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Opportunity costs


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Simulating this is fine, the thing is, the game makes it very clear that learning for an EXAM and learning for knowledge are two different things. The thing is, studying for passing the exam is ALSO done better by skipping class and reading this book, and this is actually extremely inaccurate. If you go to class you hear things like "skip chapter 2 and 3, they won't be on the exam, memory this chart, it isn't in the book, it will be on the exam".

Class attendance should be the best way to get "study for passing exam" points, but not the best way to get "practical magic skill".



Short answer: I didn't. I spent most of my time in college polishing up my gaming skillz. I was able to get a B average, and that's good enough. It's the degree that counts.


In Academagia and in IRL, just go often enough that you don't get kicked out, and you'll have the most fun/learning optimized.




In academagia, you get A+ if you skip class to study. You cannot possibly ever get more than a B or C if you actually attend class.


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i've always tried to live by the maxim that you get what you put in. if you put in a lot of effort you get back that much from the experience. i think that's why i feel like i learned a lot from my university and tried to go to every class.


that being said, the last time i played i skipped a class everyday but one day a week. i agree that it's more about the experience and more about feeling immersed but i always try to finish as many adventures successfully as i can. and, that requires a lot of skill building.


can't wait for the new dlc, legate!

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Summary: Go to school, get good grades, don't get into trouble. Get a good job. Unless ofcourse you don't need a job and already got plenty of money and an income.


Even with the problems I had with some of my teachers I have to admit it was educational in many ways.


I remember one time where I stayed after class to argue with the teacher because I thought he was very wrong, ended with a few very cuttered whiteboards until he said it was far too advanced.

My grades wern't bad but my teachers seemed to get very anoyed at me for taking learning and application of what we learn more seriously than grades.



And I'm looking forward to the next DLC and Academagia year 2!

The most valuable knowledge you bring from school is likely the ability to read/write and basic math.

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