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Dlc 16?


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Nooo, but this weekend has double XP in SWTOR, my MMO of choice! How will I be able to choose what to play? Tragic woe!


...Eh, all things considered, tomorrow isn't bad. Looking forward to it.

New DLC and double exp! This weekend is looking great. :D

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Hold your lore-appropriate-horse-equivalent, it's still entirely possible some unforseend delay will move the DLC to the shifting dunes of Next Week.

....Right, good point. And I think the equivalent is...eh, traditionally they're either hippogriffs or griffins, and I do remember there being griffins in the lore. Carnage In The Field, right?

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Friday, Friday...gonna get down on....nah. ;)


Although, there is a really excellent jazz standard version of that song.


The publish is still ongoing, as I understand. I'm not 100% on the status, but I don't think they've begun testing yet.


Edit: Ha! What Metis said is still an open question. :)

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Wait, what? The team's in GMT+4 or higher? I thought they were in an American timeszone, GMT-5 or lower, and that we hadn't heard anything before because the team just woke up. And, not incidentally, that there was still at least 8 hours of Friday left for the team rather than...less than 1½.


Well, consider my Gryphons held.

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