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Time betwean adventures discusion


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As maybe everybody know I'm prefer longer jumps betwean each adventure and the more Strategic part of the game over the adventure part.

But it looks like the 1 year jump we haved was to much for the other players, especial Freespace have fallen behind a lot.

In my opinion the long jump we haved also didn't go along very well with what Wits have in plan with the covenantmeeting adventure.

My question now is what speed of our game should we have in your opinion as there different methodes Ars Magica can be played.

In my personal opinion we shouldn't have more then 1 maybe 2 Adventures per game year given that each adventure usualy takes us a vew weeks.

I also dont have a problem to have even longer jumps if we do a special playermeeting where we can handle aging rolls, discussion of the covenant plans and helping players who can't keep up.

(Maybe have this done as covenantmeeting where each player give voice to one of the elder mages beside his player mage)

But there is also the way that we just have adventures and ignore things like aging, labwork or bookreading.

There also some inbetweans like at last 1 adventure each saison or 2-3 adventures per year and so on.


Now I wonder whats your thoughts on this.

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I'm fine with doing 1-2 adventures per year. I'll try to spread my adventures a bit farther from each other in terms of in-game time.


I think we discussed that if someone wants to keep following the chargen rules for xp, then that's fine. That way if, say, Freespace wants to only update Gus yearly with the standard chargen XP, he can do that. We can still help where needed, of course.


In general, I don't think everyone has to play the same way with respect to the strategic portion - the ones that want to go more hardcore with that can do so, and those who don't like it that much can go with the light version. We should stil keep track of the strategic season activities for those who want to do it.


I personally think we should only play covenant council meetings as adventures rarely - it's not the kind of thing that you want to play the whole time, but might be refreshing every once in a while.

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