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I'm thinking about creating a familiar for Baruch. What do you feel would be a suitable might level for the familiar, and how should it be decided? What is Fishy's might? Sedala's is 20, but she's (one half of) a companion. What do you have in mind for Dirk's familiar, Schwarzbart? Baruch would obviously be able to forge a familiar bond with a fairly powerful creature in his specialty areas, but would he be able to find such a powerful creature willing to become his familiar?


Edit: Also, should familiars be designed as grogs or as companions?

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Dirks Familiar should be low might, maybe 5. But in general for Familiar it depend on how much Vis the mage want to spend and how high his highest Techniqe and Form is!

(See ArM5 104)

Sedala is the "Magical Mount" Virtue that have a limit of 25 Might

The High Spirit of Ramon is the "Magical Warder" Virtue



The Magical Animal Companion Flaw is 10-Size Might (thats together with that Ramon can not train Sedala was the reason she got Might 20)

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