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Any chance for a holiday sale?

Elegant Caveman

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I kind of feel bad asking for a sale, but the thing is that I've already purchased the game for full price on Impulse back in '11, when it was still owned by Stardock. I strongly dislike GameStop -- to the degree that when they bought out Impulse, I basically abandonned my account (the only thing in it I actually cared about/didn't have elsewhere was Academagia).


Ever since, I've hoped for a sale on GamersGate or, better yet, directly from Black Chicken Studios. Unfortunately, I haven't yet seen one (perhaps there haven't been any? perhaps I simply missed them?). I'd love to play again, but as much as I love supporting you guys, I'm not rich enough to feel comfortable paying full price for the game a second time.


My fault for trusting Impulse, I guess; I've learned my lesson, I'll be buying Year 2 directly from BCS.



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Twitter... huh. Really glad I asked, never would have thought to look there. I guess I need to start getting with the times.

There would have been a holiday sale even if I hadn't asked... right...? You didn't create a sale just for me... right? ;)

And thanks, glad to be back!

You're killing me (and many others) with the wait for Year 2... I do hope you realize that.

That's actually my roundabout way of saying thank you for Year 1. It's an amazing game, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.


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