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Familiar Skill Cap


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I can't seem to improve Familiar skills above Bond+1. What's up with that?


I would love to improve my Familiar's skills early and harvest some Bond-boosts from the Adventures, or even just raise the Bonds out of order to snatch up specific Bond abilities, but none of this seems to be an option.

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That's actually correct- your Familiar only grows powerful as your Bond does.


It's irritating.


Imagine, for a moment, that you haven't been promoting your bond, because you're in Zoology and doing so without Improved Familiar Handling is a pain. You get to the point of having IFH. So you start training your Bond-0 familiar, and you decide you're going to do 4x Bond of Iron, then 4x Bond of Silver, then 4x Bond of Stars. It's clean, convenient, and totally focused on growing the Bond. If you don't know that you can 'waste' skill steps by unbalancing the bond, this is the natural thing to do. The result of these actions will be...


Bond 1. You'll get one of each Bond and the extra skill steps will vanish into the ether. Indeed, this is what happened to me the very first time I managed to get IFH. (Has it really been two years now?)


If you instead use staggered skill steps, you can get the Bond 4 you expect, but if you don't already know that you need to, it's not intuitive. Not to mention that if you mess up the staggering, you can destroy your count and start wasting skill steps accidentally.

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Oh, it's definitely not intuitive, but the idea is that Bond governs the power of your Familiar.


I think it's better presented in Y2, but the limitation (as far as I know) is still present.


I most want the Bond subskills to be uncapped. The rest of it makes more sense.

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