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The effects of decreasing skills.

Deirdre Skye

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I've not tested this, but does the reduction of skills affect the benefits you received from those skills?


For example, should your study habits be reduced to 0, are you still able to take the Study action? (Which is unlocked at level 1)

It would make sense that such abilities cease to function. Your study habits have become so atrocious that you can't get yourself to study at all.


Naturally, Lore and other knowledge would not get unlearned, so just actions and abilities (and maybe phemes and spells) would be affected.


This makes detrimental abilities more powerful, and makes spells more important, to counteract such detrimental effects.


If not, Is such a thing implemented in Y2?

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It's been the case that you cannot lose a Level by decreasing a Skill. This was not originally intended, but ultimately enough Players felt that they didn't want to lose Levels due to minor losses from Events, and so on, that they never changed the behavior.


I don't think it changes in Y2, actually, although I'm not 100% sure ont hat.

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