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The only thing that maybe should adjusted is the number of item types you have!

I.e. make Mace, Hammer and Flail one item typ as I doubt that this will break Weapon Expert.

But beside this I more think Mechanics should be the guideline how powerfull the other Talents should be.

As I think Bardsong is around the same level as Mechanic.

Bardsong gives 2 d6 Boon in act 1, 5 d6 boon on act 2, ? d6 boon on act 3

Mechanic gives a maximum of 15? 1d4 boon

Bardsong have 4x game effect in Act I, 2x game effect in Act II and 3 game effect in Act III

Mechanic have 2x game effects in Act 1, 3x game effects in Act 2 and 2x game effects in Act 3


Edit: What hapen if I use a Boon dice, that result in a increase in Initative, right after getting damage from the Ini but bevore rolling for the action?

Do I still use the old tab or moved to the new Ini tab and then roll there for the action?

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Yeah, they were talking about reducing Types as a potential solution.


For Boon Dice, it depends on when you choose to roll it. If you roll the Boon dice before the beginning of the Round it affects Initiative immediately. Otherwise, it affects it for next Round (so, keep the old tab for the current Round.)

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There is only a Single Flail in the item list so even if it is not sorted to a other typ I don't think it should be a option for weapon expert.


Boots of the Elder Wolf gives as Effect +1 Any Untrained whats this? (I even looked at the place where you can gain it but nothing mentioned there also)

Then there some other effects in the item reference that I don't understand how they work:

+1d10 Leadership Untrained,

+1d10 Scrounging Bonus,

+d10 Pathfinding Untrained


I also have problems with the Perks and Structures Table even after looking at some Act II adventures and partieal looking trough Act III.


When do the Act II effects come into play and what effect do Action, Store and +1d10/1d20 have?

Also from what I saw in Act III so fare it might need to make more clear when the Baalghast, Orc War or Diplomacy Effects come into play.


Ohh and are armor parts, amulets ect. also just give options to chose from when they are equiped and have something writen in Attack, Defense, Maneuver or Gambit?

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Thanks! Actually, Flail is meant to go on that list- there is at least one other Flails not shown on the Items tab which will be in the final game. If you want to be really good at Flails, we probably shouldn't stop you. :)




Great questions!


'Untrained' is defined in Combat Effects, but it's easy to miss because it's not explained until the Boons section.


Any time you have a Skill Path, but you do not have the Skill, you can attempt it Untrained. You roll any number of Boon dice until you reach 10 or choose to stop, and if you make 10, you can use that Skill Path as though you had the Skill. Those Items give a bonus to make Untrained Skill checks.


So, for instance, if you had the +1 Any Untrained and the +1d10 Pathfinder, you would gain a bonus of 1d10+1 any time you wanted to try an Untrained Pathfinder check.


That's a great point about Perks & Structures: 'Action' is not used in this version of the Beta. Store indicates that you have unlocked a Store, and can purchase from it. The +1d10/1d20 is explained in the Rules, and is the amount of extra monthly income you gain if you send the Item to Seven Helms.

About Armor, etc., you are right- if you are wearing it, and they have something in Attack/Defense/Gambit/Maneuver, you may use it as Action during Combat as you wish. Essentially, it expands the choices available to you.



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I was wondering because Structures also give the +1d10/+1d20.

But thanks now I finaly can make a more educated pick of the 5 adventures I want to make.


Edit: Do I gues right that Merchant King Alliance unlook the Merchant Kings I shop and the Merchant King Support unlook Marchant Kings II?

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The problem is that the shops have different Names then the Perk and in the Adventure (WM7,WM12-14)its also not mentioned what Shop get unlocked.

So its something you have to fix for the next version.


For the Perk Robust Hold Supplies I suspect its Thaneshold Shipments II and for Hold Supplies its Thaneshold Shipments I but the relation is also no where mentioned.

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Act II Hub 1.0

it looks like 1x d6 Boon from bardsong is missing when you leave toward Act III

Thats why I suggest to do the following:


Act II Introduction

Add Rest

Add Bardsong Boon

Add Crossroads Hold Market & Basic Forge Shoping


Change Act II Hub

1. Taxation

2. Adventure

3. Storage & Bardsong Boon

4. Market

5. Build

6. Rest


other Suggestion:


Optional Extended Play


This works exact like the Act II Hub maybe without Secret of Crossroads Hold as this is lifted trough Act III if I remember right.

The links to this should be in the places that send to Final Duty 46 and require that the player is still owner of the Hold.

Final Duty 46 should become Final Duty Part III in this then


Edit: I think its bether to replace the vew D20 Rolls the game have with 2d10 to have 1 lesser die type.

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But in general I wonder if it is realy necesary to add D8 and D12 to the game if you only use them for boon die and hand this at 6 respective 4 places to the player.

Bether use D4,D6,D10+X or 2D4,2D6,2d10 for it and if you use 2d10 for d20 your sudenly are down to 3 dice typ what make it even possible to make pen dice tables into the book. So you can write that just a pen is needed to play if the Charsheet is also in the book. ;)

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Its just my thoughts to make it as book bether playable. Because doing this on the PC is one thing but actual having it as book is a complet different thing.


Have one of your team tryed how it works out with the handling of 6 dice on a E-book Reader/Tablet if you can't put the Reader away to simulate that you have to keep your finger at the page you have to go back after the combat? (Thats how I played the Lone Wolf books)


Even putting everything to a single PDF will already make the complet game much more complicated then what we have now as it is no longer so simple to go to the combat then the boon and at the end back to the point where you left the game for the combat.

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Suggestion for the release put the Boon Table, the Combat Table and the Combat order on the same doublepage for the book.

For the PDF release put everything into one PDF but also give the item table, the Combat/Boon page and the charsheet as seperate PDF for easyer handling with Devices that can have multiple PDF opened (like our PCs).

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