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Name : Infirmary Library


The Infirmary of Academagia have its own Library with many books about negation magic and how to brew Potions.

Because the people working at the Infirmary regular consult this library there is a 1 in 10 chance that you stand in the way and get a detention.

But if you manage to stay out of the way you can even learn about a sub skill of choice from this books beside of a random Negation and Brew sub skill.



+1 Random Negation

+1 Random Brew

+1 skill of choice


Possible Placement: Study Habits (7/9) o. Field Medicine (not sure)


Reason: I think we clearly miss a good way to study Negation magic so fare and given that Assistant Tonic Brew Master is placed at the Infirmary I thought the right place to add a new Library would be close to the Infirmary.

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Some people would quite like a chance to "play nurse" or learn the basic of medicine. It lacks the negation bump (as that would make it overpowered) but how about "volunteer at the infirmary" as a similar non-magical version?


+1 relationship with random student (favours/company for the bed-bound and broken)

+1 random brew skill (general dogsbody brewing assistance)

+1 random befriend skill (talking/etc with the bed-bound to distract them / learning bed-side manner)

+1 random from nat. phil. from anatomy/biology/chirurgery (learning about the body)

+1 stress (you always over-run, there's never enough time, they want to see dedication)

At most 1/3days


Is it OTT? I'd thought about +1 with a specific student instead and calling it "cheer up a friend at the infirmary" but it seemed over-powered, even though the skills aren't "top tier" (except possibly for befriend).

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From Academagia: Infirmary "The staff at the Academagia Infirmary aren't going to let first year students practice chirurgery, no matter how much they seem to love the saw"

Beside that I'm not sure if Anatomy would be thought at all because it is to dark grey "many cultures still prohibit the dissection of human".


Also we have the Gentle Doctor ability that let you already play Nurse.


Maybe we can add to Gentle Doctor

+1 Field Medicine

+1 relationship with random Student

to get something similar to what you want.

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Hmm, forgot that description in gentle doctor - I was figuring more a "watch the pro's and be ready with bandages, to hold stuff, etc" than actually "doing" - willing hands are always in short supply in hospitals from what I've seen.


Anatomy just "fit" as a 3rd random option for nat phil - field medicine would clearly be better as you suggest but I didn't know if it could be swapped for nat phil:anatomy.


Gentle Doctor is a money-maker - I was thinking of something more skills oriented like your library but with more "elbow grease" and less "wand waving" - but it would certainly make GD more useful towards the end game.



Hmm, I wonder what they do for wounded familiar's? Some RE's mention familiar's attacking each other, so they must get banged up as well.


I'm not sure of the name (it's early and I'm pre-caffeine) for the area, but:


+1 random zoology (anatomy of the injured)

+1 random skill for your familiar (playing with other animals while you work, maybe just from one of the patrol / explore / awareness-perception-observation trio)

+1 random brew / nat phil 3-some / negation - not sure what fits best.

-1 vitality (random bites and scratches) or -1 stress (awww, poor l'il fella, will he make it?)


how does that sound?

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Perhaps you best make your own thread as it is something complete different from what I was aiming for with the Infirmary Library.

For me it was important to get some place to learn Negation Magic to have full covered all basic magic with some acceptable way to learn them outside of class.

Sure for glamour you need to find the glamour class room via explore and for Astrology its just a 2 SS Library but for Negation I don't know any place so fare.

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Ok, sorry for missing the point.


If the aim is to train Negation, then that should presumably be a selected skill - not random? That sounds thematically ok as you'd just be reading a different section of the library/practising a different aspect of negation.


So possibly:

+1 selected Negation sub-skill

+1 random Negation sub-skill

+1 random brew / field medicine


And either CoD, stress to tone it down, or perhaps hinge the entire thing on a Negation check - on a pass you get the skill bumps, on a fail you get -1 to a random relationship (your victim), -10 CP (pyt to an upperclassman to fix it quick) , or stress?

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