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Dlc 16?


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If DLC 16 is a glamour lore then it sure is taking it's sweet time! I'll say that much.... unless of cause it is already there and the wait is a glamour. One might then consider why someone would cast said glamour. Not the writers nor the Legate as we complain too much (<- is fact).


So who? Who would benefit from having us whine you ask?


Well, is watching Barnaby has taught me anything then it is the fact that whoever you think did it likely did it or had a hand in it but not they way you thought or how or why or when! (Also, how does an old crippled guy manage to off 3 people all around the country side and drag their bodies somewhere else? I just... )

So naturally the Legate did it, I can't say how why or when, but by Barnaby logic he did it and is likely covering it up due to some nefarious scheme or maybe because he has money problems!

My bet is money problems, while Mineta is likely a great city it might be great because the Legate spends too much money!! It happened to one of our mayors in Denmark a few years back, The commune did well (or so it seemed) untill the mayor had bankrupt the entire area and was trying his best to dodge state investigations!


Without a shred of doubt in my mind the new DLC will feature some expantion in LAW that will allow us to investigate Mineta further and maybe uncover some terrible fraud...(!)

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It very simple really, we don't have prerequisite skills or skill levels, that makes the dlc 16 adventure visible. I would guess, that you will need to train 1337 hacking skill, but where do you get that skill?


Neither Longshade nor the Sphinx have any problems with teaching the PC skills that are a capital crime to learn, so clearly...

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