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Composit year 2 thead.

Leon Cross

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Sorry if this is been done before, but all the year 2 information is spread pretty far out, from what I can see.


What we know so far:


All stats will carry over.

Small bonus for perfect attendance.

May be a way to work off the "Black sheep" flaw. (May take more than 1 year.)

Advanced classes for high test scores.

Ability to change college (with certain requirements?)

Relationships off 11+ will do...something.

4 time slots / day.









What else do we have?

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New classes that require one or two skill at a certain level to take them unless they are a core class of your College.

The Secret Background will take a full time slot Mo - Fr in year 2!

High Exam Scores together with good relationship with your Professor or Regent allow you to take up to 2 special class who each take a separate time slot Mo-Fr


(Its important to know that you might run out of free time slots trough the week if you not watch it!)

Clubs and Social interactions become more important and might eat up a lot of time.


You have 4 timeslots instead of 3 in year 2 but as in year 1 two are taken by normal class

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In general having a Clique out of different College might get "more interesting" to keep together but especial if you have members of Rival Colleges it might become difficult.

But the Rival Colleges might change trough the years maybe even thanks to some actions of the player.

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I suspect brew become a core class of Vernin beside Artifice in year 2.

How fare off are I'm with this assumption?

Also what happen if someone already got a year 2 core class of his college at 100 or even higher trough year 1?

Do he still have to take this class or will he free to pick a different class instead?

I believe that's true.


They will still have to take the class, although they may be able to do advanced study.


So Vernin have Artifice and Brew as Core Class


Also it isn't covered here so fare that you have different options what you can do during your class time and so no longer have this many wasted time with learning nothing.

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Also it isn't covered here so fare that you have different options what you can do during your class time and so no longer have this many wasted time with learning nothing.

Could you elaborate on that? The biggest annoyance for me, other than the early game being more violent than most Atlus RPGs played on Hard, is the time useless classes waste.

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Great. Good thing I'm not averse to rewinding time through the school of Meta magic. I honestly am beginning to question just what logic went into the Academagia's class schedule and disciplinary standards, in-universe that is. I had one day during the first week where I got nothing from six classes worth of time I had to attend anyway, but my afternoon spend running a light training route got me a reprimand.


I wasn't kidding about this game being more violent than an Atlus RPG on Hard.

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I know the specialty of Aranaz is Orthography but I think I remember the Legate saying that there will actually be a class by that name in Y2.


Y1s pillar classes will return if you need them in Y2 and other Y1 classes may be possible in a different format.


you can do your utmost to get your hated NPCs expelled or help your clique members stay in school.


You can die. :) (hopefully some deaths are moderately heroic and not all complete and total failures ;))


the extra timeslot is due to an extended curfew in lore. Perhaps this allows opportunities to catch those new first years that are late and either help or turn them in or blackmail them or something, hehe.


I think rimbal is showing up in Y2 as well? I call Luti on my team! (any way to access the incomplete Y1 version?)


Forbidden arts will have 'holes' in the knowledge that need to be filled or bridged somehow in order to be competent. Y2s material will probably not be so bad on this in comparison to future years though.


Mr. Pebbles will be revealed to have been [redacted] and it will be up to you to [redacted]


it will be possible to purchase new familiars (but don't tell Pamela that!)


vacation time will see both beneficial and hostile relations become weaker. you can write friends letters to help subvert this. (perhaps also you will be able to tell phillipe what you really think of his tendency to steal others' lunch money)


Y2 will not come out this year.

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I hope Monster Creation becomes a thing I can do with Gates in Year 2. I have all these phemes for Bone and Spirit and Heart and Muscle and Blood and Flesh, but nothing to really do with them. Zoology isn't particularly useful in Year 1 past Improved Familiar Handling. The most useful Gates spell is probably Flame Sphere and it's pretty much exclusively a Duel spell, so it sees very little actual use. No rampant armies of the undead or anything! Not that I would really use undead if I had better options, but it sounds pretty easy to make them.


Hopefully familiars will be more useful, too, since right now about all they are good for is boosting some skills you really want to focus on for difficult rolls. Making your familiar a master of all the pillars of magic doesn't really give the kind of benefit I would expect it to. Maybe your Familiar is a Gates master or whatever, but it won't actually cast any spells for you, at best it will give you a +5 to your rolls.

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1. There will be a completely new Merit system for Y2.

2. No prerequisite class. You just need to have high enough skills to attend advanced classes in Y2.

3. There is also provided the advanced classes for Music and Athletics.

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