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Minor, yet annoying bug


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When trespassing or skipping classes, sometimes I will be given detention for the same day as the one I earned it, and I'm not given the option of attending.


Which leads to this: (I don't understand how I could even get 4 reprimands with only 3 actions pr day)


Or even worse this:




It's a pretty sudden escalation from no trouble to deep troubles, so it's hard not to reload.

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The Reprimand system as a whole is improved in y2, and reporting is a lot clearer. It is possible to get more than 3 a day- a single Action may have multiple infractions, more than one Instructor may be involved. Worse, if they do not like you, they can make things more difficult for you, too.


Still, glad you pointed it out!

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Alright, thanks. I know you get progressively more likely to be reprimanded the more classes you skip, but does previous detentions caused by skipping or trespassing by themselves also increase future likelihood of reprimands?


I mean, does it make them target you more, because they've already done it previously?

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