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Baruch's familiar - anyone up for GMing?


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Here's Baruch's familiar, Kokko the thunderbird: http://www.learner.org/jnorth/images/graphics/d-e/eagle_Dnsville5-19-05.jpg


If it's OK with everyone, I'm going to introduce her briefly at the beginning of the next session, but not bring her into the game yet.


If anyone would be willing to GM a session where Baruch befriends her, or incorporate the befriending as a sideline of another story, that would be great. She has a major story flaw concerning a feud with a Gryphon that could be used if the GM so wishes - I can provide stats for an earlier-edition Gryphon. Notice also that Kokko can reinforce inclement weather, including some of Baruch's lesser weather spells (under level 20), but can't create weather phenomena on her own. She also cannot speak and is immune to weather. Schwarzbart's familiar comes first, though, so Kokko's adventure would probably no be in the immediate future.


Kokko the Thunderbird


Thunderbirds are described in mythologies of peoples American, Nordic, Arabic, and more. Thunderbirds' eyes and wits are thought to be sharp, their wings swift, and their talons deadly. They are sometimes also thought to be the foul, screeching harbingers of storms.


Thunderbirds are aerial predators of the magical world. They prey on small and mid-sized magical creatures of all kinds, from spirits to elementals to animals to humans. Their niche near the top of the magical food chain means, however, that thunderbirds also tend to be proud and solitary.


This particular thunderbird is at the Summer season of its life; she is still looking for a suitably magical and safe location to nest in. Her search has been complicated during the last few years by the emergence of hostile drakes that seek to turn her from hunter to quarry. To make matters worse, her pride recently enticed her to attack a full-grown Gryphon. The vengeful beast has since hounded her, using its powers to locate and attack her at the most inopportune moments. Although she has thus far managed to evade the beast, the situation is beginning to worry her.


Magic Might: 22 (Auram)


Characteristics: Int +2, Per +3, Pre ‑3, Com ‑3, Str ‑2, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik +7


Size: ‑2


Season: Summer


Age: ‑‑ (‑‑), Height: 99 cm, Weight: 15 kg, Gender: Female


Decrepitude: 0

Warping Score: 0 (0)

Confidence: 1 (3)




Magic Animal, Homing Instinct*, Second Sight*, Keen Vision (Sight: +3), Puissant Brawl, Greater Immunity (Weather), Lightning Reflexes (Initiative on Surprise Attack: +9), Great Quickness × 2, Improved Characteristics (×2), Unaffected by The Gift*



Magical Monster, Anchored to the Air [Penalty: ‑3], Proud, Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Gryphon)


Qualities and Inferiorities:

3x Greater Power (weather, spirit & teleport)

3x Personal Power (sight & movement)

Monstrous Appearance (electric coloration, monstrous claws)

Improved Attack × 1 (Large Talons: +2)

Improved Damage × 1 (Large Talons: +3)

Improved Defense × 1 (Large Talons: +2)

Improved Initiative × 1 (Large Talons: +3)

Improved Soak (Soak: +2)

3x Improved Powers

3x Minor Virtue (Homing Instinct, Second Sight, Unaffected by the Gift)


Personality Traits: Bird +3, Proud +3, Independent +3, Fierce +3, Dispassionate +3



Large Talons: Init: +10, Attack +18, Defense +20, Damage +5

Beak: Init: +7, Attack +10, Defense +14, Damage ‑2

Dodge: Init: +7, Attack ‑‑, Defense +14, Damage –


Soak: +3

Fatigue levels: OK, 0, ‑1, ‑3, ‑5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: ‑1 (1‑3), ‑3 (4‑6), ‑5 (7‑9), Incapacitated (10‑12), Dead (13+)



Athletics 5 (flying)

Stealth 1 (Sky)

Magic Lore 2 (Creatures)

Awareness 4 (Sky)

Finesse 3 (Teleporting)

Second Sight 3 (Invisible things)

Brawl 5+2 (Large Talons)

Hunt 5 (Magical quarry)

Area Lore: Area 1 (England)

Survival 1 (Orienteering)


Vis: Vis: 5 Pawns of Auram (feathers);




[Greater Powers x 3: Weather, spirit, teleport, eat = 150 levels, +10 mastery points]


Severe Weather

(ReAu 40) [Qik -4, cost 0 [used 4 mastery points levels to reduce cost by 4]]

When the thunderbird wills it, the weather in the locale intensifies. Breezes become winds, winds become gales, gales become hurricanes, and whirlwinds become tornadoes. A drizzle becomes rain, rain becomes a monsoon downpour, and a downpour becomes a flooding deluge. Clouds become thick, dark and imposing. A mist becomes a fog, and a fog becomes impenetrable pea soup. Lightning strikes become forked staccatos of lightning. And so on. This power can only reinforce weather phenomena by one step as indicated in the Creo Auram guidelines: a phenomenon that was originally a breeze cannot become a gale through the use of this power. The power will also strengthen any magically created inclement weather if the magnitude of the effect that caused the weather is less than the character’s Might / 5 (round up). The intensification lasts for a few minutes or until the original phenomenon subsides. It affects the weather within approximately 300 cubic meters.

[This power is an inverted version of Air for Flying on RoP:Magic p. 69]

(Base 10, +3 Sight, +1 Diameter, +2 Group)



(ReAn[Co] 40) [Qik-4, cost 3 [used 1 mastery point to reduce cost by 1]]

Transports either the thunderbird itself or someone it touches to any place within seven leagues. The bird must see the place or have a suitable Arcane Connection. If the bird fails an Intelligence + Finesse stress roll of 9+, the arrival goes slightly awry. The thunderbird uses this power to hunt: it appears right next to its quarry, flings a land-based quarry high up into the air, separates creatures from their flocks, or uses the flesh and blood of an escaped quarry to catch it.

(Base 30, +1 Touch +1 Corpus Requisite) [This effect is a modified version of Seven League Stride, Core 135]


Matter Over Mind

(MuMe[An] 45) [Qik-5, cost 0 [used 5 mastery points to reduce cost by 5]]

Forces a spirit to solidify into a lump of animal flesh. The size of the lump depends on the spirit’s might as per RoP:M p. 135. For example, a spirit of Might 1 becomes a lump of size -18 and a spirit of Might 15 a lump of size 0. Although the lump of flesh is incapable of movement and self-defense, the spirit may still use any powers it has.

(Base 25, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, cosmetic requisite)


Yummy Ent

(PeHe 5) [Qik-1, cost 1]

A non-living wooden object up to a pace across turns into dust that can be consumed by the thunderbird.

(Base 4, +1 Touch)


Salt of the Earth Elemental

(PeTe 5) [Qik-1, cost 1]

An object of stone or weaker material up to a pace across turns into dust that can be consumed by the thunderbird.

(Base 4, +1 Touch) [Modified from First of Shattering, Core 155]


Gather the Essence

(ReVi 15) [Qik-2, cost 2]

Concentrates the raw vis in an object into one part of that object, which can then be removed or consumed.

(Base 10, +1 Touch) [Modified from Gather the Essence of the Beast, Core p. 162)


[Personal Powers x 3: sight & speed 3x25=75 levels, +5 mastery points]


Spot the Magnificent Quarry

(InVi 15) [Qik-2, cost 0 [used 2 points to reduce cost by 2]]

Makes the thunderbird see vis as a bright violet sheen. This makes vis-bearing creatures easy to spot, but also makes it easy to tell which part of a creature’s body holds vis.

(Base 1, +2 Sun, +4 Vision)


True Sight of the Air

(InAu 15) [Qik-2, cost 2]

As the spell.

(Base 1, +2 Sun, +4 Vision)


Eyes of the Eagle

(InIm 25) [Qik-3, cost 2 [used 1 point to reduce cost by 1]]

As the spell.

(Base 3, +2 Sun, +4 Vision)


Wings of the Thunderbird

(MuAn 10) [Qik-1, cost 1 [used 1 point to reduce cost by 1]]

The thunderbird’s body is unnaturally smooth and frictionless. It flies and dives at double the speed usual for a creature of its size.

(Base 3, +2 Sun, +1 Constant)


Beware the Godlike Gadfly

(InVi 10) [Qik-1, cost 0 [used 1 point to reduce cost by 1]]]

Detects the Might of all magical creatures that the thunderbird can see and that have a might below that of the thunderbird's. The creatures blink briefly with an aura that ranges from bright blue (might 1-10) to bright violet (might 10-20) to bright red (might 20-30) to bright orange (might 30-40) to bright yellow (might 40-50) to bright white (might 50-60) to bright grey (might 60-70) to black (might 70+).

(Base 2, +4 Vision)

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Hmm where do it says that you need to add 1 magintude for constant? I just bought the powers at sun duration and brought them down to 0 might cost.

beside wouldn't it be bether to use Improved Powers for reducing the might cost of you greater Power?

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Schwarzbart: It's on RoP:M 36 in the text box:


A Greater, Lesser, or Personal Power
can be made constant, triggering automatically
at both sunset and sunrise and
continuing perpetually as long as the character
has a Might Score and the Might
Points needed to activate it. The effect
must be designed with Sun duration, and
costs an additional magnitude on top of


As for the greater power, I just had 25 levels left over and needed to spend them, but you're right of course. I'll think about it - If I can come up with a suitable effect for 25 levels, I'll add it and get improved powers.


Thanks for checking her out!

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Of course, having it constant doesn't really DO anything, since the creature could just activate it in the morning and evening. I guess it's mostly useful if the power is such that the creature might get killed if it gets turned off. I added it to the speed thing because I felt it would be silly for the bird to be shifting in and out of fast mode.

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Adrian and Schwarzbart: I'm going to have her tail us back to the covenant after the drake incident to see where Baruch goes (I'll do a little scene before we begin tomorrow so you'll see how that comes about). So she'll know about the covenant (and be able to find her way back there with the Homing supernatural virtue), and she'll know about Baruch's capabilities, having seen him in action. She won't be able or willing to enter yet, though, but this might help with setting up a quest later.

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