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Barcelona Baruch talks with Yuval at Breakfast


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The Guards have send you all to your room short after they arived and request that should stay there for your own savety for now.

They also told you that you get the oportunity tomorrow to tell what you saw.


In the early morning Baruch wake up from the noice of hammer strokes.

Looking trough the window he see a blond man working at a forge together with a ~12 year old blackhaired girl.

A short while later someone knock on the door and when you openend 2 armed men wearing a redcap are there.

"Your Baruch?"

After you told them "Yes"

"Then we have to ask you to please follow us as you are invited to have breakfast with Yuval our Head-Redcap"

After puthing on your clothes you then followed this 2 Redcap.

Right out of your room you see bored guards standing in front of each of your rooms.

They lead you up to the 4. floor then trough a secret door that only can seen from the other side.

A stair is leading up and a other down after passing trough the secret door but you think to remember that the building only haved 4 floors when you entered yesterday.

Going down you can see the stairs you walked upwards from this side but you only was seeing solid stone walls when walking up.


Your walk ended in a large room with no windows who have a light bright as a clouded day at the top of the room.

The room have many paintings and a blackhaired man is mustering a picture of a pond with 2 swan swimming on it.

Without turning to you "A Great work of Art isn't it?"

The 2 other redcap silently take position left and right of the entrance inside of the room after they closed the door behind you.

He turns to you "Orginal I had a apointment now with one of our ship Captains but as you might know he can't show up any more!"

"We hope you like orange juice and galentas"

Pointing to a large wooden chair at the table where this is served, there is also a soft cushion on the chair.

He then sit down on the oposite side of the table and start to eat.

"To our regret the painitngs in the book are not finished and so you have to wait a vew days."

"This brings us to the other point. I doubt your Covenant haved something to do with this nasty buisness of the murder of a valuable member of our covenant and theft of covenant resources, but the evidence says otherewise!"

"Do you have anything to say in this regard?"

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Baruch looks puzzled. "Theft? I was not aware of any theft. This seems odd - according to my sodalis Aiden the spirit that left the room was insubstantial, and as such it is unlikely it could have stolen anything. What seems to be missing, if I may be as bold? In case me or any of my companions are suspect, I propose that your men search our premises - as we have not left your hospitality in the meantime, this should suffice to prove our innocence. If any doubt remains, we will also gladly subject to magical interrogation. This matter shall not be allowed to tarnish the good relations of our covenants."

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"Now to my infos we are missing a Telecope, the Captain Logbook, the Harborpapers and a large bag with coins."

"But whats this with the spirit? Its the first time I hear something about this!"

(Taitale didn't mention he put this things back and the coin bag is taken by Bashir)

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"Ah, your grogs must have forgotten to mention we returned the book and the telescope; we were merely investigating them to see if they could explain what happened. I cannot remember seeing any papers or money, however. Are you certain this is not a mistake? Perhaps Bashir or Taitale knows about them, they inspected the items more carefully than I. There was also an amulet of sorts there, which we also returned. "


(Taitale would have returned everything, but we ended the session when the guards arrived. I am not sure what the papers are, did bashir take them too? If not, we returned them.)

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The Guards have send you all to your room short after they arived and request that should stay there for your own savety for now.

They also told you that you get the oportunity tomorrow to tell what you saw.


Beside in the morning when you get out there was a guard in front of each room and the footprints of Aiden and Bashir gone.


Thats why Teltaile didn't get the oportunity to give this things back.


(I added this info also to the first post as I forgot to tell this, sorry)

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"I see. Well, Taitale will surely return everything upon request. As for the bear, you should discuss this with Aiden or Momo the cat. They reported seeing a spirit bear of some kind moving through the door of the captain's room. We never caught it, and it was invisible to me, although I did hear it roar."

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"Now it is still suspect that one of your covenant members walked in and out of the szene of the murder and no one beside 2 of your covenant folk have seen this BEAR spirit"

"Hmmmm ... How about we give you the allowance to invetigate this murder in our covenant?"

"If you manage to return everything that we are missing and capture this spirit so we can question it or find enouge evidence that lead to this murder then we provide you with 2 new charged iron items and we take over the responsibility of the first longvity ritual for Ramon even if he decided to settle down at your covenant."

(to my knowledge the covenant where a Redcap settle down is usualy responsible for the longvity ritual)

"The charged items have to be within the capabilitys of our Rustic and will be delivered by Ramon as soon they are finished."

"But in chase you dont manage to do so within the next days your covenant will cover up for the still missing items, the damage done to the room, the death fee for the captains familiy and the usual rate for killing a educated grog."

"I also look if one of our mages have time to assist you in this." (In case CJ want to play a new Mage from this covenant)

"How does this sound to you?"

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Baruch looks slightly apprehensive. "Ah, that is a most generous offer, and mutually beneficial, given that we are stuck here for the time being anyway. Very well. We will look into this, although I must warn you that we are no quaesitores. "

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"Good we then have a agreement, we hope the next time we see you will be when you found the cutthroath and not when we the next person is killed."

"On a second thought we will give one of our trusted guard to your side as she can see Spirits as well"

To the two redcap "Can one of you get Isabela?"

"Lets finish our breakfast, this delicous galentas shouldn't get wasted."

You hearing someone leaving the room.


--- the rest is then Saturday in IRC ---

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