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Was Pamela's picture changed? (Bug?)


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Ye so according to the wiki Pamela's image is supposed to be the spirit picture but both in this and a previous test game it is the picture that matches the shade instead. It still has the same stats and has the name Pamela (most of the time, some times it is blank but rarely) and during a random event it referred to her as him (when she/he got cornered in the kitchen and you had the several options, one of which was to whistle for him/her to come do you, which I did.)


I know certain sections of the wiki are still a work in progress and wondered if the images had been changed around at all. I suspect that the name thing is down to my own computer (it does that sometimes with other programs as well), so I am not worried abou that as it seems to have no effect on the game.


But is the image thing a bug or is she a shade now? Because I have yet to find out if it will affect her story line at all. I am also curious if that random event was meant for the shade and not her as well.

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Mod Tools still has Pamela as a "Spirit" but it does show the Shade image instead. Since Shadow the Shade still uses that image I suspect it's a bug. Maybe Legate knows what happened?


I'm not really sure why Shade was added as an exotic familiar anyway. But it is only 1 of 3 familiars to start off with Fitness, Intelligence, and Luck at 2... (but I'd rather have the hedgehog or the toad).

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