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Hi, i'm new to the forums, and I have only recently discovered Black Chicken Studios. I would like to say that I VERY much enjoy Academagia, and it is currently one of my favourite games of all time. (I have yet to play other titles, but i have no doubt that they would be amazing.). I admit, I obtained your game through pirated means, but I had really low expectations at the time. I am so glad that your game blew my expectations to pieces, and turned out to be brilliant.


It might not be my place to suggest such a thing, but I would like to suggest a payment system, that is based entirely around completely supporting black chicken studios, where a re-occurring fee of $5 per month is paid forever(with the option to opt out after a year or so), in return for all your games available for download right here on this website, as they are released. This would mean $60 a year, and $5 a month would feel like nothing to most people, which would increase the chance of people not opting out. If such a system was available, I would gladly pay it forever(as long as BCS was still making games), in order to support talented developers who create such high quality niche and hard to find games that I enjoy. Thank you :)

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Thanks! We appreciate that thought. :)


We do have a PayPal donation button on the Academagia page, which some use on a recurring basis, but we don't have anything like a formal subscription plan. We probably will not do something like that, if only because our products are growing increasingly diverse (Holdfast, for instance, a physical book/App), but it's an interesting idea.


Still, we really appreciate the sentiment!

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