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Purple Check Passed!


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I'll admit this post is pretty unnecessary, I just need to share my wonderment. The final checks of The Pedestal and the Book were all purple for me but I decided to try it anyway, I save before adventuring for stuff like this. I skimmed the ending and I was like wait, why am I being congratulated? I couldn't believe it. I at the end of day summary and it said I succeeded at the adventure. I still didn't believe it, so I looked at my prizes. +5 to Navigation (the purple option I chose), the merchants seal, and longsword. It matches what the wiki says you get for passing. I also checked and the adventure isn't on the list anymore.


Maybe the game had a coloring glitch, or something went haywire but I like to think I just beat the odds of probability. Anyone else ever pass a purple, on this adventure or any other?

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So, if Igot a billion Glory and lots of Chance of sucess bonuses I can walk of, demand I'm made emperor and the checks will make me emperor? :P


I always find those chance of sucess bonuses to be a little bit over the top, especialy if they keep stacking up.

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