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Just an additional exit for "End Story 06 Possessions"


Probably should only be available if taken at least 3 classes on the pillars.



Persuasion. There is no best. There is only magic.





You answer confidently that all fields are worth studying.


"Come on," [Character]Character/Random (Default) asks. "Be serious!"


You say that you ARE serious. No one field is good at doing everything, and mages who specialize in only one field often have shortcomings. You say that you're interested in learning from all of the magic pillars, and maybe even becoming a pioneer in blending magic from them all; Creating spells that no wizard has been able to cast before!


"That certainly sounds... Interesting." [Character]Character/College/Selection of College/Avila/Random Character (Default) says.


"And crazy, but in a good way." [Character]Character/Random (Default) adds.

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Yeah. This answer can be a nice, polite way to infer you intend to learn some illegal stuff. Not that it should be a prerequisite or anything. I could easily see myself focusing only on the legal arts. the 2 skill levels I have in the illegal are merely so if I find it worthwhile to study them, I won't have to risk skulking about the forbidden libraries to unlock them in later years when the penalties are stiffer. :)

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