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Collectively you read a lot more text than 4 pages worth over the course of the game, or heck just going through the tutorial most likely. If people weren't willing to read a segmented doorstopper I'd guess they wouldn't play this game in the first place, and if they couldn't formulate their own narrative by putting together the pieces I'd guess they wouldn't like it. So truth be told I don't think(/hope) that the problem is length so much as whether or not it's an interesting read.


Which, naturally, just opens up the other can of worms of "is it actually interesting?". I guess other people can judge that when, if, I ever finish that adventure. Honestly I imagine that if it comes to that it turns out the entire thing is just not in line with the writing team's vision so it's all going to need to be edited out, making the entire point moot.

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