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Act 3 Suggestions


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Btw I see now why you think Prevent(1) is good for a Perk as I haved maneuver and claw in my fight against Khavokh and then I decided to spend 1 Moral and nothing special happens for this round.

But still the Boar Totem removes every flexibility you have in Act III for just this what is not enough in my opinion (and as mentioned you could do 15 damage instead following this adventure to the end).

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The endings could use a little skill check too, if only just for kicks and make them a bit more different.


Monster Keepers - Releasing the monsters without Pathfinding might have less than desirable results in the years to come. Or maybe you might find a better place if you actually have Pathfinding.


Drinking Mans - I want to build a mechanical colossal beer dispenser fountain thing if we have Forging or Mechanics! That kind of things get you remembered.


Fortifier - It doesn't really matter for this stage, but having the game tell you that your Leadership helped you broke the record time in reconstruction might be fun.


Scholar Lords - I am a little bit disappointed we don't get some sort of secret lore, not sure what though.



Other Act 3 stuff:


I don't think you guys even used Dark-Breaker once despite the Baahlgast being vaguely elvish. At least the skill should warn you of the consequence of your choices on how to deal with it.

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Rite of the Champion


It feels a bit like railroading (with so much choices leading to it) and I can see people thinking of winning their favor this way before Rallying them only to find themselves locked in this path. Maybe allow you a second chance at Rallying them as you find this suspicious / deal with the orcs first?


Basically you can always jump to Rite of the Champion which locks you in the Hidden Strength path from Rally the Troops as Equals or Rally the Warholders but not the other way around which makes the railroading a little heavy-handed. I know RE8 eventually leads back to the Bad Death, but it still make it less meta-gamey.


Rally the Warholders


It feels really weird for the Warholders to pick RW5 and proceed to the Bad Death via RW6. I suggest that picking RW5 let you jump straight to RW8 as they feel more for you.

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Actually it might be my brain going numb for the second one. Just the grammar sounding a little weird to me because of mash-brains from school work.


But I would like to suggest a picture of the Harvester (Pg. 29) just to scare any arachnophobes. :P

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