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The last night of the Prom Concerts


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Hi all, I thought I would do a little comment concerning the 'Last Night of the Proms'. BBC usually hosts a series of good classical music; The Proms. Tonight is the last event of the season and as far as I can recall it has been more than worth the time to watch it! There is usually a bit of sing-along, good mood and fantastic music. To whet your appetite; look here - if it holds any interest then I'd recommend giving it a look.


To my knowledge you can watch it online if you are not able to take BBC... 4? (maybe) on your TV (or like me, haven't got a TV!). I assume that there will be a link to it on their front page once it starts (or gets closer to start!). A link can be found here - Since I am not living in the UK I assume everyone else can watch this too, which is just a kindness I would encourage people to accept :)



As for the time, it is 7.30 PM (19.30) UK time, meaning 6.30 PM GMT.




8.30 PM Central European Time

2.30 PM Eastern Daylight Time (That of New York)

3.30 AM (the morning of the 8th) China Standard Time


(As with all times given to you on the internet, you should do a quick check yourself if you don't want to miss it!)


You should be able to find it in their archives afterwards I should think.




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