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A few bugs in the database

Deirdre Skye

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I've been looking at the database through the mod tool, and noticed some errors.


Zoe's 'Study Feverishly' ability reduces playfulness by 2, not 1. (doesn't match description)

Zoe's 'Use Notes' clique ability has a 35% chance to increase a Study subject by 1, not 2.(doesn't match description)(making the ability quite useless, why not just study instead)

Zoe's 'Use Notes' clique ability also has no additional effects, which it does, according to the wiki. (The .amo does include DLCs, right?)

Study Habits grants knowledge of Cryptology at level 0, which I believe should be at level 6 instead. (It makes no sense for every student to have knowledge of it)

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Oh. I'm using 1.0.0.


Where do I get the modbase including all DLC's (So I don't report out of date bugs)

It would be nice if the links to all required files were present in the first post of the sticky of the mod forum, without a need to browse the thread for the latest release.


Even better would be a link to everything required, on the wiki or on the official web site.

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