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Week 36


Monday I did get my exam plans and the good thing is that I have one week more to learn then I expected.

In the evening I visited the observatory because its a clear night and I wanted to prepare for the Astrology exam.

Sadly the telescope was broken as I could see nothing trough it.

When I opened it there was a map hidden inside and that was what blocking the sight.

Putting the telescope together again was a lot more difficult then disassembly it so that I only had little time to study the night sky left on this day.


The was a unannounced Arithmetic quiz at Tuesday but suddenly someone released a smoke sulfur potion.

So the the class room got evacuated by the Professor and the class was over before the professor managed to clean the smoke out of the room.

It was again a clear night sky so I managed to check on the star positions the map I found Monday is showing.

I found the constellation but the location I'm looking at them was not right.

After some calculations I found the right place where I'm supposed to look into the night sky but it was to late to move there this night.


Wednesday we then had the Arithmetic quiz we should write the day before and I think I have everything right.

After class I walked over to the location I think I have to view into the night sky.

Good thing there still no clouds in the sky.

Turns out the right location was inside a cave where someone build a complex window in to allow the study of the night sky from within the cave.

Looking trough the window I realised that some pebbles are blocking the sight and so I had to remove them before I set up the telescope to have a look.

Sadly clouds started to blocked the sight when I was finished and so I sealed the cave with revision that I can look at it a other day.


It was raining the complete Thursday afternoon and evening so that it didn't make sense to return to the cave.

Instead I learned for the exams.


Friday the night sky was finally clear enough so that I could return to the cave.

Sadly the projection of the stars on the wall wasn't clear but I found a box of different lenses in a corner.

So I tried my luck and changed the lenses of the telescope till I got a clear projection.

But instead of stars It revealed the outlines of a secret door.

I didn't find a way to open this door and so I returned the telescope after put back the original lens and then returned to the dorm.


At the Pallae finally the rest of the items I have ordered nearly 2 weeks ago arrived.

Now I have a combination of items that give me a large boost in my Negation magic power.

But I didn't have much time to enjoy the new items as I had promised to help at the Pella Ardicus canals.

There I haved to help set up the countless candles on the water.

We where nearly finished when suddenly the direction of the water flow changes and so we had to rearrange everything.


Trough the holiday I remembered that I heard that the study of the past should help with the spell class exams.

So I got me a large book about the Rebel Queen that is the name giver of my college.

She did some really impressive and inspiring tasks because she refused to bow to the tyranny of the dragons.

There was even a letter hidden between the pages that was addressed to our Regent and explains a lot why the tower of the boys is in such a bad state.

Apparently many of the pledges Avila get are restricted that they can only be used for the girls.


Adventures mentioned School Adventure Avila 01-04

Second week I posted today. Btw Angelik now have Negation 21 and Negation Methods 18 thanks to the new items

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Week 37


Monday I extended my study of the past to the time called History of Magic.

There I found a interesting mention of a door that was opened by glow worms.

From what I remember the secret door in the cave might actual have such a opening mechanism.

So I collected some glow worms in hope I can use them to open the door.


Right after class this Tuesday I visited the cave and yes the glow worms activated the opening mechanic of the door.

In the room behind was only a single chest.

I careful inspected it for signs of a trap but instead of a trap I found a spell writen down on the chest.

Its the Lighten Load spell that’s written there and thanks to this Revision spell I managed to get this chest to my dorm.

Because I didn't have a key for the chest I looked in the library for a spell who can open normal locks and the Unlock Revision spell was just what I needed to get the chest open.

In the chest was a Master's Telescope that I now can use to study the sky for Astrology.


To get some break from learning Wednesday I skipped some stones across Ardica Lake.

Suddenly a women with green seaweed for hair raised from the water and started complaining that I hit her with my stone.

I tried to calm her with my best flattery but that wasn't enough for her and so she turned me into a penguin!

Sure I tried to counter the spell with Negation magic but all I managed is that I ended a bit larger then she expected but I still became a penguin!

Then there was a man who introduced him self as someone who is here to ensure the safety of the students.

He suggested that I bring over the wast the people on the other side just dropped into the lake so our groundskeepers can dispose it properly and I get the curse lifted.

Good thing Paradoxus helped me with this or I would have to spend the complete night doing this task.

After we brought the trash to our side the Lady of the lake transformed me back to my human shape and even gave me Revision Gloves as thank for the task I did for her.

I for sure will never make the mistake again and skip stones at this lake!


Thursday after class I trained with Paradoxus again Revision in thank for the help he gave me the night before.

Sadly I didn't manage to teach him the spell From Novice to Master as he didn't manage to understand the Expansion Pheme.

If I remember right I also needed a real good understanding of period of the Early Empire to get this Pheme to work.

So it's beyond the time I have left for this year to teach this to my familiar.


Friday and Saturday I then got back to learn more about the History of Magic.

I also managed to learn a Glamour spell called Root Cause.

This spell set the relationship between two people back to the point when they where strangers for nearly 2 week.

Sadly on must be much more powerful in Glamour Magic then the target to get the spell working.

Best of all I even think I got a better understanding in all legal pillars of magic from the story's I read about the masters of the past.


I know I should learn for the exams but I came across this great book about Glamour magic Sunday morning and so I read trough this.

From it I managed to learned the spell Stunning Transformation.

This spell make the target ugly for tree days.

In the afternoon I let my self talk into a treasure hunt and even if I regret it by now I can't back out because I accepted some ahead payment.

My first task was to figure out the map and because my skills where not up to it I had to visit a Cartographer.

But instead that I had to pay money for his service he asked me to organized his papers.

It took some time but I even got paid for the work I did and also got the deciphered map.

We agreed to meet next weekend again because next week I have 3 exam to write.


Adventures mentioned School Adventure Avila finished; Some Such Adventure finished; Sky Pirates 01-03

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Week 38


The final exam started Monday but of my clique only Sima had to write the Grammar exam.

All other had to sit in the classrooms and some how had to occupy one self.

I used the time to learn the more theoretic parts for the music exam.

After class I trained Pardoxus once again in Revision.

This time I managed to teach him the Calafon's Balancing of the Humours and Reviving Wellness spells.

Even if the Reviving Wellness is to difficult for him to cast right now he managed to understand this spell.


Tuesday I then had my first exam and because its just a Pass / No Pass I did take it easy.

For the practical part I performed two different melodies one on a lute together with the song and the other on a violin.

After I came across some older Students who probably wanted to use a clockwork gnome to fill the hallways with bubbles.

Because I didn't like this idea I messed up with their clockwork when they left it alone for some time.

So one can say I prank the prankster.

I just fear one of the group saw me near their gnome.


Emilia had to write the Calligraphy exam Wednesday.

While I spend the complete day to prepare my self for the Geometry exam.

When after some learning I still didn't feel ready for the exam I resorted to magic.

So I used the From Nothing Knowledge spell as base to give me a temporary boost in my ability to handle geometry.

Its probably not much but at last I was now confident enough that I will be able to give my best tomorrow.


Only Corradin of my clique didn't have to write the Geometry exam this Thursday.

After the exam I aimless walked the hallways to calm down.

In a dark corridor I then spotted a large, purple, thickly lacquered and glowing door.

Curious what's behind such a door I inspected it closer for how to open it.

Good thing my knowledge about enchantments didn't fail me and so I managed to open it with a revision spell.

In the small room behind I found Hant's Bracelet a treasure left by Imperial wizards for magicians of the future.

So I took it and after I my inspection and research made clear its this item I equip it to increase my strength.


Friday was the Negation exam and I think I got everything right there.

Ana and Corradin also had to take this exam.

I can't avoid the feeling that the prankster who I messed up a prank earlyer this week watch me.

So I decided to turn the table around and follow one of them to find out why they think I'm worth to be watched.

And I had luck he entered a unused classroom and after he left the room again I careful entered it.

At this place they collected a lot of papers of their pranks i.e. the building instructions of the clockwork gnome.

But to my shock there was also a name list with some names already crossed out where my name was also on it!

So I have to be extra careful for the remaining weeks.


Saturday was then Revision exam for Ana and Sima.

For me the treasure hunt started early in the morning.

We fly over to the island with a old not very trustworthy looking airship.

The ruins of a old strange looking castle dominate the island at last what we could see from this side.

When we where about to enter the still intact gate of the castle the ground was shaking and a giant stone golem is walking towards us.

The jewel in its head looked like its the focus for the magic that get this beast moving.

So I used Negation magic to be able to jump to its face and with my sword I managed to pull the jewel out of the stoneface.

The golem then collapsed as lifeless as stone usually should be.

When we finally found the treasure one of our team betrayed us.

Turns out we had a pirate in our middle who managed to get away with our treasure chests in her own airship.

We still got back home with our airship but we need a plan to get our treasure back.

So we spread the rumour about a wealthy but gullible merchant is about to dock at Mineta.


We had to wait till early morning on Sunday till the pirateship showed up.

But when it stops we rushed on the ship and because we had the larger group in man we managed to capture the ship.

To pay for the extra personal we needed to take the ship we now took the complete treasure from them.

We even talked about taking the ship from them but then decided against, I just hope this wont hurt us later.

My split of the remaining money was still 1500 pims.

After some early breakfast I returned to the school just at the time the gates opened for the morning.

When I was fit again in the afternoon I cast a From Nothing Knowledge to perform better in the Dialectic exam Monday.

The exam results for this week where also published by now.


Grammar: Sima scored 122 points what gives her 110 points for this year and a First Class Honors.

Music: Everyone got a pass but I was special mentioned because I was the best with 120 points.

Calligraphy: Emilia got 126 points what gives her 124,41 points for this year and the highest score for this year.

Geometry: With 140 points I got a score of 136 for this year what is the highest for this year.

Ana, Emila and Sima also got First Class Honors.

Negation: With 230 points and 228,7 for the complete year I was by fare the best of this year.

Ana only managed a Upper Second Class Honors with 123/122,49 and Corradin even got a Third Class Honors with 73/72,8

Revision: Ana with 124/121,6 and Sima with 122/120,2 both managed to get First Class Honors


Adventures mentioned School Sky Pirates finished; Bird Adventure 00-02

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Week 39


Monday was the Dialectic exam what Coradin and I had to take.

I think I was doing ok there but I probably will drop this topic next year in favour of a enchant or artifice class.

Even if I kind of like how professor Sido did his class Dialectic it self is simply to mind-bending.

To get my mind to something different I taught Pardoxus again in Revision.

Even if I don't like the Positive Alteration of Organic Matter spell I had to teach this spell to Paradoxus as it teach some important base concepts.

Our bond also got deeper once again and I can temporary lend some of my body attributes like strength or fitness to my familiar.


At the Theneia I spend some time to study the plants we growing here at Academagia.

Its got boring when the other of our clique talk about plants while Sima and I have next to no knowledge what they are talking about and so I had to learn at last a bit about this topic.

One of the older Students of the group who I messed up this clockwork gnome prank last week approached me direct so that I couldn't avoid her any more.

She told me that they actual only wanted to use this gnome to get in the office of a professor for a book about "The legend of the firebirds".

Beside she also mentioned that they are not angry at me as if I could believe that after they watched me.

But she got me curious about this firebirds.

I had to stop my search in the library without result because it was time for lunch.

After Lunch I then started to do a Star Chart because I still have the words of our Regent in my ears that she expected good grades from me in the exam.

I'm sure I didn't need this extra boost I would gain from doing such a up to date star chart but I wanted to show her that her words where not needed.


After the fare to easy Astrology exam Tuesday I visit the library again in search for some info about the firebirds.

This time I found some interesting legends and even the info about a ritual that can call a firebrid.

Because I had all necessary materials with me I performed the ritual but nothing happened when I finished.

At last this prankster clique watched me performing the ritual and saw that nothing happened so they will hopeful now leave me alone.


Wednesday was the History exam but non of my clique had history class.

I studied so much about history in the last weeks that it left me wondering how much I could have answered in this exam today.

Maybe I could have managed a Third Class Honors.

In the late afternoon I then visit the fields of Academagia again to learn more about plants.

Ana was even so nice to share some of her knowledge she had learned in the botany class.

Strangely I was accompanied by some birds all the time I was outside.

It got even more strange when I stopped a bully who thought Ana is a easy target.

The birds then suddenly started to attack the bully!


Sima had to write her Rhetoric exam Thursday.

In the afternoon Ana, Emilia and Coradin decided to refresh their knowledge of spells they learned in Botany.

I joined them in hope I could learn some of the easy spells they learned and true be told I managed to learn some of this spells from them.

When we get outside to test some of the spells there where again the many birds "watching" me.


Friday Coradin had the Enchant exam.

When I wanted to visit the fields of Academagia once again I spot this prankster clique apparently plotting something.

To learn what they are planing I sneaked closer but wasn't careful enough and they spot me.

So they surrounded me and it didn't look good for me.

To get some help from my friends I send a firesignal in the air but the fire was much more powerful and lasting then I had planed.

Actual something did form out of the fire and I didn't believe my eyes when a firebird was landing next to me.

This prankster then told me that after I messed with their gnome they thought that I would be able to summon a firebird and everything they did so fare with me was to see such a bird.

To their misfortune and my luck they couldn't touch the firebird but I could and so I had the flight of my live on the back of this bird.


I don’t envy the students who have to write a exam on Saturday when everyone else play around outside.

At last no one of my clique had Incantation and and so we could play a rimbal game in the morning.

I decided to have lunch at the city but short after I left the gate a drunkard stumble in my direction and press a paper in my hand before stagger away.

Confused I looked at the paper what only have number name combination written on it that looks like a address.

After lunch I then looked for this address but I couldn't find it, the number lower and higher where there but not this number.

When I then was leaning at a wall I stumbled inside because it turns out to be just a illusion.

Some ruffians who waiting there then forced me to help them with something and as reward I got a bracer that have anti gatemagic properties.

At some day my curiosity will be my dead.


Sunday I then spend the nearly the complete day learning for the Arithmetic exam as I suspect that beside the Dialectic this will the most difficult for me.

I only did break for a few hours to train Paradoxus in Revision and for the meals.


The exam results for this week:

Dialectic: With 124 in the final Exam I got 123,3 for the year and was again best of the class. Corradin only managed a Upper Second Class Honors with his 62/61,7 points.

Astrology: with 270 points I got a result of 253 for the complete year clearly ahead of every other student. That should prove that I didn't need any encouragement.

Ana also managed to get a First Class Honors with 82/79 while Emilia only got a Upper Second Class Honors with 65/62,8

History: No one of my clique had History

Rhetoric: Sima got a Lower Second Class Honors with 100/94

Enchant: Corradin got a First Class Honors with 80/77,2

Incantation: No one of my clique had Incantation


Adventures mentioned Bird Adventure finished; Lost Man's Way Adventure finished;

even without any items and without the +8 from the star chart Angelik still would get 140% in Astrology and would be best for this year

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Because I finished the gradebook before the last week I thought I make it public right now.

As base I used v14 of the Exel document from Freespace but there many changes.

dead link removed its now a ods created with LibreOffice

If you want to create a similar gradebook I suggest to grab it from here. (but best wait for v1.6)


Edit: Sadly Rapidshare is no more and with that the gradebook is also lost.

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