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How do I cast spells on my Familiar?


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I want my snake to be strong and fitt so I can bond her/him to me efficently, Is there any way I can cast a spell on her/him with the phemes I need?


Edit: I Just discoverd "the Familiars's Gift" on the Wiki, I guess that answers my question.


Edit the second: But now I can't find the familiar pheme, where are you.

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Welcome to the forums! (Or the posting part at least :P )


I can't say I know where to find the Familiar pheme, though it is a *very* long time since I did a play where the familiar... evolvement? was the main focus and I don't think I ever noticed this spell (It was likely added later)

I can't say if it works as you might expect either, that the target is actually your familiar or not, but if you find out then please feel free to post it, I would certainly like to know.



That said we might need someone who's been more on the ball than I to answer your question! (*nudge nudge*)


(I'll try looking for it tomorrow if we don't get a reply. I only just reinstalled the game a few days ago and there are a few things I just remembered that I never finished - like the portrait list for one... but hopefully someone more knowledgeable will give a hint ^^)



I looked it up, and it seems that the 'Familiar' pheme is an 'uncommon' pheme. I seem to recall there are ways to get a random uncommon pheme somehwere - though granted, the chances of getting the right one are next to nothing.

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The Familiar's Gift Spell does exactly what it says: temporarily raises your Familiar's attributes. The Familiar Pheme increases (as in temporarily) your familiar's Awareness and... Courage I think. I already had the pheme when I was leveling up Field Medicine to get the Blood and Empower phemes so I have no idea how I got it. I'm looking through my history right now to see if I can find details... (Edit: I'm 3/4 through the game but I got the pheme before I got the spell so it was probably half a game ago, not gonna find it)


The Familiar's Gift is handy when you're trying to raise the Bond and your familiar has Intelligence, Luck, or Fitness at 1. It's a little less handy at level 6 as it still takes 2-3 steps with the spell. At level 8 you can use Lend Fitness (Iron), Lend Intelligence (Silver), or Lend Luck (Stars) and it will only take 1 Skill Steps to level up (so 2 SSs to hit maximum and expand your familiar's attributes) (Edit: this may not be as handy for you as it has been for me since I have Hector Per Vittoria in my clique with Bond+3...). The Familiar's Gift is probably obsolete by level 8 as you can focus on training hard Skills of one particular attribute at a time much faster at the high levels.


You can take a look at the very brief Familiar Guide on the wiki and use Explore with Your Familiar and Go Outside the Fences until you get Familiar's Gift or Improved Familiar Handling or Calculate the Familiar Equation (if you're studying Astrology; Numerology hasn't popped up for me after using a Random Astrology Skill Expanding Action like 30 freaking times...).


Keep in mind that The Familiar's Gift Spell only helps the familiar. The player benefits from the addition of the familiar's Skills and Subskills during rolls, but not from the familiar's attributes. So increasing your Snake's strength is only helpful for familiar training or a familiar adventure. Personally, I think Improved Familiar Handling is the handiest ^_^

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I was looking in the Mod Tools at different stuff while reading some other threads. I thought I'd double check Skill Perks for the classes because I felt pretty sure I didn't learn the Familiar Pheme randomly. Checked two classes and then thought, "hey, why not check Familiar Kinship where it taught me The Familiar's Gift to see if it makes any mention of the Familiar Pheme?". I open the Familiar's Gift SP then I look at the 5 Inform Lores because I was reading Free's thread about Gates and looking at Lore stuff on Wiki and stupidly confusing Lore and Phemes. So it was like 5 minutes before I noticed SP II - Familiar Pheme (Magnitude = 2) -_-


That's right. You learn the Familiar Pheme on your way to training to get the Familiar's Gift Spell. I'm not sure how a Pheme you can learn after the first 2 Skill Levels is considered rare but oh well. I've added it to the Familiar Kinship Skill Perk list on the wiki (but not the Pheme itself cause I don't do Phemes. Or Lores. Yet. Maybe someday... Adventures are more important at present).

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You're welcome :)


I'm pretty annoyed I raised about a dozen levels in Astrology Subskills but I still haven't been informed of Numerology. (Edit: and now I've been informed that Numerology is The Everard Equation which I totally have and why doesn't the wiki mention that anywhere?) Of course, I no longer need it as I raised my Bond to 10... but I probably should have done my familiar adventure first because that raises bond too... -_-


Next time, I'm playing Avila. Or maybe Morvidus, I've never played Morvidus... but Avila has such pretty colors and I am a sucker for Astrology.


Oh hey, I'm adding a few familiar adventures to the wiki. Does anyone have any requests? I have the other Hawk adventure to write and then I'll probably do Hedgehog and Owl and clean-up Cat.

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