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Dlc 16?


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So how are the new kids going to appear in Y2 if importing an old save? Please tell me they're not going to say: "Freespace, ol buddy ol pal, How ya doin'?" as if they were always there....

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Freespace you have some days to finish your old game and then start a new one after you installed the new DLC :)

Assuming this DLC will come out before Y2. I am beginning to suspect it is merely a red herring to divert our attention from the slow development of Y2. In a a couple of months, it will turn someone in the team took off to the Netherlands with all the data, or something like that ;P.

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I thought its a so obvious April Fool that no one will fall for it as I even used April Fool backward in the text.

That's why it's cruel. It mocks our pain, and our struggle to maintain composure in the face of repeated delays! It's the Academagia version of a Half-Life 3 announcement.

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