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error the 3th interlude


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I don't know what to do about it and I couldn't find anything anywhere. but this is what happend.


I have downloaded the new patch and everything. I replaced everything in the install folder with the contents.

When I start a new game it works fine, but when I select the third interlude mod and klick the ok button this is what happens.


the loading balk appears but it isn't filling as to say it is loading. before it starts even loading an system error ocurred message apears. twice and then it crashes.


as extra explaination. if i start a game first whitout mod and later go back to mod select the message apears only once. I can play on with creating my caracter till the point i decided to go back. at that point the message apears again and the game crashes.


i tried running it in administrator. reinstalling it again. restarting computer before and after hand. and i have no idea what to do.


I hope this is clear enough and i would really appreciate all your help. thanks in advance :)

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The first thing to do is check your cache- navigate to C:\ProgramData\Academagia and delete the cache folder you find there. Note that ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may need to turn options on in order to view it.


Otherwise, if you are running it as Administrator, that should solve most of these kinds of issues. It is possible that the mod itself may have been corrupted, in which case you might want to download it again, after deleting the files it replaces.


Let us know, and hope you enjoy the game soon!

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thank you so very much. it worked :D


some compliments for you and this forum. this forum is the most usefull forum I have ever been at in my life. the anwsers are quick and accurate. and you guys are freindly.


can't wait to hear more of you and the game :lol:


thanks again

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