didnt take Glamour as class.

So I decide to follow one of the Students learning Glamour betwean Classes to at last find out where the class room of Glamour is.

In Astology we learned how to make reasonable estimidations about the movements of the objects in the sky for the next days just from observing the stars for some time.

There was some problem with our normal Music classroom so we changed to the Henne Ilyon Music Room to train our Voices.

I doubt I was ever in such a lavish decorated room, there was gold and silver, expensive glass and even chairs out of volnauge.

After class was over I finaly haved to start with all the homework I got trough this week.


When I haved to go to our room this Saturday to get something I needed for my homework there was huge load of toys in our room so that one not even could see the floor.

Looking at them more closely I realised they are enchanted to follow comands so why not use this to get back on the prankster.

At first I thought it must be Vettor pulling this prank but when I spot Rui somewhere hiden it became clear he is the prankster this time.

So I comand the Toy Army to attack him that was fun to see how Rui sudenly can run and all this toys moving behind him.

I keep on of the bear as memory to this.

A while later I need to get me a book for the Homework from the Library and remembering what hapened last Sunday I decided to take the book in the strange Language with me also.

The Person at the Helpdesk could point me to the book I need for my homework but for the Book in the old languge he pointed me to a other student.

Showing this other Student the book he was over exited.

He then gave me some history about the nation of Constration and handed me a special library card I can use in the future to get easyer to the books I search.

After this he introduced him self as Barnes. When I tell him the story about the 3 ghost he offered to help me but he need to read up some things first.

It took me then till late in the evening to final finish all my homework but at last this burden is done and the rest of the long weekend free.


I managed to sneak into the Glamor classroom this Sunday and found some well prepared infos about glamours.

After studying this papers for nearly the complet morning hour I managed to learn a simple spell called Saving Face that slightly improve my overal apearance.

This spell might come into good use in our Regents next perfect Lady teaching.

Because of the nice weater I decided to try following my parents instructions once more.

This time I ended in front of some strange darkness that did go away after I used a strong Negation spell on it, revaling a small hut.

I was welocmed by a old leady who told me that she will also teach me when I find time betwean normal class work for the academagia.

Even more to learn? I maybe best would have forgoten about the directions my parents gave me.

As the stars predict me some intersting times ahead I decided to cast the Cleanse and Remake spell again.


When I tryed to celeberate the Festival of Pixies in giving out some cookies I only earned mistrust but some actual eat them.

There was sadly a girl from Morvidus who aparently missunderstood prank day for bully day but I managed to avoid her.

To avoid the worst of the pranks I decided its a good time to have a look into the library if we can't find there some infos about Ana's curse.

Sadly it turned out its not the Negare curse and so all this time was wasted.

After this setback I decided to sneak again into the glamour classroom and spend the rest of the day there to learn some more about glamour.

Beside geting a bether unerstanding how glamour work I again managed to learn a new spell.

This Correct Pitch spell can be usefull in music as it improves my voice.


Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure 10-15 , Storm Dream Adventure complet, Adventure of the Cube 02, Locked in the Library 01, Student Adventure Ana Flavia 02

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Week 9


As I didn't manage to get me a nice dress for the Dance of Fools I worked at the Iudocia Temple till lat afternoon so I could work on my own costume at the breaks.

In the evening when I then put up my saurian costume in hope to win the costume contest Durand asked me if I dont want to join him going to the city.

As there is allways a other year for the costume contest and I was curious how it is celebrated in Mineta I joined him.

Corradin and Ana did come also only Emilia of our clique prefered to join the contest.

We enjoied a puppet jester show when on a comment of Durand a old Woman dressed as Queen of Faes mention about the forgoten darker past of this holiday.

None of us did know a thing about this darker past so she pointed us to a procession doing the true cellebration.

The cellebration was fare ahead of us and so we had to follow the Charamel Chew trail they left behind.

When we finaly found it the cellebration actual sound more like a mourning and the person at the door ask us to do other costumes they have prepared.

The other where all disguised in great ghoule, goblin, fairie and other beast costum so we clearly stood out.

Given the choice betwean ghoule costumes or a dragon costumn we picked the ghoule as who want to be a dragon anyway.

Lucky Corradin did know how to put on the costumes we where given as it was kind of complicated.

When we entered the main hall again everything became dreamlike as we rushed together with all the other to the dragon and tryed to hit him as hard and often as posible.

Only after some time I realised that we are actual attacking people who where just in a Dragon costume.

In horror by my own actions and shocked by the actions of the masses I moved out of the mob.

Sudenly we where at a different place where Nobles in clotes of the Early Empier.

We saw the curt decision to replac the Dragon's Memorial, as we just haved expired it, with the Dance of Fools as we celebrate it today.

Again everything changed whe found us self in some tunelsystem back in our old costume instead of the ghoule costume.

Looking for a exit we found the grave of the Queen of Faes who was part of the people we saw in our vision the ended the Dragon's Memorial.

When we found the exit we ended up right at front of our Headmaster and told him about the grave of one of the first fool's.


By Mondays lunch break I already have to tell 6 times about the Adventure I haved yesterday and someone even found out that I was there when Mjolnir was defeated.

I was happy when Oan showed up during lunch and asked if we can continue our search for the "trees" in the evening.

Strangly I remember not much about the evening after Oan and I left the Academy.

There was some field full of insects but they where gone after a thunder.

Then I remember that Oan have missed soil in a important spell.

But we found the Trees of Knowledge and we where garanted Wisdom from them.

The next memory after this is that I was making homeworks in the common room.


Tuesday we learned how to create a thin shield of Air around us with the Negation spell Sphere of Resistance.

The most interesting thing about this spell is that it makes one more ready to perform a other Negation spell.

During Music we haved to sing the Song of the Morning over and over and even at the end of the day Prof. Chastellain was still not pleaced with our performance.

At first it was a nice change to actual sing a song during class but by the end of Music I started to hate this song.

In the evening after all the homework was done I tryed to learn more about Revision in the Library of Mantele.

I didn't learn about 2 of the pheme so fare that are needed for the Material Shape spell I found but I writen it down anyway in case I learn the pheme at some point.


Even with all classes this wednesday having a extrem load of new things we learned Negation was stand out.

There we learned even 2 new spells in one day!

Improve Negation was kind of easy to master but for Elementalist's Foil one need a pheme I didn't managed to learn so fare.

When I walked past the kitchen there was sudenly loud noices from the inside.

Curious as a cat I haved to look and it turns out the youngest member of the kitchen staff forgot to turn the kitchen alarm.

In his confusion he even mentioned the keyword 'buttered toast' for the alarm to me.


We only refreshed the stuff we learned yesterday trough all classes this thursday.

After class was over I walked over to the Estaban Contou's School to enter there for private study in Incantation.

The 900 pim it costs is it hopefully wort as orginal I planed to spend this money on a wand.

After the Gravity Ball training with the Awesome Avengers, as my team is called, I even found time to sell some junk and get me 2 nice rings.


Like wednesday in negation we learned 2 new spells in Astrology this friday and as wednesday I only managed to cast one of this 2 spells trough the class.

The spell I managed to cast is called Rise of the Tides what makes someone more playfull.

But the Every Moons in its Mansions what is nearly inpredictable in its result need the Control Pheme that I didn't learn so fare.

In the evening I then tryed to reduce the number of books I still have to study for Astrology as the Midterm Exams already start next month and I didnt even start to study for astrology.

Also I haved to finish all my homework at this day as my plan for this weekend didnt include time for them.


Saturday I then decided to go learning Incantation at the Estaban Contou's School.

Thats a complet different speed they go trough everything compared to the Academagia.

In this single day I learned 3 spells and 7 pheme and also how to give someone we know good to give a night full of bad dreams.

I did already learned some of the pheme at the Academagia and so I could focus on the one I didn't know so fare.

The New spells we learned was

Streets of Ice that cover a trageted path or road with ice so the persons walking over will slip,

Bad Spout a spell that blast the target with water, its not stong enough to do damage but the target get drenched

and Snowstorm that actual damages a target cought into its path but sadly I still have to learn the Weather pheme for this.

In the evening I haved a friendly duel training with some firends maybe slowly I geting ready to challenge Vettor to a duel.


Sunday I continued to learn about incantation at the Estaban Contou's School.

I learned 10 pheme and 3 Spells there today.

Especial the Weather pheme was usfull as it enabled me to finaly cast the Snowstorm.

The spell I learned was

Torrential Downpour summon a hard driving rain upon the area,

Private Chariot a very usefull spell that allows me to conjure a chariot out of tin air.

and Paint a Fog even if this is more a spell like action it clouds the target for a moment in impenetrable fog.

On my way back I spot a falling star hit the ground and when I wished me something he did rise again to the sky.

Hopefull my wish come true.


Adventures mentioned: Tutorial Adventure finished, Dance of Fools finished, Adventure of the Cube 03

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Week 10


Its already the 10th week I'm at the Academagia? Wow!

By now I have a nice list of spells I can perform.


At home Monday before The Hunt is usually a day where everyone have free and so I thought its the same for Academagia.

That’s why I performed the Cleanse and Remake spell early in the morning and then haved the breakfast in the city.

Afterwards I spend the day learning Incantation at the Estaban Contu's School.

Again I learned a few new spells and especial the strange From Nothing Knowledge was very interesting.

This spell gives its caster new Knowledge that lasts, sadly the teacher couldn't tell me how to influence what kind of knowledge I will get.

The 2 other spells I learned,

Right Hand of Destruction that summon a Hand from the ground to grasp the target and

Sudden Strike that strike the target with a lightning, where also interesting.

When I was back at the Academagia Ana came to asked me where I was and told me that I was missing in the class.

To my luck some other students tricked the Professors to think I was there.

Still I got homework to do what is not easy when you don't know what was taught over the day.


The Hunt started with a search for a bronze egg right after the breakfast.

With a bit logic deduction and a huge load of luck from the stars I found it and got the 50 pims price money.

Afterwards Barnes showed up and told me he found the first part of the book.

Apparently the cook at Bubbles Gourmet Eatery thought it is a cooking book and so we haved to help him create a new receipt to get his guests back.

My knowledge about chocolate helped us come up with a wonderful new pie and so we got this book part.

The rest of the day I spend again at Estaban Contu's School and learned all there is to learn for this year for me.

There where just 2 spells I learned but both will have its use.

The first was Fill the Night with Stars that create a absolute magnificent light-show

and the other Destiny's Emergence that create a invisible bridge.


Even missing a complete day I managed to keep up with Tuesdays classes.

For the other most of the things we learned was just repeating of what they learned Monday but for me it was the things I missed.

After class was over Barnes and I went to a cemetery because he expect the next book to be there.

Talking with the caretaker it turned out he is willing to give us the book when we perform a sinister puppet show for him.

As I haved at last some acting experience we managed to please the caretaker and got the next book-part and one of the puppets as reward.

After I finally finished the homework it was then to late to start with study for Astrology.


In the Dialectic Class Prof. Sido this Wednesday casually mentioned that he also teach languages for students interested.

The rest of the classes was uneventful but at lunch-break the Muffin I got me for dessert suddenly start to talk.

Expecting some kind of prank I got me a different dessert and stored the Muffin away so I could eat it at a later time.

After class was over I spot a stone from a sling hit a bird delivering a letter.

As the letter dropped right at my feet and it was addressed to a other student I decided to look for the recipient.

This got me then into some kind of fox and hounds adventure together with the recipient of the letter.

First we haved to get some special berry then we where at a party of a Noble, haved to win a game of chances and finally found the location of a special market.

If it wasn't for the telling of Corradin I wouldn't have known how my cloths have to look and how to behave at this party.


To my surprise the Muffin still could talk Thursday morning and so I keep him as some kind of special pet.

Maybe I learn in the future why this Muffin became alive and how this process can be repeated.

In Astrology we learned the glamour spell Little Delirium some a prank spell for party’s.

We also learned how to fine tune our music instruments this day.

Before I haved to go for the Gravity Ball training Barnes showed up that he found the 3. book part.

We managed to talk the band current having it into giving the book to us even without having to pay a pim.

Afterwards I was even on time for the Gravity Ball training.


Friday Professor Valenta announced a test for next week Monday.

Because I miss the class on Monday I decided its better to spend time learning for this test.

That’s why I finished all homework in the evening so I could spend the complete weekend learning.

During a break where I got me some fresh air at the window suddenly a ball fly straight for my face but I managed to repel it.


Except for a foraging trip I learned the theory of arithmetic in the Library of Mantele for the complete weekend.

It didn't hurt that I learned a bit about Revision magic as well from this books.

This revision magic came in use when I stumble into a falling hole on the foraging trip.

Thanks to the magic I learned just a few hour before I managed to increase my size just enough to touch the walls on both side of my body and so could climb out.

A other student reminded me when I was back from this trip that the midterm exams are already next month and we are expected to have a score of at last 50% in each class.


Adventures mentioned: Locked in the Library 02-04, Underground Market Adventure complete

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Week 11


After this weekend with all the arithmetic theory I start to see everything in probabilities and numbers this Monday.

So there is a 89% chance that I'm one of the best in the Arithmetic test we written today.

During the lunch break I hoped to see a interesting duel between two other first years but one of them decided to chicken out and so I haved to drag the coward to the duel.

In Astrology class we learned the Pray for Assistance what is in some way a weaker version of the Cleanse and Remake spell.

After class Ana asked me to join here to visit the Sphinx.

Curious about the Spinx I agree to join here.

Sadly it turned out that none of us is really able to talk with the Sphinx on her level but she haved pity with the plight of Ana and so told us about a potion that might help.

Still it was interesting to talk with this strange creature.

From what I got the potion only have a around 33% chance that it is the right way but its the best lead we got.

Emilia even managed to find the first ingredient when we where back.

The rest of the evening I finally found a bit time to study for Astrology.


During the lunch-break Tuesday I learned a bit about the Rebel Queen who is the name-giver of our College.

Especial interesting is the place called Hearts Hallow what is a old tree in the centre of our Dormitory that have a hollow.

This hollow have some interesting place magic and is used by some male students to sleep at a different place then their run-down tower.

In Astrology class we learned Insight into the Planet's Schemes what gives insights in the actions of a other person toward one self for the next 3 days.

Sound like a useful spells to do before a duel.

In the evening we haved our first Gravity Ball training game and I tried the tactician role but I'm not so sure if this is really what I should do in a actual game.


Wednesday in Negation we got as homework to render community service.

Together with Tulia I was assigned to The Cavalryman’s Club also called Percys for this.

In Arithmetic class where Prof. Valenta tried to teach us the Economy Boon till she realised that we didn't learn the Odd Pheme so fare.

Then she told us that she expect us to be able to cast this spell at the exam so we should not miss the class when she teach this Pheme in a few months.

After class was over Tulia and I headed to Percy's what looks like a small castle.

The major-domo Mr. Dupont told us that theyr members are plagued by curses.

So first we went to the dining room where suddenly all the gentlemen present start throwing food at us and at other people in the room.

Good thing we have such a fight from time to time in the Academy so I have the right Incantation magic ready to protect Tulia and me from the food assault.

After this funny but not that unusual event we went to the Drawing Room.

There a group of young men chasing a large ball with mallets and this in a room with expensive pictures and vases.

From what it looked they couldn't stop their game.

Tulia suggest we should read about the rule for the game of Tumbler first and so we did in their library.

After we read trough this rules I decided its easier to to break the spell then to win the game and so negated this spell.

As the reading took to long we haved to return to the Academagia for this day only knowing that there is magic in play with this so called curses.


In Geometry this Thursday we learned about Angular Displacement a Revision spell that increase the distance to you opponent in a duel.

We got the Arithmetic test back I I was actual the second best this time, so I doubt I have to spend extra time in this class for the exams.

After class and the many homework I had to do I finally found time again to study for the Astrology exam.


Friday Prof. Rupprecht taught us some basics about the Red Ink calligraphy spells as Ms Briardi haved some other things to do.

I can't stand this Professor, good I didn't take Calligraphy class.

In astrology we learned how to write a horoscope for others maybe I should try this at some time with one of my clique.

In the evening When I was study Astrology in the Library of Mantele suddenly I realised a Lizard watching me.

Because I remember that I just put a book to the side with a spell that allow to speak with animals It was the opportunity to test this spell.

After a short talk where I learned he just love to watch humans he walked away.

There was a other spell in this book that I managed to learn called Calafon's Balancing of the Humours.

This spell let stressed people become joyful and losing much of the stress they build up.


The Weekend I spend learning the Edvard Equation in hope that with this numerology based Astrology I could make some use of my Arithmetic knowledge in Astrology.

So I got some basic understanding how the shape of buildings affect the fortunes of the people living there.

I also learned how strengthen the bound with my familiar and how to use the numerology knowledge to improve the Relationship with others.

Because I used the books from the Library of Mantele to study this Numerology I also managed to learn some new things about Revision like where I can find the the Grotto of the famous revision master Sabinu.

But that’s not all I even learned how to plan Artifice and Enchantment projects on paper and how to Study Armors and learn some new things from it.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Ana Flavia 03, Adventure of the Cube 03, Adventure at Percy's 00-??


@Leoshi the problem of her is that Vettor hit right in a wound because she still have to study for Astrology and also still don’t feel prepared for the exams.

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Week 12


After Mondays boring class was over Tulia and I returned to Percy's.

This time we meet the President of this club and he told us that he missing his ring, a old family heirloom.

There is some folklore of the bad sort in case it got lost and so we were tasked to find it.

As a Servant was present when the ring was gone missing we visited the Servant's Quarter.

Questioning the lady doing the cleaning we found out that she took the ring on order of the major-domo if she want to keep her job.

So we confronted Mr. Dupont and instead of giving in he decided to laugh at us and start to run away.

They always have to run, don’t they? Still I managed to catch up to him and bring him to fall.

From the noise the others come looking and because Mr. Dunpont still haved the ring in his pocked he easy was proved guilty.

Case closed and now to the difficult part of this homework to write about what we learned from this community service.


Tuesday morning before class I learned that my first midterm exam will be Geometry at the 5. Cheimare followed by Dialectic on Saturday the 6. Cheimare.

In Astrology we learned how to theoretical perform the Revolution of the Planets but I even miss 2 Pheme for this spell.

Prof. Chastellain taught us the Croon spell that improves any voice related performance.

Sadly only the people who can perform different instruments did know the necessary Pheme.

From reading about the Edvard Equation I learned about the Tertolid's Accuracy spell a spell that improve the odds in performing all Actions, Ability’s and Spells for 4 days.

Still I need to find a source to learn the Unleash Pheme first before I can perform this spell.


The only interesting thing I learned Wednesday in class was the spell Undimmed Light of Truth we learned in Astrology.

This spell make the caster act more ethical and accepting his fate what makes it harder to come up with believable lies but other are more likely to follow the casters lead.

When I was looking up some infos about the effects Numerology at different places in in the Venalicium Library I realised that there is some missing space, probably a hidden room.

After some research I finally found the entrance to the hidden room and with my Negation magic knowledge I was able to overcome the installed Trap.

At the end I found a magical chamber that showed me some Battles of the past in realistic pictures.

When I left the chamber it was again sealed of as if I never entered it.


In Dialectic at Thursday we haved a visit to the Chouranglaith path, this time to this irregular shaped stone bench.

Prof Sido wanted to show us this bench as it is a good place to show that what we see is not always true.

In the evening I haved the gravity ball training again at the usual weekday.

Because last week I wasn't that good in the tactical roll I decided to test my ability’s again at this roll and this time my performance got better.


Friday Prof Sido talked about the Vittorian's and so it was good that I knew some history about them from all the books I have read.

In Music we learned a funny glamour spell called Sing-Song that let some of the audience sing with the main act.

Original I planed to study for Astrology in the evening but the book was so boring that I needed a break after just a few pages.

To get on other thoughts I walked to the town and there I overheard then some thief talking about a robbery plan.

So I placed a tracing spell on the container they planed to use to get the gods out of the city and later lead the city watch to the hiding place.

Back at the school I then still managed to read some more pages of this Astrology book.


Most time of this long weekend I spend in the Public Practice Room to learn how to play different instruments in hope to gain a better grades in Music.

One of the other Students who practised there also showed me how to cast the Music Talent Spell that improve my Ability with all things related to music a bit.

I don’t know why he did it but maybe because of the strange noises I generated with the lute I tried to play.

When the dinner of the Last Feast took for ever Coradin and I calculated the Numerology of us two and looked what numbers we have in common.

By the end of the Weekend I managed to play the easier songs with all 4 instruments I trained this weekend.

With the Violin I even managed to play more difficult songs nearly flawless.

Calmed from the music I even managed to read trough this boring Astrology book I'm supposed to study for the midterm exam.


Adventures mentioned: Adventure at Percy's finished, In the Venalicium finished, Adventure of the Cube 04, Scenes from a Dialectic Class 04

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Week 13


Its already Cheimare and so the Midterm Exam starts.

Because Emilia is in the Calligraphy class she already haved to write her first exam on Monday.

From the result list in the evening she was the second best of this year just behind the other Emilia who is in the Aranaz college.

We others still haved to appear in the classrooms but there was no class and so I used the time to study for Astrology.

After we where finally allowed to leave the classroom for today I the trained the different string instruments again in the Public Practice Room.

Someone even told me that there is a Harpsichord in the Gondia common room and that I might be good enough to play it if it is free.


Tuesday Ana haved her Revision exam, hopeful her curse don’t hit during the tests.

I used the time in the classrooms we haved to spend on our own again to study for Astrology.

After the exam was over Ana asked me if we can look for the next item on the list for the potion that may cure here.

With my limited knowledge about plants we talked with William Vickery, Ana's Botany Professor where to find a Weaselsail Fern.

After he lectured us a bit about this plant he was so nice and gave us enough for the potion.

Back at my room I used a spell to clean up my part of the room as I didn't have the nerves to do it on my own and read some things for the Geometry exam.

When I was looking up I realised that some of my things are about to leave my room and so I have to Negate the spell and collect everything from all over the room and the floor.


Because of the lax controls if we where actual in the classroom the last days I decided to eat outside during the lunch-break this Wednesday.

The Meal at Alice's Tavern was so much better then what we have at the Academagia and I also haved some nice conversations there.

So it was no wonder I was back to late but no one did take notice when I sneaked in.

To my surprise I was ordered to the office of Professor Chastellain at the end of the class day.

Fearing for the worst as I skipped part of today’s class I entered his office.

It turned out that he just haved some extra task for me to deliver a violin and a envelope to someone called Aello.

Happy that its not detention I accepted this delivery.

But when I was looking for him a older student of the Drama Guild grab me and dragged me inside.

It turned out that they need a replacement for one of their members for a rehearsal and so I haved to fill in for him.

But when it was my turn to read something loud from the script I suddenly talked in some strange language.

Good that I pay attention in Negation class and so I managed to break this spell that force me to speak strange words.

At the end of the rehearsal I got thanks from the other Members and even some hints for better acting in the future.


Thursday all members of my clique except for me haved the Botany exam so sitting in the classrooms was even more boring then the last days.

In the evening we then haved the last gravity ball training before our first game for this year.

We haved some position training and how to counter some opponent moves but the training was easier then the weeks before.

Back at the Academagia I first haved a look how my friends did in the Botany exam.

And to my surprise only Coradin managed to get over 50 points there and both Emilia and Ana where even below 45 points.

I hope I really manage to get past this magical 50 points in all my exams.


My first exam, the one in Geometry, was this Friday and with 60 points I was the third best of this year as two people managed 62 points.

Ana failed once again to get 50 points or more but Emilia was above it with 1 point

In the evening I asked around where I could find Allao as again he wasn't at the place the Music professor told me.

After some time I finally found him. When he read the letter he similes at me and introduce him self as a famous travelling musician.

It turned out Prof. Chastellain arranged some private training for me with this musician so he can settle a dispute with a other Professor.

He then showed me what I supposed to learn at first he played normal but when he stopped the fiddle continued to plays on its own.

After he finished with this show he tells me that it is actual a enchantment that makes the audience believe the fiddle playing it self.

The violin I brought with me was then enchanted by him so it can perform this trick.

He told me that the violin now is called Mestringer.


Saturday I haved the Dialectic exam but only managed 50 points.

To my surprise I was the best of this year with this score!

Some even only managed a single digit score, probably the exam was made to difficult by the Prof or our year have more problems with Dialectic then the years before.

After class was over I got me something to eat in the city and the played the Mestringer Violin in the public.

It earned me 50 pims and showed the violin works like a charm.

But when I was about to pick up my violin it was gone!

So I haved to track down the thief.

Good that there was enough helpful people that pointed me into the right direction and together with a small astrology spell it didn't take to long to find the thief.

Prepared to take it back with force I found the thief sobbing at a street corner.

Because the violin didn't play for him I could take it back without any problems.

Thanks to this thief I haved to hurry to not be to late for my first real gravity ball game.

It was a hard game as with the strong attack of our opponents I haved to focus on defensive moves as tactician of our team.

But in the end the opponents didn't manage to get one point against us and so we wone.

After the game we haved a big party and each of us got 100 pims from the price money.

So 150 pims in just one day, not bad, really not bad!


In the morning of this Sunday suddenly Vettor showed up.

Apparently he learned from the Language problems I haved at the rehearsal at Wednesday and now use this to make fun of me and let me look bad in front of other students.

Because of this and because I remembered that I should visit the place again that my parents gave me the directions to I decided to spend the Sunday there.

I learned a lot from her about the History of Magic and even the time where the humans where still enslaved by dragons.

But she also showed me how to take care of some animals like my strange familiar.

At the end of the day she told me that I'm welcome to come back and to study the books she have collected in her small hut.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Ana Flavia 04, The Maestringer 00-07, Adventure of the Cube 05-06c, Euneycia Adventure 03

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I can't believe I missed this! I'm glad that so many of us are befriending Ana though, I think she was one of the first npc adventure I finished and she has a special place in my heart :)



Also, congratulations on winning the Gravity ball game ;)

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Week 14


Instead of going to my normal class this monday I sneaked into the glamour classroom.

Because the glamour exam is the next day some students used the time without a Prof. to talk about glamour.

Thanks to this I managed to learn some new Pheme and also the location of the Air Fountain of Ginaza Gany.

At this fountain some glamour spells should be easier to perform.

The main reason I was in the glamour classroom was because of Prof. Ringraeyer but she was not there during the normal class time.

So I decided to play the violin in front of her classroom when the class ended and then she finally showed up and I could activate the enchantment of the violin.

As planed I managed to impress her with this performance of the self-playing violin and that was all this bet was about to my understanding.


Tuesday there was some talk about yesterdays history exam and out of some reason the talk got over to the history of the colleges especial Avila and Vernin.

So I learned some new things about this 2 colleges history and also about this old Vernin Message board that is still in use.

In the evening I the visited the office of Prof. Chastellain to tell him that I managed to impress the glamour Prof. with the Meastringer performance.

He told me that he already heard about this and that he allow me to keep the violin thanks to my great performance.

After I showed him my performance also he gave me even a Petrified Pinwood Piccolo as a gift.

I think this is even a better reward then some extra points for the exam that I was hoping to get from helping him.

Because Emilia haved her exam in glamour today I haved a look at the exam results before walking over to the Avila towers to learn for Negation.

She was 3th best what is not bad but from her reaction I think she hoped to be even better.


In the negation exam this Wednesday I was unsure about many questions that I couldn't really tell how many I have answered correct.

To calm down I walked to the temple of Arcadius to enjoy the sight and maybe listen to some of the performances there.

There where some minstrels performing and a group of troubadours giving angry looks towards them.

I managed to get in talk with this troubadour group and it turned out they want them gone from the temple because they perform music for the commoners and don't have the long music education of a troubadour.

There came nothing to my mind to end this twist so I left for now as I actual came here to calm down from the exam stress.

Back at the academy I first haved a look at the results of the Negation exam and with 100 points I was the best of the Negation exam.

Ana was in the upper group with her 72 points and Corradin just make it over the 50 points


Thursday was the Athletics exam and I was happy that I didn't haved this class as they needed to show how fit they are.

When there was no Prof. at the classroom a student bragged that he sneaked into the Bell Tower.

She talked about the magnificent clockwork-mechanism she saw there what make me wish to see it with my own eyes.

Because of the gravity ball training in the evening I didn't find time to visit the bell tower today.

As my mind circled around the tale of the student about this tower I didn't perform really well in the training.

Back at the academy I spot Corradin talking with Emilia. He looked very down and joining their conversation I learned he messed the Athletics exam.

He only managed to get 31 points in this exam, and even the point that there where others with a even lower score didn't help improving his mood.


I must have taken a wrong turn when I was original wanted to walk to the Bell Tower after Fridays class and so I ended in front of a odd Vernin Tower.

Spotting a sign to stay out of the tower I dawn on me where I'm, the Tower of Cold Forge, the in time frozen tower.

Curious about the time slip spell that this tower supposed to be under effect I walked trough the entrance.

Suddenly there was a voice and then I spotted the source of the voice, a ghost!

After a moment of surprise I then haved a talk with the ghost about time.

He even showed me the Time Push spell that allow me to enter and leave this tower without get taped inside before I leaving.

The rest of the evening I then learned for the arithmetic exam.


The weekend I spend mostly inside the Bell Tower to study the clockwork mechanism but also to have a look at the things written at the walls there.

From the writings on the wall I even manage to learn the spells The Seed of Doubt, Wreck Timing, Inhuman Timing and Shrinking Fingers.

The Seed of Doubt is spell that demolish the confidence of the target.

Wreck Timing is a Revision spell that destroy the timing especial for melee duel actions of the target.

Inhuman Timing, again a Revision spell affecting the timing, this one let the caster act much better during combats.

Shrinking Fingers is a Glamour that allow on to work on even smaller parts of clockworks then normal possible without actual shrinking the fingers as the name suggested.


Adventures mentioned: The Maestringer finished, Troubadour Adventure 01-02, Tower of the Cold Forge 00-01

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  • 4 weeks later...

Week 15


Monday I haved the Arithmetic exam and my head still hurt when I think back at the puzzling questions but at last I managed 60 points and was by fare the best.

The second best in this exam was a Student from Vernin with 41 points.

As the member from the Drama Guild didn't recover so fare I haved to join in once again for him in the dress rehearsal.

It took nearly the complete evening till they where happy with my performance and then they told me that I also have to play this tomorrow when they have their first show.


During the time in classroom at Tuesday I then did go over the script of my roll many times so I don’t mess up when I have to perform this in front of the audience.

In the evening then then I was very nervous when it was my time to perform and then this suddenly a waterfall starts that don’t belongs to the show!

After a few seconds that felt like hours I came up with a changed line that still works with the rest of our performance but let me negate this waterfall.

The other people on stage where also surprised by the waterfall but maybe even more that it was gone again so fast but at last the audience did love my improvised lines.

When I finally could leave the backstage there was a person waiting for me, I don’t remember his name but he applauded how I did handle the situation on stage and gave me my own membership card for the Theatre Guild.


Wednesday there was the Astrology exam and because I learned a lot about the Everard Equation I managed to answer many questions that I probably couldn't without knowing about it.

So I finished early with the test and was allowed to leave.

To use the free time I visited the Tower of Cold Forge and used the Time Push spell.

The ghost was there once again and told me that I have to win against the creatures that get caught in this tower to get them free again from this time trap.

So in the first room I enter I got direct attacked by a Puma and I barely managed to avoid his attack and before he could launch a other attack I managed to put him to sleep with a glamour.

In the next room there was a Static Tree and I haved to first create a shield with Negation to prevent the lightning to hit me before I hit him with my first incantation spell.

The incantation gave me enough time to use a other spell to cast a other spell to end this fight.

After this fight I needed a break and before I exited the tower the ghost gave me the Sword of Kush a powerful weapon that might help me with the other fights when I come back.

The exam results was already there when I returned and to my surprise there was a Student from Aranza who was the best in Astrology with a famous score of 111 points.

But at last I was second best with a amazing 100 points, Ana was still fine with her 52 points but I'm kind of worried about Emilia as she only scored 43 points.


Music this Thursday was the last midterm exam for me.

In the theory I still haved some holes but I think I made up for them in the practical part especial with my violin play.

I spend some time in the city before heading to the usual gravity-ball training.

Looks like I get used to this game as the training felled kind of normal to me by now.

Back at the academy I haved a look at the result of the music exam and I couldn't believe my eyes that I was actual better then Katja Quinnect who is a master with the violin.

So with my 110 points I was best of this year in music followed by Katja with 101 points while Emilia again didn't managed to get above 50 points.


Maybe because I'm finished with the midterm exams the waiting in the classrooms with no education get really boring, but at last its Friday.

When I walked past a shop called Hobby Hovel I heard the announcement of a promotion event where one lucky person can win a full BattleMace set.

Given how much they usually cost I decided to give it a try and entered the shop.

There where many other before me so I haved time to watch their try to win the difficult battle they haved to do.

When it was my turn I actual managed to win the fight but I still haved to wait around 2h before final the last have played and the winner was announced.

To my surprise it was me who won this set!

Now I have find the time to put the figures together and then paint them.

When I got back to the Academy I spot Corradin again extreme down as he only got 23 points in his Enchant exam!

I think that is the lowest score so fare I seen from anyone of my friends, good that the midterm exams are not that important.


The weather wasn't the best outside the complete weekend so I started to look for a revision spell that make it easy to paint all this BattleMace figures of my set.

Trough my study in the Library of Manetele I learned different spells but the most interesting was Revision of Skills as it allowed me to temporary act at the same competence level that I have in a complete different skill for some time.

I probably need a bit better understanding in Revision to cast this spell reliable but I hope that with the help of this spell I finally manage to help Ana with the potion that will break the curse.

With Familiar Education and From Novice to Master I also learned two spells that give my familiar or me a temporary boost in a skill, sadly for the From Novice to Master I still have to find a source to learn the Expansion Pheme.

The Negative Alteration of Organic Matter sounds like a extreme useful combat spell as it not only damage the target it also let the target forget about one of their skills.

With Stift Upper Lip a spell that help with working in the Forge or Enchanting items and Wand Amplification that helps with spell-casting in general, I got some other nice spells.

So even not finding a good spell to paint my BattleMace figures I think this weekend was still a huge success.


Adventures mentioned: Tower of the Cold Forge 02-04, BattleMace Adventure 00-01

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Week 16

As I still haven't found a useful revision spell for painting my BattleMace Army I continued my search Monday because I didn't expect that we learn anything useful in class.

I managed to learn with Alteration of Inhuman Matter a spell that put some minor enchantment on a item.

With Revision Homework I learned a extreme difficult spell that gives a homework the perfect presentation.

I even learned Stake out Territory that increase the chance that the target of this spell will more likely discovered when doing something (s)he shouldn't do.

But No such simple spell that just change the colour of a group of items was not in the books I read trough.

By now I think its easier to paint all the figures by hand then finding such a spell.


Because I failed to find a spell I could use to paint my figures I haved to go shopping Tuesday.

So I bought some different paints together with some brushes.

Looking around the shop for other things that are interesting when I'm already there I spot a Crystal Ball at the top of a regal.

Good thing that my negation magic isn't that bad so I was able to levitate this ball down to me without damaging it.

On my way back I visited the old lady in the swamp again.

I spend some time talking with her.

She gave me a easy way to a other school and so I visited it right from her home.

Everyone is hooded at this school what feels strange but 2 other students apparently have waited for me.

They brought me to the instructors who after a long talk decided that I'm worthy to study at this school


During the lunch break Wednesday I got past the office of the botany Prof. and suddenly the Professor stands right in front of me.

He waves me into his office and points sobbing towards his plants that get eaten by some locust.

Looking around his office I spot a insect repellent that I successful use against this vermin.

Still I wonder why he didn't us the insect repellent him self I was allowed to leave after he thanked me for the help.

After class was over I meet Barnes once again and he asked me if I today have time to finally return this 3 parts of the book back to this strange underground library.

Via a raven statue with red eyes we where gated to the underground library.

There the book reforms right in front of our eyes but this ghost mages turn hostile on us and summoned undead to attack us.

When I managed to stab the reformed book with a dagger from Barnes suddenly a bright light floods the room and when I could see again the mages and the undead soldiers are all gone.

Turned out the mages where from some kind of evil order that was banished eons ago and Barnes was after them for some time to remove this threat for ever.

As reward for helping him I got some magical glasses from Barnes.


Thursday there was the last gravity ball training before our big game.

Because we haved to play against the strongest team of the tournament Saturday we all trained at our best position.

For me this was 2 hours of extreme taxing floater training.

I was total KO when I finally was back at the dorm.


Friday after class was final over I asked some friends for tips how to paint the BattleMace figures.

Instead of just becoming tips my complete clique and some others offered to help me paint this figures.

At the start of our group painting someone cast Synchronize Schedule so we could better work together.

When I asking about this spell I was even shown how it works.

We haved a lot of fun as everyone tried his best in painting the figures while keeping a general colour scheme while we talked about different things.

From this talk I learned about the location a so called Gamers Guild but none of my friends was ever there.


Before the big gravity ball game at Saturday I played a game of BattleMace against one of my friends.

Using some deceit tactics I managed to win this game to easy, maybe I have to look for stronger opponents.

Thanks to the BattleMace game I complete forgot about the time and so only made it early enough to getting ready for the gravity ball game.

The captain wasn't amused about this because he wanted to go trough our tactic once more before the game starts but I wasn't there on time for this.

Despite this we haved our best game so fare and we actual won it even with the other team having the better players!

From the price money each person of our team got 100 pims, for a hobby no bad reward.

Our captain was still angry at me after the game and requested my presence for a extra training session Sunday.


Sunday I found out that it is interesting to study the people in the city especial near the docks as the people come from different nations and show different behaviour.

So I spend the complete time till after lunch watching people of different heritage.

After I haved lunch in the city I haved to leave for my special gravity ball training.

The captain and I haved a small training match when Eiko suddenly screamed.

Then I heard her yell from the outside that some kind of beast got in the arena.

Her words not even reached my ears when I heard the growl of some beast that I couldn't spot.

On my way to the exit I got exactly into the path of this lizard like humanoid.

Using a fast Negation spell to control the gravity I managed to get fare enough away from the beast to get it temporary trapped in the air before going for the exit.

There we learned from some hunters that arrived that this beast is called Stalker.

Eiko our captain was very impressed by the skills I showed to escape the beast and promoted me to be the honorary secondary squad leader.


Adventures mentioned: BattleMace Adventure 02-03, Locked in the Library finished, Euneycia Adventure finished, Adventure of the Cube finished

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Winter Holiday


At the Passing in the morning on my way from the breakfast I crossed the path with a ancient looking professor asked me What I am doing to honour our splendid past.

Having no good answer I told him to honour the past by researching my ancestry.

Even if it makes the Prof. happy it apparently that was the wrong answer for me as he told me to follow him to the library.

So I spend the half day in the library to study the past of my family so much for the free day.

When I finally got away I meet up with Ana.

As she also haved time we decided to search for the last part for the potion to break Ana's curse.

We only needed to get a cloud wood slivers and Ana read in a book about a place where we probably can find one.

It took us some time to find the place and then it even was high up, so only thanks to my gravity ball training I was able to reach it.

With the last ingredient in our hand we asked Emilia to brew the potion for Ana.

Sadly it turned out this potion didn't work and so we have to return to the Sphinx at a other day to ask what to do instead.


During the Weeding Feast I haved to visit some private teaching on request of my parents and even took some books for future study back to my room.

Afterwards I walked together with Ana to the sphinx to ask her what to do now about the curse of Ana.

The answers of the Sphinx where sadly to cryptic for me so that didn't know what to do to help.

So I did go to the Temple of Iadocia to pray for Ana as it is all I can do for her now.

But it was not everything in vain as I managed to learn 2 new spells.

The first is solace a spell that helps to calm down and the other is 6th finger, what helps when one is working on Enchantments and in the Forge.

In the evening I even managed to sneak into a weeding feast and managed to get some great dinner there.


After Breakfast at the first day of the new year I was "recruited" to help in the training of a rimbal team on request of a Professor.

But the manoeuvre they train is apparently so confusing to them that they knock them self out while I was just staying on the field.

Must be a funny view for everyone who saw it.

When this training was over I decided to bring my tithes to the Temple.

Suddenly a bird fly by and took my money bag.

The bird short landed on a nearby tree but before I could decide how I best get up there it lift up and soon was out of sight.

Good thing that I learned in Dialect how to tell the guard more convincing what happened.

So I was allowed to assist at the temple today and in return got my tithes lifted for this year.


Iternia I visited distant relatives in the city and together with them I attend divine service at the temple.

But oratory for sure wasn't the strong point of the priest doing the service as even I could do it better.

After the temple service we returned to their home where we fist haved to clean up.

With a small glamour I even managed to make their old, shabby candlestick look like new.

This earned me the best pieces of the following feast.

After I returned back to our Dorm I found out that someone was at my belongings.

It didn't take long to find out all that was taken was the core piece of my BattleMace set, the CogSpring figure.

Looking if something else is missing I found a note requesting 7 Malin for the return of my BattleMace figure.

This is ridiculous especial because my Petrified Pinewood Piccolo that was next to my BattleMace box is worth more then this.

So this is about something different and after some logical combination of facts I think it must be someone who want to keep me out of the BattleMace tournament.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Ana Flavia 03b, Battlemace Adventure 04b

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