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Act 2, Hubs


You really should add an warning that there's always the risk that an adventure is not exactly rewarding and that the player should choose carefully. :unsure:


Some of the adventures also sound relatively less appealing at first sight compared to others (I haven't tried all of them yet, mind you. Just one.)


Act 2, Visiting the King, KSS2.11/ KSS2.12 / KSS2.15


Aside from Mechanic's Cage, you might consider, erm, adding a less-than-honorable way about poison. Not sure which talent does that fall into and your friends might be slightly miffed though.


Forging and Weapon Expertise should also helps a little - maybe you adjust the weapon into / find something more suitable for dragon slaying. Or in the case you are using a cage, helps knock out the dragon with a blunt weapon.


Pathfinders might enjoy a terrain advantage, a preemptive attack?


Scrounging - If you are killing the dragon, you should be able to harvest some scales or teeth.


Act 2,

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Act II Visiting the King, at all endings it should special mentioned to write down either Skali's Favor or Skali’s Displeasure depending on the result for Act III!

Death Devices DD21 still need the info somewhere (best in a other step) what the foxkin will trade for all the items the player have.


Could we get the 2 enchantments (Frigid Weaponmark & Sparking Weaponmark) we could gain for free trough Act I also added to Crossroads Hold Market or Basic Forge so they could be added to other weapons?

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Moral Actions can you make it clear if you just get the benefit of one of them or of all of the one you managed to claim for 1 Moral spend?


Also the Rules say the Perks and Structures only get in use in “the Path of the Chosen Foe”, “the Path of the Hidden Strength” or “the Path of the Great Expectation” Fights.

But the Perks and Structures have complet different names listed!




Dicemakers' Faction DG 32 the Leadership exit and a normal exit both direct go to 33 what is strange! It get even worse in this adventure because you don't whant to use the Dark Breaker talent at DG 34 because you would end with the Boar Totem, no one who haved a look at the perks & structures ever would whant because of its always claw effects.

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You only get to use one Morale Action per point of Morale, you choose the ones available.


Ah, Perks & Structures are named in their shorthand. Great catch!


The correlation is:


The Path of the Chosen Foe = Diplomacy

The Path of the Great Expectation = Orc War

The Path of the Hidden Strength = Baalghast


...that was my fault, sorry! :(


I'll send the Dicemaker's note on, thanks! The Boar Totem is pretty useful on Hidden Strength (where it gives Prevent (1): Always Claw is for Great Expectation and Chosen Foe.

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Sorry but I disagree with you here because give up your action for 1 Round of not having the 30% chance of geting claw is not that great especial if you can do 15 damage instead!

You get Dicemaker Guild Headquarters on the path where you could gain the Boar Totem who have 15 damage in the Baalghast tab but you also have -2 Morale right at the start of this fight from this adventure.

I would say the Boar Totem would need at last Prevent (3) for me to consider using it but given the 15 dmg from the HQ and the morale problem I doubt I even consider it then.


Edit: Some more Perks and Structures errors:


- Tauran Follower -1 Morale under Baalgash is not orange marked

- Morale +1 complet missing the orange markings

- Dicemaker Explusion should be Expulsion

- +1 Rondom Effect from Foxkin Guest need to decleared somwhere how it works

- Merchant King Alliance the +2 Enemy Skill under Diplomacy also need the orange marking


Edit2: Enchanted Edgework give add +1 Damage for Maneuver in Merchants but in Item it dont gives this bonus what is correct?

Tumbledown T13 Goblet should be bold as it is wort 5 gold acording to the item list.

Tumbledown T17 Elisavel's Letter have to special added in bold as it is a treasure worth 20 gold


Edit 3: Torchguard Sword have +10 Ancient Evil Bane in Gambit I suspect its 10 damage against special oponents but what oponents beside the Baalghast are affected?

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