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(Dice game) The Wizzard and the Fool


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I have the feeling right now the mentioned games in academagia favor the very expensive ones and so I came up with a dice game that combine luck and strategie.

(I hope I didn't hit any existing copy or namerights)


There diverent versions of this game here just the 2 most popular, both played with 2 player.


The Tavern version:

Each player roll 5 dice in a dicecup and after look at theyr own they set theyr bet.

After the wager is on the table the dice are shown to the oponent bevore the dicecup is placed over them again.

Now each player pick one dice from theyr dicecup and when both are ready the dice is shown.

The highest dice wins except when a Wizzard, a 6, encounters a Fool, a 1, then the Fool wins.

If both have the same number its a draw.

After this is done with all 5 dice the player with more wins get the wager.


The Strategy version:

Each player have 6 dice and turn them so that they have all the numbers from 1 to 6.

Now the dice are hiden in the dicecup and each player decide what dice they place.

The rest of the rules are the same as in the tavern version.

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