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Name: Reinar Lato


The Lato Family was one of the first persons that was able to communicate with the new arived mages

what ended that they rose in power from a simply mercants to be placed in as town magistrates for the Hyperborean Quarter.

Beside the town magistrate function the head of this family is also usualy send to sell the goods the city provied to other citys because of theyr ability to talk with people of complet different languages.

This strang power comes from a relict, a embriodered blanket this family have in its possesion for ever but its actual a well keept secret and so fare the family is sure no one found out about this.


Age: 43 looks like 41

Born: 1174



Size 0

Int 1

Per 0

Pre +2

Com +2

Qick 0


Sta +1

Str -1



3 x Hyperborean Relict - Minor General [AnM 116] (Family Hertiage and secret)

3 Wealthy - Major General [ArM5]

1 Hyperborean Descent - Minor Supernatural [AnM 104]

1 Social Status Town Magistrate [C&G 29] (of the Hyperborean quarter)

1 Natural Leader [HoH:MC 37]



3 Pagan - Major Story

3 Low Self-Esteem - Major General [ArM5 55]

1 Incomprehensible - Minor General [ArM5 55]

1 Weakness (Pictures) - Minor Personality [ArM5 61]

1 (Vow of) Continence - Minor Personality [ArM5 52] (after he lost his beloved wive)


Ability 75+45

-Child (5)

75 Language Hyperborean - Hyperborean QUarter dialect 5

15 Charm - First Impressions 2

15 Folk Ken - Mercants 2

15 Language Latin 2

- 20/ year

60 (75) Language Latin - Administartion 5

30 Artes Liberales - Arithmetic 3

75 Civil and Canon Law - Trade Laws 5

75 Bargain - Agricultural products 5

75 Leadership - Hyperborean 5

30 Profession teamster - ox chart 3

30 Philosophiae - moral philosophy 3

75 Area Lore Europe - Tradingcenters 5

50 Intrigue - Alliances 4

30 Etiquette - City of Ivory and Jade 3

15 Carouse - Staying Sober 2

75 Concentration - shrug of damage 4

30 Awearness - alertness 3

05 Brawl - Dodge 1

30 Guile - Fast Talk 3

75 Finesse - boat 5



760 =38 years


The Relict:



A embriodered blanket with this powers:

lvl 35 Speak with any one human (Lvl 15 +3 Hearing +1 Sun) allow the pseudo body to speak and understand any language

lvl 45 Radiant Mantle of the Night-Wanderer (lvl 40 +1 Sun Personal) form a pseudo body right next to the "sleeping" target (per+Awearness vs 9 to discover that something is odd with the flesh)

8 Constant Trigger & 2x day

2 Penetration 4 for Speak with any one human


One need of Hyperborean Blood and a Apollo Worshiper to actual activate this powers and for ungifted the powers only activate when on lay down under this blanket.

A Ungiftet immediatly form the pseudo body next to the blanket and the ability to speak with others of different language is also linked to this.

When the Pseudo Body get wounded a Sta+Concentration roll with the recived damage+5 as target is needed to keep the body intact.

If this Concentration roll fails the body disolves and the spirit is send back to the normal body what needs time depnding on the distance and let the user disorentatet for a vew rounds.

A Gifted user in oposit have the full control of the special Speak power and this 2 powers:

Turn to Lofty Heights (AnM 112)

Radiant Mantle of the Night-Wanderer (AnM 112)


but there wasn't a gifted user for generations so this extra powers are just part of myths in the family.




Aging RollS:

1+4-2-2=1 (35)

1+4-2-2=1 (36)

8+4-2-2=8 (37)

3+4-2-2=3 (38)

7+4-2-2=7 (37/39)

7+4-2-2=7 (38/40)

8+5-2-2=9 (39/41)

8+5-2-2=9 (40/42)

2+5-2-2=3 (41/43)

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Name: Mark Tyberius

Age 26

Born: 1191


Married with a Swanmaiden and they have 3 cildren, 2 girls one boy at the age of 8(f),6(m) and 4(f).

His youngest girl is gifted and his sohn apearently have innertiated his fatheres large size as he is nearly the same size as his 2 year older sister.

As Cild he loved to explore the ruins of the city and so he probably know some secrets of this city and this is known to the others of his age.




0 Size +1

-1 Int -1

0 Per 0

3 Pre +2

0 Com 0

-1 Qick -1

0 DEX 0

3 Sta +2

3 Str +2



0 Peasant - Free Social [Core 47]

1 Large - Minor General [Core 44]

1 Affinity with Farming - Minor General [Core 40]

1 Control Grain Fertility - Minor Supernatural [HoH:S 105 limited version]


Flaw 3 Minor (no Story, max 1 Personality, no Hermetic)

1 Dutybound Live acording to the Ten Commandments as he knows them [Core 58]

1 Ability Block (Other Languages) - Minor General [Core 51]

1 Afflicted Tongue (Stutter) - Minor General [Core 51]


Abilities 45+300


00 Native Language 5 Latin

50 City of Ivory and Jade Area Lore (Ruined Buildings) 4

15 Brawl 2 (Fist)

70 (105) Craft Farming (Grain) 6

45 (50) Control Grain Fertility (Barley) 4

30 Animal Handling (Cow) 3

30 Teaching (His Cildren) 3

15 Athletics (Lifting) 2

45 Bargain (Food) 3

05 Folk Ken (peasants) 1

05 Carouse (Staying sober) 1

35 Profession Teamster (Ox cart) 3

15 Craft cook (bread) 2




Pietus +1

Hard Working +3

Sociable -1


Possible Adventure: A player looking for a Apprentice learn that the Farmer Mark Tyberius have a girl that probably have the gift.

He agree to give his doughter to him/her but beg the magus to search for his wive who is gone for 2-3 days now as he cant take care of his small childs and the fields.

Mark will tell about her human shape but leave out the part how he found her.

What he dont know is that his wive is actual is a swanmaiden instead he think she was a cursed human and the curse was broken when he married her.

Maybe the day bevore she vanished he have broken his promise to never talk about that she was a swan when he first saw her.


His youngest doughter probably have Strong Feary Blood - Major Supernatural and Control Fertility - Major Supernatural and so it will be difficult to open her Gift to the Hermetic arts.


Maybe the players encounter him bevore this already as a guide for a ruin or because they want to learn why his fields earn around 50% more then similiar others.

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Name Josephus Triceres

Age 40

Birth 1177


A clearly overwighted male with short red-brown hair and a pale skin.

He usualy have a 2 group class going, one for Latin and one for Artes Librales, each for 1 saison/year.

The requirment to enter this class is a basic undestanding (2) in Latin for the Language or both for Artes Librales.

Within this 2 years the class will be teached to a good understanding (4) in the topic teached.

(Yes this means the students need to spend some time outside the class to get the missing 1 exp per class within this 2 years)

There is also usualy 1 Saison per year he spend in teaching a private Student, a Language Group Class or writing a book.

!!! all 3 things are happening in the same 9 Month and the Summer saison he usualy have free.

His blood to Mercer is very thin and at last for 2 generations there where no Gifted child in his lineage.

Of the 4 child that he haved with his first wive only one girl survived and she is now at the age of 13.

When his wive got killed in a ancient around 3 years ago he took a new wive not even 6 Months after.

His new wive is over 8 years younger then him.

She born him a boy summer 1216, the boy is called Markus and showed the gift alread 1 year after his birth.



0 Size 0

3 Int 2

0 Per 0

0 Pre 0

6 Com +3

-1 Qick -1

0 DEX 0

0 Sta 0

-1 Str -1 Aging points 1



Good Teacher - Minor General [Core 43]

Clerk - Minor Social [Core 40] (maybe University Grammer Teacher works bether here but I dont have A&A)

Linguist - Minor General [HoH-TL 25]


Greedy - Minor Personality [Core 54]

Poor Eyesight - Minor General [Core 58] (shortsighted)

Obese - Minor General [Core 57]


Abilities 45+435 (5,15,30,50,75)


00 Native Language Bazaar-Tongue 5

60(75) Language Hyperborean 5

60(75) Language Angelic 5

60(75) Language Edenic 5

82(108) Language Latin 6


075 Artes Liberales (Grammar) 5

015 Charm (Jokes) 2

005 Etiquette (Court) 1

015 Folk Ken (clergy) 2

005 Leadership (Inspiration) 1

030 Philosphiae (Natural Philosophy) 3

058 Profession: Scribe (Translating) 4

105 Teaching (Languages) 6


Reputaions of him / his school

Great Teacher



Possible times he come into play

The player looking for a good Teacher, someone who copy some work for them or a translator.

1 Saison each year are usualy spend in privat teaching


Teaching Source Quality 3+6+3+5= 17 +(6 if 1 student/ 3 if 2 Student /0 if more +1 for Languages)

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