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Week 17


Monday in the second class Prof. Sido tasked me to convince a other student that the sky is not blue.

So I decided to agreed that the sky for her is probably blue but because there are people who are colour blind it don't means that it is blue for me as well.

This logic freaked her out and so I can claim victory on this.

In Arithmetic I learned a new spell and how to calculate the odds of almost anything I could do.

The spell called Mathematical Acuity let me act like I have a higher skill in two skills of my choice for a few days.

As long I didn't learn the Expansion Pheme it for sure is a interesting spell but when I somewhere find this Pheme I think the Revision spell From Novice to Master is better.

In the evening I then haved this private teaching once again and I learn some interesting things there but its very wearisome.


In Arithmetic we got told this Tuesday about some possible uses of it in potions where complex calculations are necessary to get the number of ingredients.

The rest of the day was rather boring but that gave me time to think about what I can do to track down the thief of my Cog Spring.

After class was over I used a simple Astrology spell in combination of Weight Evidence to find the one who stolen my Battle Mace figure.

I ended at a dance school with a boy of the name Luca taking some dance lessons dresses like a miniature dandy.

To get some leverage to get back what is my I decided to observe him but beside that he is picked up by his mother after dance school was over nothing happened today.

At last I got the times he is in the dance school.


Professor Sido wasn't there Wednesday and so Prof. Valenta our Arithmetic Prof. did teach us on Dialectic.

So I written down everything she told us even if it was problematic to write fast enough.

It paid of when I haved a look at this again during the break as together with what Prof. Monetary teaches today I managed to learn Planar Displacement.

This spell give the target a increased chance of fail at everything and I know the right person to practice this spell on.

After class I searched for Luca and found him just leaving his house.

I followed him till he meet with his friend and yes there I have my plan to get Cog Spring back.

From my hiding-place I aimed my new learned spell on Luca and now just have to wait the 3 days till the spell wears off before I contact him.


Thursday we learned some new Pheme in Negation and Astrology class.

After school was over I looked if my spell on Luca run its curse and at the docks I then was sure that he is affected by the spell when he hit by a crane.

But then I lost them because a Sailor thought I was one of the load and hand me a crate but I managed to reason with him that I'm for sure not part of the loading team.

When he finally realised my Academagia cloths he apologise and mumbled something about a mistake.

So I returned to the academy with lot of the day left and so I visit the Tower of Cold Forge once again.

This time I haved to face a argenblat something that was way to fast to even think about possible actions.

So I rolled into the room instead of walking and it proved the right strategy as fire hit the door frame.

Out of instinct I magical created some Mud right in front of the beast and this slowed it down enough for a second spell.

With no second to think I immediately started a spell to put this thing to sleep while avoiding his next flame attack.

When it finally sink down sleeping I wondered how I managed to do this two spells in so short time and what spell I used to make the mud.

Afterwards I could leave the tower but not without the warning that the next fight will even be harder but will be the last on this floor.


Except for the lesson about a ancient architecture monument in geometry fridays class was not very interesting.

So I decided to take the risk and fight the last prisoner of the Tower of Cold Forge first floor in the afternoon.

As expected I haved to fight the ghost who introduced me into the Time Push spell.

But he didn't show any tendency to fight me and so I easy managed to get my disrupt spell on him.

After this "fight" was over I learned the real reason what this is all about.

Everyone or beast trapped in this Time Slip is a slave to the master at the top of the tower.

Only trough defeating the slaves in the limit of the Time Push spell they are free to leave the Tower and act against the master.

But to get to a higher floor I would need a more powerful spell called Time Slice spell.

Sadly it turned out that this spell appears to be lost and all I got a handwritten note from the Legate when I tried to talk with him about this spell that just mention "Wait"

When I returned to my dorm Ana was even more troubled then usual and so I took my time to talk with her.

After dinner was over a Prof. ordered me to his office because I skipped part of afternoons class.

There He gave me a wooden doll that looked like me after some magic.

The task he gave me is to create the good week with this doll to get better in my ability of time management.

As he didn't explicit mention that I can't try with other dolls before I do it with this one I crafted some duplicates of the wooden doll.

Even with my first tries of the spell to enchant the doll failed I successful managed to do a handful of this dolls before bed time.


Saturday I haved to buy some consumable material for class.

When I finally got everything I heard a loud "Crash" noise from a side street.

Because my curiosity got the better of me I haved to look what happened.

There I found a man standing in front of a what looks like it once was a book shop and every book, broken bookcases mixed with glass all around the street in front of it.

Asking the man if he is wounded and need help I get the response that some one apparently don't like him and he actual need some letter delivered to the guild to gain some compensation.

Sadly in the guild it turns out that they are less then eager to pay any money to the shop owner actual they wanted to send me back empty-handed.

But with some great oratory, if I'm allowed to praise my self, I at last managed to get a hint that there is some law in case a person's life is at risk.

So I have to return to the shop owner with the not so good news.

As it was noon already I decided to go to a nearby cafeteria and ordered something to eat.

While waiting for my lunch I spot a man playing some board game without a opponent.

After changing my position I saw that the board also place stones in answer to the stones the man placed and so this man play against the board.

When the man realised that I'm watching he offered in a strange dialect to teach me this game.

It didn't take long before we could play the first game.

After some time I even managed my first win against him even though he played with a huge penalty it was great to win.

Then he offered me to give his self-playing board in return for some delivery jobs as he is a stranger to this city.

My first task was to get a special alchemy recipe from a old lady living in the city.

But it took some time I found the place where she lives and then I even haved to copy the text so it became late and I still haved to talk with Luca.

So I got some of my friends together and walked straight to Luca demanding the return of my CogSpring.

Pointing out that the bad luck he haved the last days was actual because of me and that he for sure didn't want his friends to know how he looks like when he learns dancing he grumbling returning the figure to me.

We even managed to return back to the academy in time for the dinner.

Afterwards I did my first try with this dolls and it is actual kind of fun but I realised how difficult the task of a good week is when the doll collapsed because of to much stress.


Still having to master the strange task with the doll and doing my homework there wasn't much time this sunday for other things.

I also haved to find the time to research the guild laws as this is the most urgent task I set my self up to.

So after finished the homework by lunch I hit the library and it took some time till I found the right book about guild laws.

Now if this laws would make sense to me its almost like they written in a different language.

That’s why I haved to persuade a other student to do the reading for me and after some asking around I found a student doing this for money.

With some haggling I got him on his weak spot and he did it for free, this time.

This even gave me enough time to work some more with the doll's on the time-managing task.

By the end of the day I then haved the needed infos how to help the shop owner and managed to put together a really good week with the last remaining doll.


Adventures mentioned: Scenes from a Dialectic Class 05-06, Battlemace Adventure 05b2, Tower of the Cold Forge finished, City Hall Adventure 00-03a, The Board Game 00-??

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Week 18


During the Lunch break Monday I had to bring the doll to the office of the professor and lucky my result was good enough for him.

On my way then to Astrology I walked a rarely-used hallway when I suddenly heard some strange noises.

Following them I found the Trophy Storage room but not the reason of this noises.

In Astrology I managed to learn a new spell called Asking the Universe that gives a nice bonus to every actions the caster do.

This spell also make it quite plain that even as much someone think he know there is always more to learn.

After school I then visited the city hall to hopeful get a official written decision on the chase of the book shop owner.

Everything had its normal bureaucratic way till something cluttering the chair I should sit down at.

Let just say that for the next weeks I for sure don't want to see any cheese and that I hopeful never have to visit the city hall again.

That’s all for a stranger and then I not even got paid for my work.

Hopeful the shop owner remember what I did for him in the future when his shop run again.


Tuesday I realised that I obviously didn't pay enough attention to the pheme we get thought in Negation.

Professor Briardi showed us two interesting new spells but somehow I fail to perform the Repel and the Absorb pheme needed for this spells.

Hopeful she show this pheme once again at a later point as I really want to be able to perform Syphon and Prevent Benefice.

No, just NO! The lunch today was cheese toast, cheese pasta and backed cheese and even more cheese and I nearly got sick alone from the smell.

To my luck I overheard some older students planing to go to a good Cafeteria and so it was a easy choice for me to follow them.

The Building this students entered is called Debatters and to my surprise some professor are also there.

When looking for a free table I was approached by my Negation prof. and asked if I could do some spying for her.

In hope for some extra credit I agreed despite my growling stomach.

It turned out that there was some kind of game going on set up by the owner to make his wife the new owner of the Debatters.

At last I got some great food for free in the following party.

After class was over I had once again join this private teaching my parents haved arranged for me so there was no time to continue the delivery jobs I took upon me last Saturday.

But at last I found the time to look at the list what I haved to get and realised that for one thing I probably need to go to the refugee markets and there I will need to speak Bassan.


Trough music class Wednesday I saw prof. Chastellain performing some interesting techniques on the harpsichord.

I made notes about this so I can try them my self when I find the time to train on a harpsichord.

When class was over I joined the language tutoring of Prof. Sido in hope to learn about Bassan but he only teaches about Merilien and Elumian this time.

After I was finished with the homework I even found a bit time to train for the Battle Mace tournament this weekend.


Thursday in Geometry we learned the Geometric Trap spell but when we trained the spell Ana somehow messed it up.

After the Angle and Finity Pheme suddenly many coins dropped down where her wand aimed.

Prof. Monetraio rant at Ana how she could cast pickpocket magic in his classroom before he tells us that she casted the Conservation spell who take a few coin from nearby people to the caster.

Because he afterwards showed Ana where she got wrong I managed to learn this Conservation spell also.

In Dialectic class we visited the Philosophers Walk once again, this time prof. Sido wanted to show us the Oleapia's Plagua.

He let one of us read the text loud and the we separated in small groups where we had to debate about this text.

After class I once again joined the language tutoring of Prof Sido and this time I at last learned some basics in the Bassan Language.

Beside that I once again found some time to train for the Battle Mace tournament


Professor teaches us Friday the Binding Inscription spell in Negation class.

Even if I managed to do the damaging part of this spell I never managed the part that disrupts the magical items is beyond me.

For this I would need to know how to inscribe items with magical orthography what only members of the Calligraphy class learn.

After class I had once again to join the private teaching and this time it got very late till I got back so there was no chance to even do my homework.


Saturday was the Battlemace tournament and I haved some very interesting games.

Some where easy like the one against Luca but most where very close but in the end I managed to get into the final.

I think the set of my opponent at the final was actual the better one but I managed to get him nervous and so he made some small mistakes.

This mistakes where enough for me to win the game and so I was the champion and I got a golden Cog Spring Statue as reward at the celebration.

For the dinner I was then back at the academy. Because it started to rain I spend the rest of the evening doing my homework.


Sunday it still was raining like mad and so I looked trough my wardrobe for something to do when I found my Marat Deck.

After some study how to do the Advanced Reading I try my luck on it and actual it worked, I managed to learn how to use the 11. card of this deck.

Because I didn't want to try the surprise meal that was announced for lunch I baked some cookies afterwards and shared them with my friends.

In the afternoon I then joined one of professor Sido's language lectures but sadly this time we learned about Merilien and Onacestrian,but not about Bassan.

When the rain final stopped after dinner I spend some time outside enjoining the fresh air and talking with my friends.

We even tried to get sense into what the sphinx talked about what we should do next about Ana but we still didn't came to a good conclusion.


Adventures mentioned: City Hall Adventure finished, Debatters Adventure finished, Battlemace Adventure finished

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Week 19


Only Astrology class heaved some interesting topic this Monday, we learned a bit about the early empire, the time after the new gods walked the earth.

After the day in class was finally over I prepared my self with Mathematical Acuity for the second advanced reading of the Marat cards.

Because the result is extreme difficult to understand I'm not absolute sure but I think the result I got pointed to something happened in the time period called Captivity of Man that have some relation to someone close to me.

After reading a bit about this time period I get more sure that it must some negative relation between a dragon and one of my friends here at the academy.

But I still miss some important infos like who of my friends is affected by this.

With all this reading and pondering it was already past midnight when I realised that I didn't even have dinner.

Good that I still got some cookies left from Sunday so I could do something about my stomach before go to bed.


Tuesday after class I decided to visit the language lecture of professor Sido once again.

This time we haved learned about Elumina and Merilien again.

Even if I started with this lessons just to learn about Bassan I now even enjoy to learn all the other languages as well.


When we talked about the curse of Ana again at a break Wednesday it suddenly occurred to me that what the Sphinx told us and my Marat reading from Monday have some similarity’s.

Could it be that my reading was about Ana? Its something I haved to check after class and so I told Ana to meet me in the Avila common-room later.

After class I then checked some of the equipment Ana always have with her and when I checked her wand it was clear there is something wrong with it.

She mentioned she got the wand from he grandmother who didn't do much magic when she got older.

Using the Beginner's Delving on the wand I was shocked by the result as her wand contain a part of a dragon and that's the reason of all her problems.

Because Ana didn't have the money to get a new wand we decided to open her wand tomorrow.

Ana was tasked to secure a place where we can work while I read some infos about wands.


After class Thursday Ana and I walked to the Closet Forge Ana secured for us to work in.

There we heat her wand so long till we could remove the bulbous grip and there it was inside the grib, a part of a dragon whisk!

Replacing the dragon whisk with a splinter of cloud wood we now haved to fix the wand again and this was a lot of work.

Good that Ana no longer was "cursed" and so was a real help on this task.

When she then tested the wand all her spells worked perfect.

I think I never saw her this happy for all the time I know her.


Friday after class I finally found the time to buy the materials mentioned on the receipt.

It took some time especial because of this Schwarzbart Weed appears to be rare and so when I could get two from a Bassan trader I took both.

I also wonder why this disgusting weed have the same name as my family.

But anyway I got everything on the list and brought it to the old man.

Hopeful I soon hold this self-playing board in my hands.

Afterwards I walked to the Tavern where my clique haved a party because finally the "curse" of Ana Flavia is broken.

We haved a great evening but the best was when a professor looked into the tavern I quick disguised us with a spell as Vettor and his friends.

When the professor then spotted us he dragged us back to the Academagia and handed out detentions to us, or better told to Vettor and his friends.

It really needed all our self control to not burst out in laughter as long the professor was in hearing range.


Having most of my promises to other done it was time for something new.

When I then learned that a master jeweller give apprentice training for 200 pims without any lasting commitments for the apprentice it was exact the thing I wanted to try.

So after introducing me to him and paying the 200 pims I started right away to work as the apprentice to Briceban the Gemmologist.

Even if it was just one weekend I learned a lot from him.

Beside how to work jewellery I also learned about different materials and something he called "Magical Appraisal".

Together with the theoretical knowledge of enchantment I already have this for sure will help me if I ever have to work on a enchantment.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Ana Flavia finished, The Board Game ??

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Week 20


Its already 20 weeks? It still feels like yesterday when I arrived at Academagia but many things happened to me so fare and I'm sure there more to come.


Monday in Negation we learned a new spell and a new technique.

The rather uninteresting Observe Technique, observing the opponent for some time just to improve the chance of following Negation spells trough a duel, was one.

Confound , as the name says affecting the opponents mental capability’s, was the other.

Trough Lunch break I meet Oan once again and she asked me if I play with my familiar from time to time.

That makes me feel bad as I didn't spend much time with my poor Paradoxus beside of feeding it.

She then showed me some different ways to play with my familiar that improve our bound and also is really calming.

In the evening I visited Briceban once again so I could help finish the project we where working for the complete weekend.

I also learned how to evaluate jewellery and putting it into nice words.


After a more or less normal morning class this Tuesday I stumbled into a battle betwean some Professor and a group of dark-hooded masked peoples during lunch.

Because of my luck with Mjolnier I decided to answer the fireball that nearly hit me with a Right Hand of Destruction spell.

To my surprise he easy breaks free of the hold and so I was not prepared to counter his spell.

But before this masked person could hit me with what ever he was preparing he was taken out by a professor.

Some of the attacker decided to flee and the other where fast taken down by the professors and the Legate.

My Negation professor wasn't really happy to see me but when I spotted a paper one of the attacker have dropped and Legate Orsi looked at it after I pointed him to this the mood changed.

It appears to be some kind of name list with most of the Professor listed on it.

After Prof. Briardi was send away with a bad wounded other Professor I was asked by the Legate if I could help them.

When I agreed they send me from the office of the Legates to the Forest of Broken Pines using some old gate magic device.

Looks like there still some legal loopholes to use the forbidden Gate Magic.

Apparently the ground when the device was created was at a different level and so I dropped a few feet till I hit the dusty earth.

Getting up I realised that I landed right in front of a Ogre with a huge club.

Been in a very bad position to fight I decided to talk and prepare my wand just in case.

When I asked him about the Duke of Broken Pines I heard some voice from behind me and looking in this direction a sword point direct in my face.

It turns out I found him but they are on a hurry so I told him the message I should deliver on the way.

By the evening we stopped near a place where this peoples with the same cloths and masks as the one attacking the Academagia sacrificed a unicorn at a altar.

Suddenly one of them have growing wings on his back and when this thing removed its mask the duke told us to withdraw as this thing is a wyvern.

But it didn't take long till the wyvern and the dark mages have spotted us and so we haved to fight.

I managed to surprise one of the mages with the damaging sound from my Enchanted Horn while closing in and so I could finish him with my Sword of Kush.

The Ogre of our group didn't do so good and so I cast a spell to make him fight better.

But then it happened short after I heard "run" I spot a fireball coming straight for me.

It was to late I couldn't avoid it any more and so I closed my eyes.

The next thing I remember is that I saw a shadow of a large beast flying away and a feather is falling down right in my open hand.

From what I heard when I finally regained my consciousness inside of a room in a tree I was saved by Opinicus a gryphon who apparently took a liking in me.

Then I drift away again. When I opened my eyes once again because of some noises it was dark and I was in the infirmary of the Academy.

The noises where coming from one of the bully's of our year who didn't was amused by the fact that I was official excused from missing half of a class day.

So she decided to give me a real reason the be in the infirmary.


Wednesday morning I was already fit enough to visit class again.

When during Lunch I picked up some things I left in the infirmary I was told that someone was looking for me and did left with clenched fist when learned that I was already released.

From the description it was the bully from the night and so I decided its better keep a low profile for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon class it turned out that I didn't really missed a thing the day before.

Having to visit the private teaching again was a good way to avoid this bully for the rest of the day.

When I was back at the Common room of Avila one of the few male Avila Students of my year told me that he still need help with the geometry work and I promised to help him.

Even though I don't remember promising such a thing I helped him anyway as school work is still better then burned alive.


Morning class was really interesting Thursday.

In the first class of the day we learned the new spell Squaring a Triangle's Side a spell that let the caster perform in a few physical tasks with the power of the mind.

Then Professor Sido taught us how to Question Yourself and even test your most basic assumptions to allow you to walk around with a more open mind even if it is stressful to leave your normal paths.

Trough Negation class one of my class comrades messed up a fire pheme in his spell because I observed him casting I was able to perform exact the right Negation spell to counter the effects of this.

Turns out the Observe Technique we learned just a few days back is not as useless as I first thought.

After class I visited the old man once again and the alchemy brew to extend his time on this plane apparently have worked or at last it didn't kill him.

We then haved then a other game with a a smaller handicap on his side and I managed to win again against him even if it was just by a small amount.

Afterwards he told me how activate the self-playing of the Wei-qi board before it was time for a goodbye probably for the next century’s.

Hopefully I manage to play against him with a lesser handicap when I see him the next time.


Friday professor Sido again decided to do our class outside despite the drizzle.

This time we visited the cave at the end of the Chauranglaith Path.

After the professor opened the stone-doors with a password we haved to take turns to visit this simple furnished home of one of the best philosophers of all time.

On my way to the Path of Musical Chimes when the drizzle ended in the late afternoon I encountered a strange tree who asked me to put the ring back on him that dropped to the ground.

Putting the ring back on the tree it suddenly changed to a student and in thank for helping him he gifted me a other ring that hopeful is not as bogus as the one he just tested.

At the Path of Musical Chimes I then did my homework and to let the nice music calm me down a bit.


Saturday I took once again some language training from professor Sido.

The most interesting thing this time was when Prof. Sido told use about the Mercenary Guild House where we probably can learn more about Vilocian then in any other place in the city.

After lunch I stuffed all the things I'm not sure of they’re magical property’s and the things I no longer need in my knapsack.

With this nearly bursting knapsack I then visited different shops and managed to lighten the knapsack by a lot.

Especial the by now annoying Muffin Man gave me a good price and in return I managed to secure me a powerful ring and a nice wand, both useful for Astrology.

In the evening I then haved to spend once again some hours in private teaching but at last a end is in sight.

Only 2 times more and this private teaching finally comes to a end for this year.


To learn more about animals in general I decided to visit the old lady living in the swamp once again.

This time we haved the focus on insects and my familiar was more then happy about this as it got some of the subjects we studied as food afterwards.

I didn't know so fare that Paradoxus love to eat insects so much.

The dissection of the insects together with some special pictures also taught me general things about the working of a body.

Time did go past fast and dusk already set when I finally left her home.

After I got me something for dinner I then visited the Mercenary Guild to listen some of the story's they tell there.

It was difficult to follow the people who speak Vilocian as mother-language but despite this I managed to learn the Durand's Flotilla spell from a Mercenary who took her time with me.

This spell was used in one of the famous battles against Dragons in the past but I doubt my skills in Glamour are already up to it.


Adventures mentioned: Broken Pines finished, The Board Game finished

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Week 21


Prof. Badcrumble told us Monday what today’s science think about astrology and that this is the reason why Astrology no longer have the place in magic it once haved.

After class I haved a walk around the city to get me some things for class I couldn't get last Saturday and to get things for the next animal lesson of the old lady.

Walking from one shop to a other I nearly was knocked down by someone running past me.

On his heel a portly gentleman who called out to catch the thief and something about a reward he will give.

This man then collapsed in the middle of the street and so I decided to help the man instead of running after the thief.

He even got unconscious and so I put something under his feet and I even haved to cast some restorative magic before he opened his eyes.

Elias Dillenbach, solicitor is how he then introduced him self after thanking me for making sure he is fine.

He also gave me his card.


Tuesday after a long day in class with a lot of dry theoretical stuff my head was already swirling but then I even got a huge load of homework.

Worst of all I even haved to visit the private teaching in the evening.

At last there we learned a new spell called Iron Will I could write about in my little journal.

I think I soon have to resort to this spell as it increase the stress one can bear.


It was raining nearly all day Wednesday but despite this I decided to have lunch at the Debatters because I didn't want to try the surprise meals we have at Academagia.

At the Debatters I haved a nice conversation with prof. Ringraeyer about proper clothing and politics.

After class I witnessed a group of second years bully a other 1st years but when he decided to fight back it got out of control.

The 2nd years decided every first year in this hallway are fair game and that included me.

But when we managed to show them that we have the superior numbers and are willing to fight back they withdraw.

In the evening I visited the Mercenary Guild once again and this time it was a bit easier for me to follow they’re story’s.

The Mercenary that taught me the glamour spell last Sunday was there once again and this time I learned how to change my posture between a bold and a vigilant one.


Thursday I decided its high time to check out why this strange weed is called Schwarzbart Weed and so I looked in one of our Library for infos.

There I learned that its named so because one of my fare distant ancestors first discovered this plant and its uses.

One interesting thing about it is that it is one of the materials needed to craft a Negation Wand something I intend to give a try.

Because I couldn't find a receipt for this wand in the library I decided to ask the distant relatives I visited trough Iternia if they knew about someone of our family who might have it.

To my luck they where at home and so after a bit of talk I learned that there is a old member of our family living in the city as well and I should try my luck there.

The location they pointed me to sounded strangely familiar and when I got there it was the place I copied down the alchemy receipt!

Again I was lucky and she was at home.

After I introduced me this time she Introduced her self and told me that she already knew who I was when she saw me last time.

She just was so distant last time because of my lack of manners.

After we talked some more she then allowed me to copy down the Negation Wand recipe

Trough the talk I also learned that she was the person who registered me for the Academagica.


In music class Friday I couldn’t avoid to listen to the talk of a small group of students who recently visited the freak show of the Jorndathlan's Circus.

From their excitement it must be really worth to go there.

In the evening I visited the Mercenary Guild again.

This time I listened a talk about the battle of the Ki'bonic pass and one of the mercenary’s was even so nice to show me the spell of the same name.

Afterwards I also learned of the importance of enough food if you move in larger groups.

While a small group of people can survive of the land if enough time is planed to this task, this is no longer possible for a army as then even the horses need their food delivered.


Saturday morning I haved to listening to the private teaching for the last time this year, finally this is over.

After I got me something to eat I was buying the materials I missing for crafting the first step in creating my own Negation Wand.

Because there was still time I visited River Ardica and at the edge of the river I came across the old woman living in the swamp.

I helped her catching some frogs there and in return she showed me more about frogs at her hut.

When I wanted to return to the Academy there was a thick fog where I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face and so there was no thinking about going back to the Academy.

That’s why I haved to stay at the house of the old woman.


Sunday morning a light rain driven worms above the earth and so we picked some up and the old Lady thought me different things about them.

By early afternoon it was final time for me to go back as I didn't want to risk getting late to class Monday because I haved to stay for a other night in the swamp.

The rest of the day I then spend working on the homework and playing a bit my friends and Paradoxus.


Adventures mentioned: Chimney Crows First Adventure 01, Botany Extra Credit Adventure 01a-04

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Week 22


In Negation this Monday we learned the spell Unmask Spellcaster a spell that make the use of magic of the target more obvious.

Sad that Vettor is so difficult to observe or I would try this spell on him and wait for when a Professor send him to detention because of his bad water magic jokes.

After class I spotted a billboard Sign of the Schroeder-Gymnasium a rival Academy.

In the writing especial in the Vilocian part they taunt all Students of Academagia.

So I arranged a room where some of the other people who also read the sign and my clique could do some scheming against the Schroeder-Gymnasium.

Sadly Ana couldn't join us as she haved detention, she would have been a great help as she always come up with good ideas.

But Corradin's subtle but very efficient ideas to mess with them made me shiver. Intrigue 14

I'm really happy that he is with our clique and not against us and together with some ideas from me and some other students we got a brilliant plan.

When some older students stand up and apologized to us for their prank.


Tuesday we heard the tale of the cures of the phoenix.

It was a interesting story as it for show that its not such a great aim to live for ever.

But thinking about the ban of Mastery it also made me wonder if not some old Masters of this magic use it to swapping their mind and soul into the body of a young human to prolong their own live.

This kind of magic would also give them the advance in intrigues as they could escape the view of their enemy’s for some time.

At my today’s visit at the Mercenary House I meet 2 other 1st year students who also listen to the story’s there.

Especial the Legend of Golon was interesting to listen but in opposite to the last visits I didn't manage to learn some new trick or spell.


After Dialectic class Wednesday I got together with some others a invitation to the regular Debate Club Meetings but I doubt I will find the time for joining them.

In Arithmetic we learned the Ursula's Differentiator spell that make it easier to cast other spells within the next 2 days.

Searching for a specific book in a archive of historical records I found a old city plan of Mineta.

Having a look at this plan made me realise that the city back then looked different and some strange ends of streets today might actual because some of this old buildings still exist.

So I decided to have a look for a old smith building at a place where today a bakery is.

After some search I found the entrance to the half sunken building and even found that there are more buildings linked to it.

Its actual a whole underground city below today’s Mineta!

Soon I got lost in all this tunnels but before I haved to resort to magic to get me out of this mess I encountered one of the children living there who even was nice enough to bring me back to the surface.


In the lunch break this Thursday Emilia thought me the simply spell Adanella's Wardrobe that helps to be more aware of the current fashion.

Professor Valenta thought us in Arithmetic the spell Harmon's Plan.

This spell helps to get the timing right for any plots the caster might plan or execute.

After class was over I meet Oan once again even if she was in a hurry like usual she asked me if I heard about the missing Girl.

She also told me that there is a reward for who ever find her.

Given this info I looked at the Vernin Message board to see if there is a picture of her and yes it was.

Using the mental image of her together with her Name for a Astrology spell I ended at the entrance I left the undercity the day before.

There I meet the boy from yesterday again, telling him about the missing girl and the reward he promised that his gang will keep a eye open for her.

Because there was nothing more I could do I went back to the academy and spend the rest of the evening working on my homework and even some learning.


Friday In Geometry we learned the Law of the Circular and the Every Planet in its House spells.

Law of the Circular sounds like a easy Revision spell to temporary focus you knowledge on one skill while weaken others.

Every Planet in Its House is a Astrology spell that let you pick the right time to meet with someone other but it have the downside that someone other will like you less.

After class I visited the Mercenary Guild House and this time I managed to convince one of the Mercenary to share some spells with me.

So I learned the Angst Gehoren spell that messes up with the targets Elumina and Bassan language.

I also learned the Lucia's False Surrender what is a broken attack spell as it only works only around every 7. try.

After I left the Mercenary Guild I meet with the boy again and he told me that the missing girl is in grave danger.

He directed me to a location in the undercity where I could spot her in the net of a huge spider.

I used revision magic to free her and then a combination of Negation and Incantation magic to transport her back to the Academagia.

When I see him the next time I will give him a big part of the reward I got for bringing the girl back to Academagia.


The sky was clear enough Saturday that I visited the Hut in the swamp once again to learn more about animals.

This time we haved a bird and a fish where we haved a closer look at their inner working.

Because she didn't have the complete day for me she pointed me toward a book written in Merilen about worms.

When I was finished with this book she taught me the Bruised Joint spell before it was time to get back to the Academy.

The Bruised Joint spell sound like a spell that can used to mess up in a sport competition but one need a good knowledge in the human anatomy to get it off right.


Sunday I finally found a free Harpsichord where I could try the technique I saw professor Chastellain using a few weeks ago.

Sadly the time I haved wasn't enough to get my finger to get used to it so I have to try at a other time again.

For Lunch I visited the Debatters just to realise the Vettor was waiting there to use one of his water jokes on me.

But this time I was lucky because the Botany Professor intervented and requested us two to agree for a truce.

When Vettor mumbling accepted to no longer use me for his jokes I accepted this truce.

Afterwards I haved a good talk with this Professor especial about the care of the Schwarzbart weed.

In the Afternoon I then walked to the city to find the boy called Sweep again so I could share the reward for finding the girl with him.

When I nearly was about to give up he found me and I shared the reward pims with him.

This time he asked me for help because one of their friends have problems with a advocate.

From a short look at the document he gave me its about the bakery I walked past to find the entrance to the undercity a few days ago.

So I spend the complete rest of the day in the Library to get sense into the legal writing of this document.


Most of the Sententae I spend at the hut in the swamp.

This time we haved a look at a fish and a amphibian.

With all kind of different Animals now covered I'm even more puzzled what kind of animal Paradoxus is.

The beak like a bird, he loves to live in the water like a amphibian but also have common attributes of mammals

Maybe I should study next the birds at the Cobblestone Path.

Perhaps Paradoxus is a bird that just can't fly?

When I got back it was high time to get ready for the ball this evening.

At the ball I got the target of a prank as someone written in large magical letters that I'm a dream wizard.

Because I wasn't in the mood to investigate the culprit I simply negated the offending magic without making it to obvious that I casting a spell.


Adventures mentioned: Tale of Two Taunts finished, Chimney Crows First Adventure 02-05

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Week 23


For my Dialectic homework I even managed to get a point of Extra Credit this Monday.

Because the Avila Regent haved other things to do it was professor Ringraeyer who teached us in Astrology.

So we heared some story from the Diary of a Glamourist instead of learning something for Astrology.

It was still interesting for me as I try to learn Glamour outside of the class what is kind of difficult.

After homework and a bit time playing with my friends I still heaved to finish writing down a good translation of the document I got from Sweep.


Tuesday was just a other boring day in class.

Because I got bored to much of the normal class I decided to visit the glamour class of Prof Ringraeyer.

I managed to learn some new Pheme and a lot of theory I can put into use when I learn on this subject on my own again.

But best of all I managed to learn the difficult Disrupt Communication spell.

This spell increase the chance of miscommunication in the targeted group what can be a useful thing if we ever have a rival clique.

After the day in class I visited the Mercenary Guild House again and was lucky that again one of the people haved time to share some story’s.

From one of the mercenary’s I learned even the Basic Logistics spell what is helpful in managing the Logistics for both war and normal business.

When I left the Guild House Sweep already waited for me and I could tell him what I learned from the document he gave me.

I told him what I found out but also haved to agree that beside entering the legal way we haved to do more to help the woman from the bakery.

When I wanted to hand him the research paper I first picked something that looked like a how to make a longsword, something I don’t know how it got in my pocket.

But then I got the right paper and gave it to him and in return I even got a hand-draft map of the undercity beside the info where and when we meet next.


Professor Sido decided to show us two different locations trough Wednesdays Dialectic class.

First we visited the broken statue of Pal a Advisor to a emperor who haved very strange views about material possessions.

After some debate on Pal's strange views professor Sido also showed us the Bel Aize Tower named after the famous thinker Bel Aize.

As homework we then got to write down what it means that "water is wet" without using water or wet to explain it.

Because non of the homework was urgent I helped the Tonic Brewmaster at the Infirmary to get access to a big enough pot I could use for creating my holy wand.

When I finally got the time to work on my wand it was some easy use of easy Incantation magic and some menial crafting tasks.

Only the Ortography was tricky because I never learned how to use it and so I haved to prepare my self with a Revision of Skills for this.

I was very tired when I was finished but at last the Holly Wand is done and work as intended.

In the next days I then can have a look how to continue to craft the Negation wand.


Thursday in Dialectic professor Sido suddenly asked us what we think of the Gate Magic ban.

One Student mentioned that she think it is unfair as it actual means that the older mages who have learned it have a monopole on this magic.

I then added that even with the ban some people will try to learn it but without someone experienced watching over them the chance is even higher that something go horrible wrong.

Someone even mentioned that he think its a waste to ban a useful tool just because so fare we don’t understand it enough.

It was interesting to see that no one actual was for the ban, maybe we students of magic have a different view as even a simple water pheme can do horrible damage if used wrong.

After class I visited the Mercenary Guild House and this time I even managed to learn two new spells from them!

Arataxa's Serpentine March is a damaging spell for a 2nd or 3th year who have focused on Glamour magic.

Confusion in the Ranks is a spell that make a complete group disheartened for a week but is considered a spell for a 2nd year student of Glamour magic.

When I returned I still managed to do some of my homework.


Professor Monetario showed us some common methods to calculate the size of the world a popular pastime of mathematicians.

We also learned about the Spatial Sight spell that allows to better visualise distances what especial is useful for Astrology but also for archery and such.

After class I finally found the time to visit the Freak show I heard about 1 week ago.

It was kind of interesting but also disgusting how cruel people can be.

On my way out I got a flyer for "The House Made of Words" put into my hand where the guests can participate in a poetry brawl.

In the evening I finally managed to get this difficult Dialectic homework from Wednesday done.


Thanks to the bad wetter I visited the language lessons of professor Sido on Saturday.

This time he taught mostly about Elumian and also a bit of Oncestrian.

When I was about to leave because in the afternoon because the lesson was over the professor asked me to stay for a moment.

After the other Students left he then gave me some tips how to improve my Sleuthing even more.

In the evening I then managed to finish all the homework I got trough the last week and even found some time to play with my friends.


Sunday morning I haved a tour trough the Dimmae Theater and saw the different rooms including the Backstage and the Director's Booth.

Especial the backstage was interesting because there I heard that they always looking for helping hands there and in return the helper can learn a lot about Acting, Theatre and Carpentery.

In preparation for today evening I spend the afternoon casting some spells especial the Law of the Circular to improve my fighting ability’s.

Then in the evening I meet with some friends to explore a abounded temple under the city to acquire a specific item.

Everything works fine and we got the item but on the way out we encountered a giant rat.

Now I was happy to have my Sword of Kush with me and prepared for fighting ahead of time as in the small space we haved to manoeuvre casting would be much more difficult.

We managed to wound one foot of the beast so that the beast got slowed down enough and everyone managed to escape unhurt.


Adventures mentioned: Scenes from a Dialectic Class 08-09, Chimney Crows First Adventure finished, Botany Extra Credit Adventure finished

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Week 24


Monday I got even 3 extra Credit for the Dialectic homework because I delivered the best one about what it means that "water is wet".

Prof. Sido did give us again such a mind bending homework together with the promise that the best will get extra Credit but I think I pass on this.

In Astrology we learned about the Light of the Universe Spell a easy Incantation spell.

With only 2 Pheme this spell help for the next 3 days casting other spells and even lift the charm of the caster by some.

Beside playing a friendly game of gravityball I also heaved to prepare the special lecture for the next day in the evening.


At the Festival of Iasos I haved to lecture one Professor in the meaning of today’s holiday.

But someone must have messed with the book over night and so it displayed everything in the wrong order.

Good that I managed to learn different kinds of magic so fare and so it wasn't to difficult to it back to the right order.

But still I doubt becoming a Professor at Academagia would be my dream job, to many children who try to prank you.

For the rest of the morning hours I visited the Cobblestone Path to Nowhere watching some Birds and study the remaining structures of the Early Empier.

After lunch Ciniza managed in her matchless art to get Emilia and me to join her together with some older Students to do something about the bad finances of Avila.

The plan was to find a specific old Astrology book to help get back the glory of the past to the Astrology magic.

Our lead was that it might be in the Forest of Stars but to keep up with the older students I even haved to rent flying boots.

Because I managed to tear my robe on this trip and in the evening I haved to join the Social Graces lecture I haved to return before we found it.

Fixing the tear wasn't a problem for me as I got a lot of experience at the begin of this year at the Iudocia Temple.

Even if I can't stand this Social Graces lectures I slowly run out of good excuses to avoid it so this time I haved to appear.

From Ciniza I heard later at our dorm that their search was unsuccessful and so we need some new pointer where to look next.


During Tuesdays lunch-break I hear some other Students spread gossips about me using gate magic!

So I glare at them and told them that so fare I was facing Gate Magic user and ancient Gate Magic so why would I so stupid and cast this kind of magic my self full knowing of the consequences?

Given the ban I doubt there would be anyone so stupid using this kind of magic in a public place like Academagia unless their live depend on it.

After class I haved to attend afternoon tea with Professor Badcrumble because I was hanging around to much with older boys.

For dinner I visited the Debatters and couldn't avoid to become part in a conversation with professor von Rupprecht.

It was kind of nice to learn a practical application of the Picnic of Intrigue from said professor but still I can't stand him.

In the evening I then even haved to attend the Social Graces lecture so I didn't even found the time to do my homework!


Wednesday after a long, boring day at class I even haved to join this afternoon tea again.

This afternoon tea is at last better then having detention like Ana will have Friday.

Afterwards I visited the backstage of the Dimmae Theatre to help there.

Even with all the basic things to do like fixing a table with a broken leg, making a delivery to the handyman-shop and so it was more interesting as everything we did during the class.

Best of all one of the Actors showed me how to feign a emotion that it looks realistic.

When I finally was finished with all the tasks I was so drained that I direct walked to the dorm and got to sleep


In Astrology this Thursday I was one of the few who managed to learned how to make a Star Chart that help in much better predict Astrology results for around 1 week.

Sadly I didn't manage to cast Cast up on High the new spell we also learned because I failed in doing the flight Pheme correct.

This spell burn away the untruth according to professor Bedcrumble.

When I walked from Music to Arithmetic I spot a purple rodent blocking my path that have a poisons saliva.

Good thing I knew the current star chart from today’s Astrology and that the beasts poison is inert at today’s star constellation.

So I managed to put it back into its cage without fear of its poison.

After the afternoon tea with professor Badcrumble I was asked by the brother of Ciniza to help him again with the Astrology book we looked for as he have a new lead for a book that might give us the direction where we find the book we looking for.

So I haved help him to find this book in the Library, hopeful it is really a lead where to find the book.

In feign sick we got this book then out of the Forbidden Archives so he can study it undisturbed.


Friday we visited the Alcoh Library of Astrology and Astronomy in the city as part of our Astronomy class.

This library have even a larger collection of Sky Studies then our library’s at Academagia.

Enough is enough especial after we got a lead where we finally find the book, so I feign sick again to escape the afternoon tea and was able to join the expedition to the Forest of Stars.

So Elina, Ciniza, her brother and I visited the Forest of Stars once again but this time with the lead we got from the book.

There when we haved to fight some fire creatures but beside me no one was able to fight them direct with magic and so we split Elina and Ciniza run to the nearest water source while I fight them direct with ice incantation magic.

Till the other returned with their backpacks full of water the fight was already long over and we could collect the book.

Professor Badcrumble was happy that we managed to bring the book to her even if it turned out that it only haved weather predictions that ended about 30 years ago.

She put the book on display so that visitors can have a look at it for a small obolus while it is free for us students.

Still I doubt this will be enough to help the financial situation of our college.

But having to do homework there wasn't time to think about this for now.


Saturday morning I knew what I haved to do a press release for the Minetan broadsheets.

But this is easier said then done and so I haved once again I haved to use Revision of Skills to work in a field I actual have no practice.

When I was finally finished with it it was time to present my writing to professor Badcrumble at the afternoon tea.

After she was finished with the reading she was really happy at what I have written and even released me from my obligation to appearing at the afternoon tea.

Freed from this I enjoined some time at the Cobblestone Path to Nowhere.

This time I wasn't alone a Professor I didn't see so fare was also there and when I talked with him he even shared some knowledge with me.

He showed me how to call crows who then stay around for one day and even somehow make incantation magic easier.

But that’s not all, he also showed me the Spell Defense Against Time a Revision spell that extends the time perishable food or other items keep fresh.

This spell make me wonder if not a slight different version can also slow the ageing of a human!

From the summoned crows and all the birds I managed to touch the beak so fare I realised that the beak of Paradoxus is to different.

Paradoxus beak is leathery while birds beak are bony so no, Paradoxus is not a bird.


In the morning I was asked by our Regent if I would join her on a shopping trip and because I also need to get some things for class next week I agree.

The current fashion displayed at her favourite shop is for sure not my thing but I managed also to buy the things I needed for class.

Outside of the Academy her talk is really different from what I'm used to in Astrology, the social graces lecture or the afternoon tea so I even joined her for lunch at a tavern.

There she revealed me that I should be careful around Ciniza brother as he have "masculine feelings" for me but she told him that I'm much to young for this.

This made the rest of the lunch kind of awkward for me so I was happy when she told me that she have other things to do for the afternoon and after I thanked her for the time and meal we split.

In hope that I learn some things about Paradoxus I visited the Sphinx to ask her.

But after she mentioned that Pardoxus have many similarity with mammals the talk left the topic I hoped to talk about but still I learned a lot about mammals today.

The talk the did go over to the Duelling Guide of Hamslip Willow before we then talked about the History of Astronomy followed by some talk about the Early Empier.

Because I didn't manage to get the talk back to Paradoxus and it got late I returned to the Academy.

From Ana I then heard that she was summoned to the Praetexta Curt but apparently they let her stay at the college for now.

I really hope she manage to stay at the college as it would be sad to loose one of my best friends.


Adventures mentioned: Scenes from a Dialectic Class finished, Badcrumble Adventure finished


This week Angelik hit 15 in Astrology with only +2 from a item

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Week 25


Its already Aruit? How the time go past!


At Mondays lunch break Ana introduced us to the mysterious Sima of the Hedi College.

Sima asked if she could join our clique and because only Emilia wasn't so sure about this we welcomed her.

Because I agreed to help at the Backstage of the Dimmae Theater once again I couldn't join the first afternoon with the bigger clique.

At the backstage I mostly heaved to give a hand at the delivery jobs.

The most interesting was when I was send to get something from the shop of Madame Prinary a former actress with over 2000 performances.

From one of the Actors who play a poor Carpenter I learned the Carpenter Song because he sang it again and again.


Tuesdays morning before class I made a Astrology reading and from the result I got the feeling that today would be the right day to get the Materials for the Negation Wand.

So I went to the city after class when suddenly a stranger gave me the most expensive part that I need for the wand, a opal.

After I got the rest of the materials in the city I returned to the Academagia to ask the Enchant professor about a workstation where I can work on this.

My luck continued as a 3th year have detention under the professor right now and he ordered him to assist me with the wand as part of his detention.

Trough the work on this wand it turned out that the Professor was right to give me him as helping hand because some tasks where much more difficult then they sounded on the paper.

Especial the Ortography needed to be done at the end turned out to be a real hassle as I didn't prepare me for it like the last time.

Because the wand haved to rest for at last 1 day after the day we looked it away and agreed to meet again at the Festival of Durands Road.


In Geometry this Wednesday I finally got a better feeling for complex shapes that I almost could say I have gained a Mind for Angles.

After class I once again helped at the backstage of the Dimmae Theater, this time there was a dress rehearsal.

Because I was send to the Hawker's market to get something from there I only saw the end where the young hero defeated the Thief in a sword duel.

Trough this the actors managed to damage the coulisse and so we haved to fix it afterwards.

Even so I managed to get away early enough to get done with my homework.


Professor Briardi taught us Thursday the spell Prevent Hostility.

This spell give a high chance that the target will fail in any hostile actions for the next few hours.

Sadly the professor only handled this spell theoretical as the Rejection Pheme needed for this will taught in year 2.

Trough lunch Emilia asked me for help her to sneak out of the Academagia so she can buy something.

I just hope the Glamour magic we used together with some changes in her cloths to disguse her as simple vendor are enough for this task.

In Arithmetic we learned the Practical Balance spell what is a Astrology spell.

The caster of this spell have for 2 days a specific Engineering and Music skill improved as well as a better understanding in Logic.

After class Emilia asked me to get her some other materials she urgently need.

So I haved to persuade a other student who actual have access to them but with some smooth-talk I managed this.


Even before breakfast at the Festival of Durands Road I performed a Revision of Skills to be much better at Orthography.

After breakfast I then meet with the 3th year to finish the negation wand and it was a really difficult task but we actual did the Ortography without any mistake!

With the wand in the hand we then walked to the office of the Enchant professor so he could have a look at it.

After the professor inspected the wand he was happy with our work and lifted the detention from the 3th year while I got 10 Merrit points.

Even with a 3th year helping me this is the first wand I created from scratch and I'm really happy about managing this task.

Maybe I should consider to take the Enchant or Artifice class next year as the Professor suggested with my Arithmetic and Geometry education I think I probably have good basics for this.

After lunch we played some kind of hide and seek to celebrate the holiday but I apparently did hide me to god that after a felt eternity where I wasn't found I sneak over to the Coblestone Path of Nowhere.

At the Coblestone Path of Nowhere I didn't even try to hide any more instead I started to study the birds there once again.

Suddenly a Owl fly past me and dropped a scroll that nearly hit me on my head.

Turned out its a Certificate of Imperial Favor that allows access to all 3 areas of the Imperial Palace to the owner of this Document.

Because it didn't mention any special owner in this document I will keep it after all it looks like the owl have special delivered it to me.


Friday after class I haved detention with the Grammar professor and we where even bound together with chains!

If the chain weren’t bad enough it turned out that the kinsfolk of this professor from time to time use magic to make his live more interesting and dangerous.

Of all times they haved to do this exactly when I have detention with this professor?!

I don't want to write about all the dangers I haved to survive with professor Pluite but just so much the tormenting did go till early in the morning!

In the end there was not even someone around who could remove the chain from us and because it was secured against magic the only way to break it was brute force.

So I used a axe that we found in the Legates room to break it and to my surprise this freed us.

Finally I could go to my dorm to get some sleep.


Some knocking at the dorm room woke me up early Saturday morning after what feels only like minutes of sleep.

Turned out a young man somehow managed to get into our girl dorm!

He wanted to deliver a wand to someone called Gera I told him that in this girls dorm is no one of the name Gera but I will make sure it will be delivered!

So I gave him the 50 pim for this wand and bring it to the office of the Legate because I haved to talk with him about yesterdays detention.

Sadly only his assistant was there but he promised me to do the delivery and forward my complain about the craftsman getting into the girls-dorm in the early morning and the detention yesterday.

After I got me something to eat I did go back to the dorm but because the other girls where up there was no thinking about getting some more sleep.

I picked Parodxus up and walked outside to the Stables, maybe I could learn there more about my strange familiar.

To my luck the Zoology Professor was there right now educating two other students about Mammals.

I approached him anyway but before I could ask him something he told me to be silent.

He then told me something like:

"Listen I have to get into this two dunces how to handle their familiars right! But I don't mind if you follow us if you keep quite!"

So I followed them quietly In the hope that I could learn at last something about familiar handling.

Actual I managed to learn something the Professor called Improved Familiar Handling what is a great method how to teach a familiar.

In the afternoon I did my homework and after dinner I did go early to bed because I couldn't even think straight any more.


Sunday I decided to make a day focusing on my familiar.

So after breakfast I used Numerology to improve the bound between me any Paradoxus.

Despite calculating the familiar equation did hurt me from time to time I managed to get trough it and in the end it feels like my familiar and I got a lot closer.

In the afternoon I used this Improved Familiar Handling I just learned the day before.

Knowing that Pardoxus have some problems understanding humans I taught him some story’s in hope they also give him a better understanding of the different human character.

It took me longer then I thought it would do but at last toward the end my familiar show some understanding in what I tried to teach him.

He even showed some flattery afterwards even if it was not correct executed this might be a start.

After dinner I haved to go over all the homework I did the day before because I realised that I did many stupid mistakes there.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Emilia P 0-2, Crafting the Negation Wand finished


Thanks to the new wand she got to Negation 15 this week and Arithmetic also hit 14 this week so slowly she get ready for the exams :)

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Week 26


Monday I visited the Debatters to have some change in Lunch.

There I managed to watch 2 other Students who trained the glamour spell Exgarcot´s Extraordinary Gift.

As this spell was only put together with 2 Pheme that I already know I think I manage to do this spell as well.

From what I heard this spell should improve the casters skill in conversations and make it easier to become friends with others.

After class I was asked by my friends If I get with them to the Freak Show.

Even if my first visit wasn't really to my liking I agreed because I spend much to few time with my clique.

Once again there where people who did their best in tease and insult this poor "freaks" as if they don't have any feelings.


When I trained my familiar Tuesday at a walk I spotted a hidden wild Silphium Grove.

After I protected this rare plant with a small building from anything that could harm it I continued the education of Paradoxus.

He really start to show some understanding in the story’s I teach him and got even managed to give some distinctions in the different character of humans after study them for some time.


Wednesday after class I visited the Backstage of the Dimmae Theatre.

This time I actual managed to learn a lot there.

First of all the handyman of the Academagia was there and I managed to learn from him how to reconfigure items that are to large so that they can stored in a smaller format.

From a other Student I managed to learn the easy revision spell Clean Surface that increase the casters strength and the ability to do carpentry and engineering tasks.

But best of all I learned enough about acting by now that I can try to perform a scene.


When I visited the House Made of Words Thursday Phardoxus suddenly tried to attack one of the people who insult me not realising its just out of fun!

I was kind of happy that my previous training showed some effect but now I have to teach Paradoxus that there are other ways then attacking to handle such situations.

So I spend the remaining day to teach my familiar some basics in Diplomacy, the "game" of Politics and to accept and maybe even learn from people that have a different way of live.


Friday Professor Briardi asked me to meet her at her office after class.

There she gave me hints what to study to learn the Master's Dispel.

She mentioned that she only gave me this tip because she consider me as one of her best students of this year and she fear that I might need this knowledge before she usually would teach this.

This leaves me wondering if she know about something I dragged into in near future I don't have a clue about so fare.

After this I meet Oan again and this time she gave me some useful infos for clique wars.

She teach me the spell Scramble Words, how to get informations out of a target in a not so nice way and how to start a Brouhaha where the opponent clique do the first punch.

Sadly I didn't manage to understand the Malicious Pheme needed for this spell in the sort time we haved.

Scramble Words is a spell that mess up with the targets Research but on a good casting also with the Rhetoric,Dialectic and Elumian Language.

Ana was still in detention when I returned to the dorm to make my homework.


Saturday morning I refreshed the teaching I gave Paradoxus Thursday before visiting the House Made of Words in the afternoon.

It was really fun there and so I stayed till late evening.

Most interesting was to follow the storyteller battles of a young man because he managed to win them all.

At last it was till I saw him using magic on his next target for a one-upmanship.

I also learned some good sob story's I might use my self at some point.


To learn more about the spell this storyteller used at the House Made of Words I visited the library Sunday morning.

Good thing I knew all the Pheme already so I haved a good start where I haved to look for this spell.

I took some time till I got the right book where I could learn that this spell is called Raw Psyche.

Raw Psyche is a Glamour spell that give the target a large reduce in one skill of choice. So this person yesterday messed up with the storytelling of the other using this spell!

From this book I even managed to learn Blandishaw's Game what assist in performing pranks, realy bad kind of pranks.

After lunch I haved to gather some materials for next weeks class.

Later this day I even found some time to visit the House Made of Words again but this time it wasn't nearly as funny and interesting as the day before.


Adventures mentioned: Familiar Adventure Platypus 02a

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Week 27


Monday I visited the House Made of Words but it was even worse then Sunday.

Even with all the new insults, ways to tease and story’s I heard there it getting old.

So despite the entry fee I left early and joined some game my friends where playing.


In Dialectic Tuesday professor Pachait was replacement for professor Sido.

The Zoology professor even brought some animals with him.

I was fascinated by a gerbil with especial when it looked at me with its extreme sad eyes.

To lift its mood I used a spell that makes it happy and then it got back to turn its rounds in the wheel.

The professor applaud me how I handled this as this creature can induce depression in even the happiest of people.

I doubt I can look at a gerbil at the same way again.

After class I trained with Paradoxus again to become more Diplomatic and understand more about the human Politic.


Professor Valenta managed Wednesday that I final full understand what it means that brackets go first then point before line.

It still feel like I missing knowledge in the properties of Arithmetic but for most time my knowledge about the Theory make up for this.

Because it was raining I finally found the time to study more about Glamour magic and I found a really good spell book.

So I managed to learn the following easy glamour spells in just one evening.

Hyperbole, a spell that helps to find the right words to make a story even more interesting.

Aeger Adfectus, a spell that make its target much more courageous.

Silver Tongue, a spell that makes one to be better in Flattery an intuitive make use of this.


It was months ago when I last visited the Temple of Arcadius but Thursday I thought it would be the right place to teach Paradoxus something about music.

I complete forgot about the conflict between troubadours and minstrels but they didn't forget about it and it even get worse.

After I heard how the minstrels see the current conflict I felled that I have to show them that music is broad enough subject for both to exist.

When I spot a troubadour who tried to disguised him self as minstrel.

He was sitting sad at a place near a group of playing minstrels and so I got a idea.

After I lifted his mood I convinced him to perform a minstrel despite his education as troubadour.

He agreed to my plan and so we decided to give it a try at Saturday.


Friday I was called to the office of the Legate there I learned that I should lead some other 1st year in the search of a small group of pirates.

Because Ana no longer haved detention on Friday she was happy that she could join my team.

So we walked over to the forest and started our search there.

When I performed a short Astrology spell to find the pirates easyer I learned once again about the mistrust in this kind of magic from a Godina who was in my group.

Then one of the other students even suggested to split up what is a real bad idea in my opinion as I doubt we could handle the pirates if each search on it own.

So I told him stern if he question the Legate's decision because if he thought it would better that everyone search on their own he would send us out separate.

Beside its clearly also about our safety because as a group of first year we stand a chance if it comes to a battle.

Probably thanks to the Astrology spell we found after less then 1h traces that the pirates using the Old camp-side in the Imperial Reserve as their base.

Lucky there was no sight of the pirates so we could return unhindered and reported of our find to the Legate.

After the other where dismissed I was asked by the Legate if I already learned how to find my way just using the stars.

So fare I only learned a little about Navigation but that’s about it.

When I told him so he just suggested that I should pay more attention in the Astrology class about the stars usable for this before sending me also away.


The Morning hours of Saturday I spend improving the bound between Paradoxus and me.

It was kind of distracting to suddenly be affected by the feelings of Paradoxus but lucky it was just during the training and a few hours afterwards.

After lunch if visited the temple to meet with the troubadour and after we adjusted his clothes he now really look like a minstrel

A small glamour did then the rest.

His performance was absolute great but sadly most peasants just ignore him.

It even got worse when a troubadour realised that one of their own played there disguised as minstrel.

I only managed to stop a open fight between them but that was for sure not the outcome I hoped fore.

In the evening I then read up about what happened with Paradoxus and me.

Under the chapter Wizard and Familiar I found out what happened and how we can get to this state again.

Usual it have a duration of 3 days and give the Wizard a small boost in almost everything.

The downside is that because of the deep linking with the familiar where even the emotions are shared the wizard act strange to other humans especial friends.


Sunday after breakfast I packed something to eat and then visited the Forest of Broken Pines in hope to find Opinicus the Gryphon who saved my live some weeks ago.

Sadly I didn't find him or the others.

Having to be in a constant state of alert in fear some of the dark-hooded masked peoples or even the wyvern show up did no good thing to my nerves.

But on my way back I realised that my familiar learned some new things and maybe if we just go outside the Fences it might be danger enough to expand the bound between us.

Having enough excitement for some time I hit the books to calm down.

From the books I studied I managed to learn some new spells.

The Incantation Throw Lightning a easy combat spell.

Even with the few hundred Pheme I can do by now I still missing the right Pheme for Essence of Speed and The Familiar Gift.


Adventures mentioned: Troubadour Adventure 03-06, Student Adventure Orso 0 - 1

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Week 28


Monday in geometry I suddenly realised that I don't need to know more about the stars but instead just having to use some geometry mathematics to find my way home.

It still need a good knowledge of the stars and their position in the night sky at the location I want to get to, maybe even better a star-map.

I think that is what the Legate was talking about Friday.

After class I trained Pardoxus once again in Diplomacy, Politics and something I would call Worldiness.

Sadly I hit the spot where it becomes difficult to teach Paradoxus in this topic but I think he is even better in this by now then some of my friends.


Emilia asked me Tuesday to help her with some sick plants who are important to her.

To see what’s wrong with her plants we misused the school telescope.

There we spotted strange tiny, blue creatures with fluffy tails and stubby ears.

From a book about magical creatures we learned that it must be blue guinead rabbits but the size did not match.

So I used a spell to detect if magic is at work and true be told there is was some magic making them much smaller.

After I negated the magic that makes them so small the rabbits left the plant as it no longer looked interesting enough to them.

For the help Emilia gave me some charm potions, as if a payment would be necessary for helping a friend.


After class Wednesday I taught Pardoxus some things about music especial how to use his voice and some famous songs.

It was for sure more difficult to train his voice then it is for a human but maybe one day I manage that he can even form human words.


Thursday I didn't feel well and so I decided to search for the faith healer supposed to be in the city.

It didn't take long till I found him surrounded by many people.

Despite that I barley could speak I managed to raise awareness of one of the faith healer assistant.

The assistant then send me to collect some plants.

Good that Ana was with me as she know where she could get them.

While Ana was collecting the plants I helped Brisbane at his shop so I could pay for the healing.

In return for the money and plants I got a strange smelling amulet, that I should wear for the next weeks, from the faith healer..

Something was clearly off with this as the prayer this healer speak was simply to different from all the religious prayer and magic I know so fare!


In Negation this Friday we haved to read some pages I already knew because our professor haved to leave us alone.

So I read some other pages and managed to learn the Presidium ab Igne spell.

This spell help a bit with Negation magic but more important it increase the chance of success for fire magic by full 40% and this for 4 days.

Because my voice wasn't full recovered I used my violin after class to teach my familiar a bit more about music.

But soon I was surrounded by other students who want to listen my play and even Professor Sido stopped to listen.

So I continued with my performance despite I original just wanted to teach Paradoxus this song.

When I then ended my performance after some songs I even haved 50 Pim in the case of my violin.


Saturday morning I helped a bit at the stables at the Academagia.

There I learned a lot about the live rhythms of animals from doing this job and maybe even more interesting how to prowl like a predator.

After cleaned away the smell with a bath and having lunch I started to search for this faith healer again.

Soon I found him, again surrounded by many people seeking his aid.

Observing him it more and more became clear that he must using more conventional means of healing or some magic.

So I decided to follow him after he left his place in the evening.

When he finally was alone I closed up and confronted him with my observation.

Instead of deny my claims he told me that he used something he call Aromatherapy on me and that he is a learned physician.

The lie about faith healing just helps him pay his bills as many people wouldn't go to a physician.

So he actual told me in other words its more important for your purse what the people belife your doing and not so much what your actual doing.


Sunday I wanted to continue the training of Paradoxus in music.

So we visited the Arcadious Temple after breakfast because it is simply one of the best places to do so.

Sadly the conflict of the Troubadour and Ministrel showed new heights and they where about to open fight each other.

To stop their fight I think I hold my best speech ever and somehow I even managed that they did a music performance together!

I doubt I will ever see such a grandiose performance ever again especial because I doubt they will ever will do a performance together at last not in my lifetime.

After I got my familiar and me something for lunch I then started with the training of Paradoxus.

Sadly it looks like I waste my time in teaching him famous songs and how to get its voice more clear and audible but I don't give up this easy.

In the evening I then did the homework from almost a complete week.


At the Festival of Blooms I helped some upperclassman on doing a big delivery job and earned my 80 Pim because they shared the profit fair with me.

After Lunch I haved to go to the ceremony because I won one of the special honours but there was a roadblock and the Guards didn't want to let me trough.

They didn't really think the could hold a gravity ball player with a simply road block or did they?

So I grabbed Paradoxus and simply used the tricks I learned from this training to lift above them and go down fare enough away from them that they wouldn't follow.

When I returned to the academy in the evening I studied one of the armour put on display to learn how it was made till it was time to go to bed.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Emilia P 3-5, Faith Healer finished, Troubadour Adventure finished

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Week 29


A other month do go past and its already Veranix! So its only 3 months more till the summer holidays.


After class this Monday everyone of our clique meet in the Avila common room.

We had some talk about our Professor and the homework till Emilia got the topic to the plant I saved from this mini rabbit.

Sadly it didn't recover from them so fare and so everyone except Sima and me had "good" ideas what could be the reason.

So Sima and I felt left out in the talk between the Botany students and started to talk about glamour magic.

From the talk with Sima I think we are at about the same level but she having it as class while I learned it from different sources.

Sima then demonstrated the spell "Eyes Wide Open" she recently learned and because I didn't know it so fare she showed me how to cast it.

The interesting thing about this spell is that it improve all senses of the caster by a good amount if performed correct.

Suddenly the 3 other turned to me and asked if I couldn't do a spell to revitalise Emilia's plant.

They asked me because I'm the only one in our clique who can do incantation magic.

After some study I found a good spell I then used on her plant in hope it helps the plant to recover.


During the Arithmetic class Tuesday suddenly different sweets circled around my face.

Realising that its probably me who would become detention for this prank someone else is playing on me I send this sweets out of the window with a wind gust.

To break the control of the prankster on this sweets I even added two dispel Pheme to this spell.

After class I returned to teach my familiar.

First I thought about continue the music lessons but then decided to teach him some basics about Enchanting.

Maybe after 2-3 more lessons he even can of help if I work on a item.


When I trained Paradoxus in Enchanting the day before I realised that my understanding in how to get Palettes into items is lacking.

So I visited the library Wednesday and tried to learn as much about this as I could.

Sadly I haved problems finding the right books for this.

At last I found the time to do my homework because of the lack of success in finding the right books.


Thursday I continued to teach Paradoxus about enchanting.

To show him some different materials we visited the Grand Forge and from the people working there even I managed to learn some new things about Metallurgy

Even if my familiar never can cast a spell the knowledge about magic properties of items and materials is for sure helpful to him and also to me if he can assist me.


When Friday one student showed up in really bad cloths Professor Badcrumble decided that instead of Astrology she lecture us about proper clothing and the current court fashion.

She also told us how important the first impression is especial for the girls.

In the Music class we learned how important it is to speak clearly not only for singing but also for the spells we cast and even if we speak with others.

After class I visited the office of the Enchant professor to ask him from what sources I best learn about Palettes.

The Professor instantly recognised me again as the one who created the Negation Wand, maybe because I current use it as my main wand.

He took his time to test my knowledge in this topic and then gave me some basic lesson what the difference are between the Palettes we use to cast spells and the one we do into items.

When he finally let me go it was already late in the night.


Following the tips from professor Leith this Saturday I lend me two books from the library and learned at last in theory how to put a palette into a item.

When I was on the way to return the books before the dinner I meet the Legate and we haved a small chat about Enchanting.

Sadly what he told me was so fare above my head that it wasn't of any use to me right now.

After the dinner I visited the Enchant professor once again and told him that I managed to study some of the things he suggested I should learn.

He then once again lectured me about how to form the palettes right to get them into a item till late in the evening.


Sunday I then haved to do the things I learned about how to put a palette in a item the first time in practice.

I must have impressed the master smith so much with my work that I even got a Personal Station assigned at the Grand Forge.

At this personal station I'm even allowed to do commission work for the Academy and earn some money in return.

When I was finished with the test pieces I brought them over to the office of professor Leith so he could have a look at them.

He was really proud about my work and told me that he would happy if some of his regular students could already do this things.

For the evening I visited a Tavern with my friends to get my head filled with other things the Enchanting.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Emilia P 6

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Week 30


Trough Lunch break Monday I walked around outside when I spot a Acument plant’s trying to reach water with its roots but they where to short.

So I watered the plant and in thanks I got one of her seeds.

Maybe one of my friends who have Botany class might have some use for this?

After class I visited professor Leith at his office once again.

This time I learned more about the Theory of Enchantment but there was still some new interesting infos about how to use Palletes in enchanting.


After class on Thuesday Emilia asked me if I know a room where she could brew a potion.

At first I thought about the Closet Forge but someone other was using it already.

The places that I used to craft my Negation Wand where also no option so we looked at the nearly abounded halls of Academagia called The Hidden Hallways.

There we found a place she could brew her potion undisrupted.

When I was about to leave she told me that she would prefer if I stay in case some unexpected trouble come up.

So I got to watch her when she brew the potion.

Even if I didn't understand most of what she did I at last managed to pick up some Chemistry basics.

When she was finished I even got a new Charm Potion bottle from her.


Wednesday I finally learned from a other student where I can find the Room of Decrees that I'm allowed to use according to my Certificate of Imperial Favour.

During Lunch break as Reporter from the Mineta Times was snooping around and interviewing some older Students.

I learned that she is from the Mineta Times because one of the older Students "accidental" dropped the business card she handed him just a moment before.

From this business card I could also see that their editor always look for talented help.

After class I found the time to teach Pardoxus some more about Enchanting how I understand it so fare.

But I saved him from learning the difficult matter of bringing a Palette into a item so fare.


At the Festival of the Exile Paradoxus asked me if can't I teach him some more in Diplomacy today as he have to prevent a war between ducks and turtles in the afternoon.

Because teaching him enough would have taken to long I tried the spell Familiar Education to give him a temporary boost in his Diplomatic abilities in hope this will help him.

So I visited the city to do some shopping without my familiar.

Actual it was more a selling trip as many things I no longer need where stacked in my Wardrobe.

But I still managed to get some supplies and a new Balanced Wand I from now on will keep in my backpack as reserve.

With two more reserve wand I even could hide one at a place only I knew where it is.

Sadly I returned to late to get any flowers from the Academagia gardens and so I haved to join the Festival empty handed.

After the Festival was over I realised that Pardoxus have returned to my side and he was happy that he managed to bring peace to ducks and turtles.


There was a large fun ride build up by some older Vernins Students at the Academagia grounds this Thursday.

So couldn't wait till after class was over so I finally could get a ride on it.

It was clearly worth the 5 pims they asked per ride but when I wanted to get a other one the waiting time already got much to long as even the Professor wanted to take a ride.

So I continued to teach my familiar the basics of enchanting and by now I think he even learned enough to be of help if I want to enchant something.

Beside that I think our bond got even deeper trough this training session.


Friday I learned why Emilia think she need to use her Charm Potion every day.

She thinks she need them to even interact in a normal way with others.

I have my doubt on this, if I would replace her charm potions with water that have the same smell and texture as her potion she probably wouldn't even realise any difference.

So I manipulated her in a wager that when she manage to win in a Public Speaking contest without using her potion I will help her making new friends while if she lost it she have to clean up our dorm for the rest of this year.

This is actual just trick to get her away from this potion and when everything go right I already fulfilled my stake with this.

All help she maybe need for this is a boost of her confidence and this can be done without magic.

I entered her then right away in this contest so that she can't back out any more.


In the morning hours of this Saturday I taught my familiar even more about the materials useful for enchanting and some theory about enchanting.

After the training I visited the Tapestry Room in the Imperial Palace.

Especial one of the tapestry was interesting as it showed a Pheme I never saw so fare from the old elumian text embroidered I think its called burst.

This simple Pheme helps to better control the magical energies.

On my way back I got past a student who trained acrobatics so I watched her.

When she realised that she have a watcher she blushed a bit and then decided to teach me some basics in balancing.

In the evening Paradoxus returned with a book for me as gift!

Sadly it turned out to be a piece of junk but at last Paradoxus let me understand trough our bound that he paid for it.


Sunday Morning I once again visited the Tapestry Room in the Imperial Palace.

This time I did pick a other tapestry that tells some tale about the Harmonicus religion that existed even before the draconian leadership.

At last this is what a monk of the Saint Aedolo's Temple who visited this room also was telling me.

He also invited me over to their temple to serve the poor but I polite declined.

After the monk left I haved a other look at the tapestry and realised that in the centre of it is a Pheme is embroidered.

For now I will name it Harmonicus till I learn how we say to it at the Academy.

Then I walked over to the Tapestry that sowed maps and there was even one from the time when Durand the name patron of one of our Colleges walked the earth!

When I returned the Guard at the gate direct send me to the office of the Legate!

Kind of worried I entered the office of the Headmaster.

There he was sitting with a worried face.

He told me that I need me again for a search mission, this time to find a fugitive who is even a magician!

I got instructions that I should use my magic to search for a amulet that feels like a void.

Even more important I should try to recover the staff he is holding.

Using a combination of Negation and Astrology magic it took some time till I found this void.

Better yet when I arrived at the location I spot the staff but the magician was no where to see.

But when I sneaked closer I spot a non magical trap, good that I was careful.

When I was close enough I hurried over and grab the staff just to realise a other hand is holding it as well and it belongs to the searched fugitive.

He haved a good hiding place so I couldn't see him from the side I did approach him.

Suddenly the Legate appeared behind me and then a very even matched Duel between this two started.

Because they didn't use a duel circle I managed to sneak behind the fugitive and trip him.

That was enough to let the professor Orsi win this fight.

But then some Pixies started to swarm around the wand and triggered some reaction in it.

There was a loud sonic boom from the wand that drive nearby animals and this pest of Pixies away but it looks like the magic of this wand have released a epic storm.

So the Legate and I hurried to return to the Academagia together with our prisoner.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Emilia P 8, Familiar Adventure Platypus finished, Student Adventure Orso 2-3


Its Adventure time again :)

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Week 31


I couldn’t sleep well that night as the storm continues one with brutal force even Monday.

With the solid build and protective magic some of the buildings there was only some damaged by now especial the windows where damaged.

To get to the class we even have to use the hallways to go from building to building because it would be to dangerous to walk around outside.

Trough lunch break I meet Oan again who asked me if I already found out that familiars could perform magic thanks to the bound with the mage.

That’s for sure interesting as so fare I expected that familiars can't use magic on their own.

So I probably have to adjust what I teach Paradoxus and add some Magic education beside Enchanting to his knowledge.

We even didn't get any homework because everyone haved to help to keep our buildings intact after class.

I was amongst the people who haved to keep the forces outside with Negation till the broken windows where fixed with Revision magic.


Tuesday the storm still go on but despite this class continues.

After class I expected to help with my Negation magic on places that have broken but Instead I was summoned to the Legate.

He asked me to enchant something for him, good that I recently focused on learning this.

Even with the help of Paradoxus who arranged the Workstation for me it still took its time to enchant the cloak.

(Serious Paradoxus have the Arrange Workstation ability]

Late in the evening I was then finished with my work and it works perfect.

I brought it to the office of the legate, who wasn't there at this time, and then did go to bed.


The storm finally calmed down on the night to Wednesday.

Class did go on as if nothing had happened except we didn't get any homework once more.

During lunch time most of us where outside to see this new isle that appeared above Mineta with their own eyes.

After class most Students where send out to help at the city, some older Students did go on a special mission to the new Island with the Headmaster while my Clique got guard duty!

We haved to watch over the prisoner some already wanted abound the guard post but then Emilia found something she called explosive powder near the cell.

This was enough evidence to get everyone to agree to my shifts plan till our replacement arrives.

That I had my Wei-qi board with me was maybe also a reason that they stayed.

Sometimes late in the night we then where allowed to leave our post.


After the Negation class this Thursday I finally understand how I had to perform the Master Dispel professor Briardi told me about a few weeks ago.

The most amazing thing about this spell is that it even induct a reaction in the local ley lines according what I managed to read about this spell.

So fare I not even heard that there are such things as Ley Lines!

After class I haved guard duty again and when I as about to enter the room there was a explosion and when I recovered from my stun I only saw the fugitive running past me.

Together with the one who was on the watch so fare we followed him but he lost us soon.

The older Student managed to get us a hound we then set on the trail of the escaped prisoner.

We then found him again moving toward the Imperial Palace but as soon he spot us we suddenly where back at entrance to the Great Hall.

So we reported to the Legate who decided that it is fine for now if the fugitive mage hide there.


Friday after class I was asked to meet the Legate at his office.

There I learned that this former captive is actual a friend of the Headmaster and now in grave danger because pirates are looking for him.

Together with some older Students he gave me a chewing gum that freeze the time for all of us.

If I knew ahead of time what the effect of this bubblegum is I would at last tried to analyse its magic.

Under the effect of this Time-Freeze spell we moved to the Imperial Palace and there he send the other to spread out while I got the task to read a map.

Sadly I couldn't use this map probably because of a spell that don't work as intended thanks to the time freeze.

So I combined my knowledge of the Time Push spell with the Master Dispel I recently learned and used it to separate the map from its magic.

This probably have broken any magic effect this map might haved for ever but at last it is now usable for us.

Now I was able to lead the legate to the place where he expected his friend behind.

The Time-Freeze spell apparently ended on our way through the tunnels because the headmaster had to cast some spells on our way.

When the Legate was then united with his friend I was send back to the Academagia while this two fight the pirates together.


Saturday morning I thought Pardoxus some basics how to use a Pallete for enchanting.

It was difficult because instead trough spell casting he now learned the basics of Palletes trough enchanting and so from a different direction as I have learned it my self.

In preparation for the Fountain Days I was send to the city by our Regent to make some delivery tasks and to look where the Academagia Students still can help in the damaged city.

Walking along a street I suddenly was knocked out.

I then awakened again in a airship kidnapped by pirates natural the took everything away except for my cloths!

After a unpleasant visit with the captain I had to shovel coal into their engine.

Suddenly there where some explosions and from one of this explosions the metal door yield that have locking us in.

So I was free and together with a other child I left the engine room.

We found a dead Air Guard of Mineta but his dagger at last gave me a weapon and I also took the unsent letter he carried with him on me.

The boy that was with me lead me to the place where they stored my items and then to the captains quarter.

Thanks to some words he mumbled over and over again I managed to open it.

There I found some important looking papers and the boy got apparently some of his belongings.

On the way out our luck ended and I had to fight some of the pirates but now I had my wand back I managed to toast them with Lightnings.

Finally I got to the upper deck but apparently lost the other child at some point.

Then I spot the Legate who came to my rescue with some guards in a ornithopter.

I handed this important looking papers to the Legate and he smiled as apparently my capture was just to keep him busy to get other raids done.

But with the papers he now holding he managed to send the guards to at last some of them in time.

I was brought back to Mineta with the ornithopter.

There I then send the letter I found on the dead guard before returning to the Academagia.


The public speaking contest I entered Emilia for did take place this Sunday despite some of the city is still devastated from the storm.

I total have forgotten about this with everything happened in the last days.

Now is the contest in the afternoon and I have no plan how to help Emilia.

Maybe I could boost her courage with magic but how would this be any different then her potion?

The contest came and I still did have no plan how to help her.

At last she managed to prepared her self for the contest and after some encouraging words from me she entered the stage.

Her speak was really wonderful and so it was no wonder she won the contest.

Afterwards she was surrounded by other people who loved her speak so I can say this was a great success.

I even found some time to visit the Tapestry Room once again.

The monk from last Sunday was there again and gave me a translation of the Merilien Book of Devotions when he spotted me this time.

But what I found at one of the tapestries was even more fascinating.

There was the instruction how to cast a spell hidden within other pictures.

So I written the instructions down for this glamour called Weasel Words.

Sadly because of the unusual casting method I fear I won't be able to cast this spell despite knowing all pheme.

But if I ever manage to puzzle out how to cast this infiltration spell I'm sure it will help me with building up a good relationship with the professors.


Most of the Fountain Days get past in helping at the farms getting the harvest, what was left after the storm, in and to rebuild the city.

Still I found some times to train Paradoxus some more in the use of Palettes.

I think one more training session about how to use Palletes in enchantments and I can start show him how to work magic.

At one ranch I should help it turns out they have a complete different problem then to bring in the harvest.

The two owner of this ranch constant fighting with each other and now apparently their only hope left to save their farm is that their best winged horse manage win some upcoming race.

But if that’s not all they have no trainer and no jockey for the horse.

From the other people I helped to bring in the harvest afterwards I learned that the former trainer of this ranch retired.

So I talked with this former trainer and got his promise that if I manage that the two owner stop to fight each other he will return as trainer.


Adventures mentioned: Student Adventure Orso finished, Kidnapped finished, Adventure Emilia P finished, Horse Adventure 01-02

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Week 32


Monday after class I now had to end the fight between the siblings at the ranch.

To get this done I used one of Emilia's charm potions just to get me the necessary edge in talking with adults.

When I arrived at the ranch they where already at it again.

So I first had to calm them down before they where open for reason.

Good thing that I though Paradoxus a little about diplomacy as the bound with him now helped me to better resolve the dispute they have.

I even managed to bring this two to the point where they agreed to work together till after the tournament.

But most important that they stop to fight for this time!

Before I returned back to the Academagia I had a look at the horse and it turned out that it need new horseshoe.

I hope they have this fixed in the next days.


I joined a song contest Tuesday after class because Emilia thought it was unfair how I tricked her with public speaking contest.

To have a chance to win I sang a famous blade and played on my violin to this song.

In the end I got 35 pims for be the best in this competition.

No wonder there was no one better then me as I could easy earn more when playing on the streets with my Maestringer.


Wednesday I visited the ranch again and at last the horse did get new horseshoe and the trainer started with his work.

Slowly I have my doubts if we get the horse ready till the race as it still don't want to race and the two owner have problems keeping their promises.

But worst of all we still need a jokey and so I asked the owners and the trainer where I can start to find us one.

The trainer had me some good idea who I could ask.

It took me the rest of the time I could stay outside of the Academagia to convince the jokey and he was desperate enough to give it a try.


Some friends joined me when I visited the ranch again Thursday as they also wanted to see the winged horses.

They finally started to train serious still I wonder if 1 week of training will be enough.

Then it happened the jokey dropped from the horse and got hurt.

Good thing Emilia was with me as she had a potion ready in no time that helped the jokey.

Together with a small revision spell from me he was ready to get up on the horse in no time.

Hopeful nothing serious happens the next days as I have other things to do then look everyday after them.


Friday I had to hold a presentation in the Negation class when suddenly all my papers where moved around the class room from some wind gust.

Even with just the short break I needed to get them back to the desk and sorted had cost me some points.

After class I visited the Sphinx because I had the feeling my understanding of the Phemes is lacking.

To my shock one of the other visitors told me that the order of the Phemes is of no importance when casting a spell.

He even told me that this was made public by the Negation Professor of Academagia around 40 years ago.

I wonder why some of the professor then still insist on the exact follow up of the Pheme?

From a other talk I learned the natural scientific way to connect already known things with observations to learn new things.

The person who talked about this named it Thoughtful Study.


I visited Esteban Contu's School Saturday morning original planning to learn more about Pheme there but then I stumbled over a very interesting lesson!

One of their professor hold a lecture about Incantation Methods and used the Curse of Dreams spell to bring his point along.

Even if I couldn't full follow the lecture of the methods the spell was very interesting!

With just 2 Pheme let this spell the target see horrific visions what also make it blind for what happens in the world around it and stuns it!

Also the lecture leave me with a feeling that I'm better prepared no matter what the problem is.

The visit of the Sphinx afterwards was kind of a waste, sure I learned some new Pheme but can't say I gained a deeper insight about them from this.


Sunday I spend the complete day at the room of the Sphinx in hope to learn more about what pheme are.

From a other first year I heard that she think the Pheme just as the letter that form the words that are the spells.

This sounds familiar but don't this contradicts what I just learned Friday that the order of the Phemes is of no importance?

So I'm now even more confused about the Phemes then I was ever before.

But on good thing from this visit was that I learned the Glamour Game Face.

Like some other Glamour I learned so fare it have some unusual casting methods and with its 5 Phemes its sure one of the more complicated ones.

Its one of the more sinister buffing magic I know about but maybe I have some use for it in the future.


Adventures mentioned: Horse Adventure 03-06


freespace Angelik is for sure a rival when it comes to the tile Omni mage

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Week 33

When I get up Monday morning , splash, I got a water balloon right into the face from one of my dorm mates, what a great start in a new month.

Happy Balloon day is all she says about this when I was about to complain!

I then started to fill my balloons right away with incanted water while other have to walk outside to the fountain to do so.

When I had filled my balloons I saw that the other girls hesitant to go outside because the boys where waiting for them with already filled balloons.

So I tried to cover up for them but one girl against many boys stand no chance.

When my cloths where already drenching I used magic to send my remaining balloons over the boys and burst them over their heads.

It really have its advances when one know incantation because I even was one of the few who had dry cloths at the breakfast.

To avoid getting into a other balloon fight I visited the Sphinx again still in hope to gain a better understanding about Pheme.

But once again it feels like I wasted my time as no one was willing or able to tell me why one source say the order of Pheme is to be keep while a other source say the opposite.

I think for now I have to leave it at this and best follow the exact order of the Pheme I learned for the spells.


In Negation this Tuesday we had the Botany professor replacing our normal professor.

He thought us about a dangerous sentient plant called Plotter's Demise.

Realising that I neglect the training of Parodoxus for to long I did some training with him after the class.

I think it's probably the last time for this year where I focused on how to handling Palettes for enchanting.

The most interesting result from this training was that or bound did get deeper and I now can restore my body in a emergency trough this bound.


Wednesday before class professor Badcrumble suggested to me to visit the Planetarium at the Alcoh Library when I find the time.

But instead of be able to visit the library right after class I had to help Sima to identify a powerful magical stone.

At first I tried a Beginner's Delving just to realise that the item is protected against this spell.

So I had to search in the Library if I can find some infos about this crystal.

What I found was rather unsettling.

The stone is called Hrust-Pavilla Module and usually part of a set of different stones.

Because the stone wasn't part of a set for extended time it now leaking its magic uncontrolled!

That’s why I suggested Sima to give this stone to professor Briardi in hope she can contain the leaking magic.


Thursday after some consideration I started to teach Paradoxus the very basics of Revision.

It did cost a lot of time to learn him the first 5 Pheme so I hope Oan didn't make a bad joke on my cost when she told me that familiar can cast magic!

In the evening I had to support a stage a performance with some violin play.

When suddenly one of the actors forgets his lines!

Good I was close enough to him that I could feed him with his text from the book I have in front of me when I have to play what music.


The flying horse race was starting Friday late afternoon and so I walked after class along lake Ardica to get there.

Suddenly the water recede and I realised that the lake is about to release a giant tidal wave!

So I had to run for my live to get away from the lake!

Good that I was so observant so I just got a but wet.

If I started to run just a few seconds later I probably would be full hit by the wave.

After I dried my Cloths with incantation magic I continued my walk to the race.

When I arrived at the racing place I had to learn that the horse walked away and so haved to help searching for it.

It didn't take long to find it and so I brought it back just in time for the race.

At first it looked like we would be dead last but around the middle of the race our horse started to get faster and passes one horse after a other.

Short before the finish our horse was second short behind the first and in a dramatic final spurt we won the race!

I'm so happy for this family! Hopeful they now manage to keep their ranch going!


Saturday morning I visited the Planetarium at the Alcoh Library just to realise they actual looking for people to do the maintenance at this great piece of work.

So I got 65 pims for helping them maintaining this great clockwork and managed to see this Orrey that have every known star, comet and even some hidden objects.

I returned to the academy for lunch because I wanted to visit the tapestry room in the Imperial Palace in the afternoon.

When I just arrived at the college I meet professor Badcrumble who reminded me that the exams are next month and he expect a real good result from me in the astrology exam.

After lunch I visited the Tapestry Room as planed.

This time I managed to learn the Effervescence of Spirit spell.

Usually it just removes a bit stress but on a really good casting I can reduce the stress of the complete college even if I’m not full understand how this targeting works.

In the evening I thought Paradoxus the spell Material Shaping together with all the necessary Pheme.

It took till really late in the night for him to finally understood the spell.

Even if everything he can do so fare is very enchantment related I think he now will be a great help when working on any enchanting project.

He already could prepare the workstation for me and now he can prepare the materials for working thanks to the new spell he learned.


I visited the Orrey once again after breakfast this Sunday to earn me some Pims.

From some other person working there I learned that the Chasm Cave at the Castle-Downs have a constant magical liquid fire pit.

That sounds like a interesting place to set up a Workstation in the rare case I can't use my personal workstation in the Grand Forge.

After I got me something for lunch I visited the Sphinx in hope to learn some tips how to get even better for the exams.

There I learned that many students think that the study of the history helped them with their magic exams.

A other suggestion was to work on Concentration, Diction and Phemes, the skills that together called Enspell to get better at the spells of the common magic schools.

Someone told the story of Ardelra of the Nomads, Book two where the mage managed to make a Dragon retreat because she manage to speak clear and concentrate even direct facing a dragon.

After what I heard at the Emperor Sphinx Room I decided to train my Diction in the evening because I already spend a lot time learning to concentrate and learn about Phemes.

I didn't expect a result so fast but I think I got better from this casting some of the Glamour, Incantation, Revision and especial Negation spells.


Adventures mentioned Balloon Day - Year One finished, Student Adventure Sima 0, Horse Adventure finished


by now Angelik could also be a Vernin student because she reached Enchant 10 and Arithmetic is one of her class skills

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Week 34


Monday I had to visit to forest after class to search for some supplies.

I found one of the things I was searching for near some squirrels.

Because something didn't feel right about this squirrels I careful get closer.

When I saw their red eyes it got clear to me they are the extreme dangerous devourer squirrels!

So I backed of and used a spell to make me invisible to get the plant I need.

The rest of the foraging trip was uneventful.

When I came back I found note to meet the other of my clique and that I should make sure that Paradoxus don't follow me.

Wondering what they are up to I visited the room of the meeting.

I was the last of our clique and no familiar around, the other where already in a discussion about what to do for Diakopi.

Then I remember Diakopi is this week and is supposed the holiday of the familiars.

Good someone had thought about this because I probably would have forgotten it.

Corradin then had the idea that we could build the parade float for our 5 familiar.

We ended with the decision that everyone had to draw a design for this float and present it at tomorrows meeting.


During the class breaks Tuesday I then draw some float designs with stylized animals forming the float, a treefrog, a ferret, a iguana, a mole and a platypus.

After class there was enough time to teach my familiar some more things about revision before the meeting with my clique

This time he even managed to learn 8 Phemes beside the necessary theory and methods.

In the meeting we had a lot of sew-saw what idea we should follow but in the end a slight modified version of my best idea made it.

Because its my plan and I'm also the only one who have at last some experience at carpentry work the all look at me how to start with this.

So I had to delegate the tasks, Corradin had to get us a room to work and Emilia got responsible for getting us the needed materials.

Ana, Sima and I will form the float using revision magic.


Wednesday at the lunch break I asked Cordelia who have a reputation to be good with clockworks if she could help us with the mechanical parts of our float.

We soon had a agreement as all she asked in return was a song that would suit here own familiar, a spider that loves to climb around in dangerous places.

After class I finished all my homework and then started to write the song for Cordelia.

It took me till late in the night but I hope she and even more her familiar will love it.


At the lunch break Thursday I then learned from my friends that everything is ready so we could start building the float.

Cordelia was also happy with the song I created for her an so she was willing to help

Ana and Sima did work on the appearance of the float at the place Corradin got us.

While Cordelia and I did work on the mechanics of the chassis at our workstations in the Grand Forge.

Sadly I couldn't help for to long as Parodxus walked into the forge wondering what I doing there without him

So I had to leave the work on Cordelia while I taught my familiar more about Revision.


By Friday night we managed to finish the float and this even despite that some of our familiar tried to get a look at what we are doing that make their mage so exited.

The mechanics Cordelia build us where a really great work and thanks to the enchantment Cordelia, Corradin and I did the float could even move on its own.

Because most of the hull was formed using revision magic it will only hold a few days but that’s enough.

The underworks Coredlia and to some part I build can be used the next years again only the enchantment for the movement probably need to be refreshed.


At the Diakopi we finally could present our work to our familiars and Paradoxus let me clearly feel that he love it.

I think it was the same for the other members of our clique.

We joined the parade in our float and even we didn't win a price for it, it was a great experience.

After we stored our float away Pardoxus and I did go swimming as he loves the water quite happy getting away from the crowd gathered around Sima.

When I needed a break at the other side of the Ardica Lake I remembered that the festival at Frontino should be a great sight.

So I got my things over to this side and after I dried up we visited Frontino.

There where some carnival games, some booth with delicious looking foods and many houses with ridiculous decorations.

But it ended to be fun when I nearly was hit by a spell because two mage started a fight without using a duel circle.

By the time I managed to stop their fight they even damaged the fountain of this place so it sends the water the wrong way.

Even worse they try to blame the destroyed fountain on me with everyone could see that it was their fault but some other agree on putting the blame on me.

So I decided to look up in their library about the construction plans for this fountain and it took a good time till I found them.

The fix was then easy enough that even Paradoxus could have done it on its own from what I thought him so fare.

I then tried to investigate the issue between this two squabbler but found no real solution and so I used some glamour to at last get them to fix the rest of the damage they did.

At last in the evening Pardoxus and I then could enjoin the fireworks and the rest of the festival.


Saturday beside looking trough my old notes about things that most likely would be asked at the exams I also found the time to teach Paradoxus some basics about the revision spells.


After some learning Sunday I wanted to ask Sima something about Dialectic and so I visited the Hedi part of Academagia.

Asking a other student there where I could find here I got told just to find the largest croud of people as there she is.

So the crowd of people who wanted to fulfil every wish she have got even bigger after Diakopi?!

When I get closer I also started to feel the effect of some magic so that I used Negation to shield me from the influence.

I had to use some of my best glamour spells to trick the other students so she could leave the crowd behind.

She told me that she decided to finish the set of stones and now know where to find a other one of the set.

So we visit a wooded clearing with colourful flowers that where singing a soft song in the wind.

Together we apparently had to convince the guardian of the place to give us the earth stone.

Sima is using some kind of chant to get the awareness of the guardian while I sang some song that came into my mind.

Suddenly a female nymph appears and hand us the stone.

The rest of the day I continued to learn for the exams.


Adventures mentioned Frontino finished; Student Adventure Sima 1-2; Holiday [The Diakopi] became a adventure on its own :D

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Week 35


Monday when I just was finished with my homework Sima asked me to help her with the stones again.

This time we encountered a water nymph in a room that is freezing cold.

Our task was it to heat us up usual a easy revision or incantation task but with barely a feeling left in the fingers it became ratter difficult to perform the spell right.

Good for us two that I had enough training in the easy spells by now to get one off and that was good enough to earn us the water stone.


Sima needed my help again Tuesday to get the air stone.

She brought us to a huge white room with no window where we at first couldn't breath till the Guardian of Air appeared.

The guardian gave us a simple logic riddle I already heard about in the lectures of professor Sido.

As reward we got the next stone for the item Sima want to create.


When I meet Sima on Wednesday she her cloths where scorched and she have clear visible burns.

But instead of taking a day off to get her wounds mend she asked me to try my luck against the Guardian of Fire.

The orb was at the other side of a room filled with flames and I had to Negate the heat so I could move trough the room unharmed.

Even if the spell I put together was clearly above the level we talk about in the Negation class but my Negation magic focused items gave me the needed edge to get the spell of.

I still had to be careful about the flames but now I could get her the stone.


I was kind of confused when Sima wanted to get yet a other stone Thursday, didn't we get all Elemental stones by now?

But she also wanted to also add the power of the shadows to it.

Even if I doubt that's a good idea to add shadow to the set its her item and she is my friend after all so I help her.

This time she managed to do everything on her own but something did feel off.

From what I could tell the whole item got tainted and the taint did get over to Sima!

Apparently she have messed up something, poor girl.

I just hope a good night rest will get this off from her.


Friday Sima wasn't in class and so I looked for her and she was surrounded by shadows.

At last the item didn't feel dangerous any more, still I protected me against shadows before I took it.

I brought it outside but the sun was to clouded today so I added some magical light and it worked I think Sima missed this step in her plans.

After class I then brought the finished amulet to Sima and the bright light coming of from the Amulet saved her also from the shadows.

With everything happened to her especial in the last day Sima decided to give the Necklace to a collector of corrupted items.

Even with me thinking the item is now intact I'm still happy to never see it again and so I said nothing.


Over the Weekend I mostly learned for the exams.

Around Noon Sunday I walked around outside when I heard some student playing a really beautiful melody.

So I looked for the student and I wasn't the only watcher she got but instead of humans it was the animals of the forest that was listening to her.

There was even a Unicorn among the animals!

When she stopped with her play the unicorn and the animals got into hiding.

I told Katja that she had even a Unicorn watching her and found even prove of it, some unicorn hairs that I shared with her.


Adventures mentioned Student Adventure Sima finished


by Wednesday Angelik had Negation 18 with all her regular equiped items

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