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Barcelona Shoping and some missing infos


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1) even after the sohn of Mr Latho put on the mask there was no effect. Later magical investigation turned out the complet black cloth never haved any magic on it.

2) The Shortbow also didn't have any magic on it.

3) The High Priest also Mentioned that one of the 2 escaped called "In the name of Apollo kill the Monk and then the Mage" but when the "Monk" sudenly lift of they started to run.


Everyone who was part of the adventure get 7 exp -1 per missed session but at last 5 exp.


Wits could also get "Collected Travel Logs of a Jewish Mercant 1172-1205" a Area Lore Europe Summa lvl 4 QL 10 in Latin for 1 pound silver if he want to. Its a Flap-bound book on paper. In Hebrew it would be lvl 4 QL 11 but not bonded right now for the same price (If you let it bind at our covenant it would be even QL 12).


Anyone else wanted to buy something in Barcelona?

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Missed some more things

1) Corbenik got called to Antonius and direct requested to hand over the Amulet.

2) Corbenik also got lectured "I dont know what happened and I actual dont care but on request of the Barcelona Covenant I should tell you that: As soon you leave the City of Ivory and Jade you no longer have the rights of a city guard and so you should act acordingly."

3) Bashir get lectured as well from Antonius "I'm not happy how bad you handled the things over at Barcelona! Sure the 2 tasks given to you where kind of sucessfull brought to a end but bether dont leave any traces next time! Yuval must haved a good day as you actual still have both your hands, he is usualy swift in let thiefing hands chop off. Still I can't save you from spending some time in our prisson this time as Corbenik know what you did! I hope the 3 Month you will spend there will teach you to think first bevore you act."

4) What are your pick in Charged items? As mentioned the 2 items have to be something a Blacksmith can do and for the Enchantments I will say if its possible or not. Freespace and Wits should make theyr suggestion as they where the only mages this time.

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The shape and material of the item have to be soemthing that a Blacksmith can do, so it have to be out of iron.

It has to do with the reason why Rustic can do charged items in days-weeks instead of a complet saison.

The enchantment should be best Terram or Ignem related.


He also mentioned that if you ever find iron that contain more then just a pawn vis they are willing to trade it for orther vis.

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Items Baruch requests from the covenant:


A light iron chain belt that casts Doublet of Impenetrable Silk on the clothes it touches.


An iron needle that, when placed on an arcane connection, points to the target for which this is an arcane connection.



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The Iron Needle is fixed on a small Hazzel bowl to put the Terram Aracane Connection in and have 7 charges (Base 2, Arcane Connection +4, Concentration +1 = 15 +5 Maintain Concentration = 20)

The Doublet of Impenetrable Silk Belt-buckle is a small Horseshoe where the necesary other iron parts are added so you just have to add the leather by a other craftsman to have a belt.

It sadly only have 3 Charges. (As mentioned it would be best if Terram or Ignem)


(You missed that the right Shape and Material Bonuses could easy add a extra charge. I.e a Armor that would improved its Armor rating from the spell would get a extra charge compared to the Horseshoe he now used.)


Ohh and both things are ready bevore you get home as the Iron needle take the Rustic Mage 1h and the Belt-buckle 45 Min. ^^ (Why your thinking they could offer this reward so easy)

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