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Dlc 16?


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When you've learned all you can learn about legal magic and are still interested, you have no choice but to go down less savory paths if you want to grow.


Moral of this story? Hurry the blank up! :)

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Totally not interested in research. at least in Y1. too much effort for too little reward. even if the rewards are nice and lores will be useful in Y2... I just can't find it useful.... :(

Ahh... These "less savory paths" may be a faster, easier and more seductive way to power, but is it truly better?

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if this build looks good.


The last three or four didn't, but clearly this time things will be different, Inspector Gadget! people.


I have to say, I do like how this small team will delay things for months because of problem found in testing while, say, Bethesda releases games that are so buggy they're unwinnable by unintentional design, only to mostly patch it later.

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