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Covenant Rang System


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As we have startet a discusion about the covenant Ranking system for Mages in the Vis Managemant theread I think we should focus this in one seperat thread.


My personal view is that we have the following ranks:


1 Vote 4 Vis / Y Junior Mages (are not allowed to have apprentice!)

2 Vote 6 Vis / Y Senior Mage (need to have done something that clearly helped the covenant)

2 Vote 8 Vis / Y Journeyman (maximum Rank the Covenant Leader can assign alone, need at last have writen some usefull books for the covenant archive, teached a new apprentice for the full 15 years or similiar after he became a Senior Mage)

3 Vote 10 Vis / Y Elder (A Covenant Archmage have to proporse the Journeyman for the promotion and then a majority voting at the yearly meeting decide)

3 Vote 12 Vis / Y Covenant Archmages (Need to have demostrated the magic capabilitys bevore the Pharao proprose someone for this rank and all Covenant Archmage have to accept him as theyr similiar, if just a single one vote against him then the Pharao can proprose him at earlyst in 20 years again)

5 Vote 16 Vis / Y Pharao (Covenant Leader for livetime)


If there are less then 2 Covenant Archmages the Pharao and the remaining Covenant Archmage(s) have to agree to the best suited candidate(s) for becomming a Covenant Archmage and proprose them this rank.

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Seems good. A few things:


1) I would prefer (for story reasons, mainly; I would like Octavianus to be a contender for Pharaohship) that the Pharaoh be an electoral position, to be selected from among the covenant archmagi. I think this would also go well with Antonius' personality in that it forces him to tread a bit more carefully with his authoritarian streak.


2) We will have to decide how this system interacts with the voting system. CJ proposed this in an email to me: "- - the model is a Council of Magi, with senior magi getting three votes, Junior magi one and Antonius 5. Baruch counts as a senior magus." Should it be that juniors get 1 vote; senior, journeyman, elders and covenant archmages get 3 votes, and the pharaoh gets 5? Or should it be more graded?


I think that whatever way we do the vote count, we should use the decision-making rules in the example on Covenants page 35: some issues decided by the pharao are decided on majority of magi (i.e. everyone has one vote), some issues on majority of votes (i.e. older magi have more votes as outlined above) and some issues can be passed if two magi support them. This makes for more political intrigue, as Antonius can give the juniors more political clout on issues if he wants.

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I think the Archmages should get 4 Votes and maybe Senior and Journeyman only 2 so its more gradual and prefent the Archmage to easy get many votes in pushing young mages to Journeyman in return of theyr promisse to vote for his agendas. Also the oldest should have the power to overvote the young one if they speak in one voice. (I added this suggestion to my first post)


My Idea was that there 5 ways to get the Pharao from the lead.

- He is dead

- He is missing for 2 following yearly meetings

- He is beaten in a duel with the goal to remove him from his position

- He step down on his own

- He is declared as enemy to the Order of Hermes in a tribunal

If he still lives he is either banished from the covenant or become a Elder depending on the decision of the majority of the Covenant Archmages.

The Covenant Archmages then have to elect one of theyr rank to be the next Pharao.


Point 3 is a extra reason why House Tremere is not welcome on the covenant ^^

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I've given this some thought. I would prefer that the grading of the votes be as you suggested, but such that archmagi get 3 votes and pharaoh 4 or 5. That gives the pcs a bit more clout, but the older ones can still override them together. This makes for more interesting politics because the players matter more.


I would also prefer that the elective possibility be added to the pharaoh - I think the other alternatives you listed are good, too, but an additional one would spice things up if antonius ever messes up or such.


Do the others have opinions either way?

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