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Guidance for Act 2?


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Hi all,

I've just arrived at Act 2 and I'm a little daunted. So manythings to try, so many adventures, so little idea of what any of those adventures might hold. Can anyone give me some guidance?


Regarding structures: There are 9 Plans, and 9 upgrades. I can only ever build 1 upgrade OR plan per month, right? So it would take me 4 games to build them all, right?


Regarding adventures, there are 21 adventures in the book, as well as Ship of the Damned, That's a lot of adventures. I don't have any idea where to start. I could, for example, roleplay my dwarf, as regards what he might want to do (delve into dungeons, reclaim lost heritage, build a thriving hold, etc) but it's hard to tell which missions correspond to which.

For example, should I risk the Death Devices? Why? What do I know about what might be the benefit of doing that?

What might be in the Timbledown that would be useful to me? I have no context, it's quite intimidating! I want to roleplay, not choose essentially at random.


Also, there are some people who talk about the Economy missions, but which ones are those?


Also, can I forge any number of items between adventures?

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That's correct- you are only able to build one Upgrade or Plan per month.


For Death Devices and Tumbledown, well, if your Dwarf is motivated by the spirit of Adventure...;)


Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the Economy Adventures off hand, but I'll ask.


Yes, I believe you can forge as many as you can between Adventures.

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My personal experience says that Equipment is more useful in Act III then the Buildings.

Because of this you can look for the good equipment in the Appendix and then search in the PDF where you get them.

You should also avoid every building that gives you a negative effect in any of the tabs on your first play trough.

But most important of all do what you like, after all its just a game and you should have fun with it and if you mess up you can start again!

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The response:


"Ah, we blew it. 521 is the second half of the Act II Final Duty material - it should be accessible through our old friend 946, the Act II Hub, but we only put in the link for the first half. :(

Something for the errata:

If you're pursuing a Final Duty and have already gone to 637, go to 521."


Good catch, and thanks!

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Vandervecken Yes + Enemy Skill means that combat special mention that it is a Path of ... battle the enemy get this bonus and is so harder to defeated.

The negative effects are one of the reason I think only very few Structures are even worth it and then only because of the money you get out of them or of some item you can get afterwards but for sure not because of the Path effect.

Things like the Boar Totem are so bad that I would even prefer to start a new game then to have it.

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So, more questions:


1) Should Flintbreaker Masterwork Armor really have fewer Armor points than Flintbreaker Armor?

2) Do Upgrades need Plans?

3) What are the Plans for the Massive Fountain of Old Black and the Keller's Stone Brew Beer Garden for? Are they for the Licensed Breweries? I didn't think Upgrades needed Plans, but if not, what are they for?

4) Where does one get the plan for the Courtyard Village?

5) What happens when you lose Armor points (e.g. a Rage Potion)? Does your max Defense drop, and our temporary Defence drops to your max if it would be above your max?

6) There are a few places in the Items Appendix where you get confused between "Boots" and "Feet"

7) Why is it so hard to take the Path of the Chosen Foe? There are 15 different Structures that give you negatoive effects on that path, including bizarre ones such as the Chapel Upgrade, an Extensive Library, and Alchemical Laboratories. By comparison, the Path of the Hidden Strength has 5, and the Path of Great Expectations has one.

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1) *I* don't think so- I'll ask the Team, though. :)


2) I don't think so, no.


3) They aren't for anything in V1...;)


4) I'm not 100% sure; let me ask (it may well be it's intended to be built when you wish.)


5) You are correct.


6) Bah! That is actually my fault. Sorry!


7) I think story reasons. I'll point it out, though!

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And here you are!


1) Yeah, that is unfortunate. The theory is that the basic armor has minor fortifying runemarks, while the Masterwork suit has the divine enchantments that provide for the Boon - but if any players want to quietly mark up the armor value of the Masterwork set by another 5 points, we at Black Chicken won't judge. ;)

4) No worries. The Courtyard Village is an upgrade of the existing hold; you don't need a plan. You do need a dwarf's weight in gold.

7) The thing with the Path of the Chosen Foe is that, by all rights, most people in the Upper Deeps would say it shouldn't be happening. The gods of the dwarves, orcish history, certain violent entities within the hold itself: all of them argue for genocidal confrontation instead of (at the risk of oblique spoilers) that path's stated goal. So, basically, the Chapel Upgrade brings with it religious enthusiasts who won't like what you're doing; the Alchemical Laboratories involve research that make the orcs even more hostile - that kind of thing. It's actually meant to be the path that you're most likely to self-sabotage on.

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Three more:

1) The Frigid and Sparkling Weaponmarks have different stats in the different appendices in which they appear (purchases and items appendix). In the Purchase appendix, they Add to actions, in the Items appendix they replace the Gambit. Which is it? Or is it both? Should I start checking each item's entry in both appendices fo discrepancies?

2) Looking at buildings, absolutely none of them are cost-effective. I had hoped to do a whole building program for my hold, but it just looks like a money-sink. Few are even close to affordable. Were the buildings really meant to be this expensive?

3) Storing artifacts - I kind of got the feeling that if I store artifacts I can retrieve them for Act 3, but a closer reading shows I can never get them back. That means any artifact stored from the 1st adventure will earn me 40 Gold (on average), 2nd 30 gold, and so on down.

Since many of the artifacts are incredibly good, and since it looks like I can't gird my loins with all the epic artifacts for the final act, why would I ever send them away?

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