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Questions on Bardsong, Healing, and money


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Hello Forum,


I'm really enjoying the beta so far, but had a few questions that haven't been answered yet...(May contain very mild spoilers up to leaving Thaneshold)







Bardsong: "Bardsong skilled Dwarves gain a d6 Boon at the end of each Adventure" What is considered the end of an adventure? Will the text indicate if you have bardsong that you gain a Boon, does it happen after a scene change (such as after you recover your papers), or is there another indicator.



Resting: The rules indicate you can get healed up to your current maximum defense at different stages in the story, such as after resting. Sleeping at the inn in Thaneshold did not mention regaining any amount of defense. Should I assume that any time the character rests that defense is recovered, or does healing only happen when mentioned explicitly. (In which case I would need to either stock up on healing items or learn to enjoy my upcoming impressive array of battle scars.)


Coins: The rules mention that you may carry a maximum of 100 coins. Several items on the merchant list cost more than 100 gold, Is it assumed that you'll need to trade in other items in addition to paying cash to get these items? (Or would it be safe to assume that you have your vault by this point?) Can you convert copper coins to silver and silver to gold in towns?


I apologize if these are likely to be answered soon in the text, but I don't like skipping ahead to find out, and I need to decide how to spend my hard earned coins.

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Its special Mentioned when you get the d6 Boon from the Bardsong.


Thaneshold is probably a bug that it is not mentioned that you full recover as well as at the start of Act II.


I personal complet ignore the coin limit as it dont make sense at all unless there is a special rule that you can store items and coins at your hold.

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Schwarzbart is correct about Bardsong- it will tell you when to get the d6 (whenever you return to the Act II Hub.)


The Thaneshold Inn is meant to give you back Defense- I'm not sure if it's to full, but I think it is. Otherwise, healing only occurs when explicitly mentioned, although please let us know if you see any other areas where you think it might occur, but it is not stated.


As Schwarzbart notes, you can store coins at the Hold, although I personally ignore the limit myself. It's just in place to add a little realism about what can easily be carried. ;)

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