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"Taken from the Vault" Appendix B


1) Only one item can improved or crafted at -946- per Market Shopping phase and only if the Market Shopping is not replaced by something different

2) Ruined items can be fixed using Re-Forging. Just repairing them is difficult 10 while the normal improving keeps 20.


"The Deep Markets" Appendix B


1) Each Trade mission allow one roll on Encounters in the Tunnels in Encounter of the Deep

2) To speed up Trade missions just roll 2d6 of different colour one positive the other negative instead of the Trade Goods modification. Then roll the d20 and add your Trade Goods mod.

The result of this 1d20+1d6-1d6 is then checked on 1 given at page 28 ignoring the other modification you would gain from the Trade Good you bought.

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