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something I've been wondering about regarding the central adveture..


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Or whatever I should call it.

A letter from the headmaster, or doing the adventure with the triplets, or even Ilaro.


Is one more prestigeous than the other?

Doing the adventure with the triplets seems to be the only way to avoid the flood. So it's arguably the most sucessful if you want to avoid disasters.

On the other handthey don't seem to be taking you seriously and they might be the ones taking most of the credit.

The Legate might endup thinking they did all the work.


Doing the 'a letter from the headmaster' gives you a more personal adveture with the Legate however.


If you go with the triplets you also get to be a second overseeing the duel between the Legate and Ilaro. I guess that's an honor in itself, especialy for a firstyear that probably shouldn't be entrusted with that responsibility.


In a letter from the headmaster you get to craft an invisibilitycloak. You also get to manipulate massively powerful timedialation spells.


Which one is actualy the most glorious or appreciated by the Legate. I doubt the Legate is overly enthusiastic about students who hangout with Ilaro. Even if that can be an interesting adventure by itself.

Going with the triplets also gets you to the Island, though I must say I find the whole story a little hard to grasp.

Ilaro wanted the staff, the pirates wanted the treasure. The staff summoned the Island?

Did the pirates force Ilaro somehow or did he want that staff from the beginning? How did the pirates get involved?

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I think the Legate's might be the more appropriate one for those who are more interested in their academic work and are more interested in creating a relationship with the Legate. I rarely do it because, compared to the others, you can establish a comparable relationship with him even outside the main event (such as with Carnage at the Fields).


The triplets might be more for an investigative PC, but I doubt it counts as the most successful. You don't create relationships with adults other than suspicion...after all, the Legate might be interested in checking out the four who had interfered, no? Flood or no flood, things still happen, and you don't get the whole story.


I don't trust the students either. All three are hiding stuff.


Considering the Legate and Ilaro are frienemies, I don't think there would be too many repercussions, but again, I think the Legate would definitely keep an eye on you.


The pirates, I think, will have larger repercussions in the Asad the Lion part. In truth, both the Captain's and the Pirates seem less interesting...until you look at the information you gather. This is why the Captain's is my favourite: doing this adventure and Cirillo's, you can learn what the Legate did and the Captain's suspicions. You also get to meet the pirates and see that they're involved. You gain the favour of a powerful man whose opinion matters for the Minetan commoners.


In the Pirates, you also learn about what the Legate might be into, and can gain much more from the Underworld.


I suppose I'm thinking that with the Pirate and Captain, you gain resources outside of the school, useful for anyone who either wants to cover all the bases, or wants to become something other than a mage. The Legate is a definite archmage - simile, path. Ilaro is the opposite of the Legate, more of a rogue mage. The triplets are the Wild Card, but the question is, can you trust them?


Either and all offer something that I think is pretty equal in resources and rewards, but there are different enough to only appeal to certain characters and what they want to do later on.

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The interesting thing is that there are so many other ways to get close to the Legate if you want to that it might be a good idea to get some other contacts.

Having contacts among the Minetan guards and their captain might be useful.

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It's true that the main one with the Legate is a more secure way to get his 'friendship' and has added perks as a follow-up but as far as 'creating an exploitable resource' in him, you can find that out just by getting close the usual way (and find out some of his secrets).


Besides we have no idea how it will branch later. He is at the core of it all so sooner or later, you might have to make a choice later on. A choice he might remember and appreciate if the Captain's interest in him is any show of his involvement. So, like I said, different characters, different paths.


And albert? Do the pirate adventure. Was the first one I did because pirates.


Though I still don't know how to trigger the piratey version for Cirillo's adventure, I can tell you that Asad the Lion is very cool.

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Yes but don't forget that the adventure of Orsi have a 1 timeslot follow up adventure right in year 1.



You mean "Just going about your business"? This is available on completing any of the main adventures. It gets disabled if you choose to join a certain criminal organisation in one of the student adventures though.

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I've definitely had it when I did the triplets side of the adventure, and in the mod tools I think it has a check on "completed a main adventure" or something like that.


From a balance perspective I'd prefer not to see it restricted to Orso's questline unless the others had equivalent 1-step adventures added. Unlocking it is in some ways the biggest reward of completing one of the main adventures. The main adventures themselves are quite long and have difficult checks for an unspectacular reward, but Going about your Business is perhaps the most profitable continuous adventure.

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The part where you craft that cloak, the (AL)chemistry version seemed far superior to the Glamourenchanted multicomponent cloak.


After all, it didn't suffer from the magical notice caused by the glamour, the glamoured one required an extra component to make people dismiss it's magic to begin with. Magic to attempt to conceal magic seems inferior to a solution that creates a somewhat natural camouflage.


Maybe it should grant one point of Glory or even an extra friendship point with the Legate. (Not that we get plenty of friendship points anyway.) Or maybe a meritpoint for the craftmanship.

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The students(triplets) are definitely adventurous kids who might might get you into interesting things later on. They are your age(character) which might mean they will do things you are more likely to find more "fun".

The Legate and Illaro are masters of magic who might allow you a peak at more advanced magic earlier than intended and wonders you wouldn't be prepared to face on your own(probably some horrors aswell, but the friendships might also be useful if you get into trouble and need a "favor").... Can I have a spear or an arrow of Dragonkilling? Please please please?


The pirates, well, they are mostly fascinating in a roguish exotic way.


The Captain of Mineta I guess might be a useful contact for anyone wanting to become a public servant, politician or emperor something which couldn't happen. Still The Captain isn't the most powerful political power in Mineta but likely close to it. More like the topranking public servant.

Great if you want to become a crimeinvestigator, detective type of character arresting thieves and criminals after doing some Sherlock Holmes kind of investigation.


I guess it depends on what your character wants to do.

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